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The Roadmap to Relative Pitch: A step-by-step guide to training your ears so you can develop relative pitch, play confidently by ear and take your playing to new heights

by Scott Edwards

Are you trying to improve your aural skills and your playing? And have you been struggling to make progress?

Chances are you’re running into the same problems with ear training that most musicians do: you’re lost. You don’t know where to start or where to go next in order to take the next step with ear training.

The Roadmap to Relative Pitch is the guidebook you need to succeed with ear training quickly and easily. In this ebook you’ll find the step-by-step sequence that you can follow to go from poor (or no) aural skills, to a fast and accurate sense of relative pitch as quickly as possible.

It’s the ultimate guide to training your ears quickly so you can play confidently by ear and take your playing to a level you never knew you could reach.

In it you’ll find:

– The essential starting point for any musician who wants to develop relative pitch (and avoid the frustration that comes with starting in the wrong spot)

– The step-by-step process you can follow to develop relative pitch

– Examples of unique audio exercises that have been designed to allow you to progress as quickly and easily as possible

– An approach to sight singing that allows you to practice it even if you don’t read music

Zentangle: Zentangle art for beginners, including the history of Zentangle, Zentangle benefits, and how to create your own amazing Zentangle art!

by Craig Rogan


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Zentangle is an amazing art form that allows you to open up your creativity, calm your mind, relax your body, and create amazing artwork no matter your level of artistic experience!

This book explains what Zentangle is, the history and methodology behind it, and how you can get started!

You will learn about the different Zentangle styles, and how to create each of them. This includes written instructions as well as sample pictures to make the process simple to follow.

Zentangle is truly something that anyone can use to create amazing artwork instantly. Due to its simple processes, you don’t need to be an art major, or even have any experience with art at all, and you will still be able to create amazing Zentangle art!

With the help of this guide, you will be able to begin making your own professional looking ‘Tangles’ within minutes!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Zentangle
  • The History of Zentangle
  • Zentangle Benefits
  • Types of Zentangle Art
  • How to Create Over a Dozen Different Zentangle Styles
  • Much, much more!

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Zentangle: The Art of Zentangle for Absolute Beginners (Zentangle for Beginners – Zentangle Books – Zentangle Basics – Zentangle Patterns – Zentangle Kit)

by Amy Farrell

Calm Down and Get Your Zentangle On !

Zentangle: The Art of Zentangle for Absolute Beginners is a book that will teach you everything you need to know from how the practice started, how it will benefit you, how it is helping people worldwide, what materials to use, a step-by-step instruction (with pictures) on how to start drawing a Zentangle tile, and things you can do with your finished masterpiece

Many people who have tried drawing Zentangles are surprised at how beautiful their creations are even if they admittedly have no talent in drawing.But more than the art, the greatest benefit of the Zentangle Method can be found in the process of creating it. This activity promotes relaxation, enjoyment, and focus. It is a very therapeutic activity in which an individual can gain benefits such as improved focus and concentration, improved mood, increase in self-esteem, and a sense of well-being. This method is now being used as therapy activities for individuals who have been diagnosed with mild autism and ADHD. The benefits are numerous that it is a highly recommended activity for both children and adults.

Why would you want to download this book?

It is ceremonial. Every time you create a Zentangle, it is like putting yourself in a meditative state. The activity is aimed to promote focus, relaxation and inspiration. Its full benefits can be achieved if it is done regularly such as daily or several times a week.

Timeless activity. In this age of computers, cellphones and gadgets, Zentangle is a welcome break because it uses traditional tools such as paper and pen. These two tools are a significant element of the human heritage. This activity taps into the human’s most basic creativity.

It is portable. One of the great things about meditation is that it can be done anywhere. And with the Zentangle, you can bring your favorite pen and paper almost anywhere. You can travel abroad and still do Zentangle. You can be waiting for your next train ride and still do a Zentangle in the waiting corner of a train station. In short, it can be done anywhere. The only rule is for you to follow is to make sure you are able to maintain your focus even if your environment is busy.

Here is what you’ll learn with this book:

  • Chapter 1 – What is Zentangle
  • Chapter 2 – Benefits of Zentangle
  • Chapter 3 – Your Zentangle Kit
  • Chapter 4 – Zentangle basics
  • Chapter 5 – The 7-Step Zentangle Guide
  • Chapter 6 – Useful Zentangle Techniques
  • Chapter 7 – 10 Things You Can Do With Your Zentangle Creations
  • Much, much more!

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Sexy Strip Tease: Sexy College Girl Strips For The First Time (Photo Book Book 5)

by Nia Hard

Watch As Sexy College Girl Does First Sexy Strip Tease

Hot & Steamy Strip Tease Just For YOU!

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My Sexy Asian Girl (My Angel Book 4)

by Edwin Johnson

Get indulged in my well-compiled, high quality Sexy Asian picture book. Girls in the photos are very cutie, pretty, sexy, and you can’t take your eyes off them. Get ready to turn on by these hot Asians!

Erotic Dreams: Revealing the secrets of the night (erotica)

by SOLOMON gold

Almost everyone experiences erotic dreams, some more frequently than others. These dreams often cause anxiety and guilt, as people tend to believe that dreams are the literal expression of their unconscious desires and fears. This book is a collection of 36 authentic erotic dreams which have been interpreted by experts in the field. In addition to the dreams and their interpretations, there is also a basic lexicon of images and symbols that occur in dreams and have an erotic significance. Many readers will find the interpretations interesting and surprising. You can try it for yourself by writing down your erotic dreams and interpreting them according to the examples and lexicon in the book. When you do this, you will probably experience relief, shock or enlightenment.

Solomon L. Gold is a therapist and healer who has been investigating the world of dreams for over 30 years. This is his first book on the subject, and it is based on typical cases that he treated. Gold has spent the last few years in Central America researching the Inca civilization.

Boogy and Bobay: A New Friend

by Linda G Hobbs

A book about twin bunnies that discover a new friend. A baby poodle with the name of Cinnamon. How they love the flower lady and how she is kind to animals. How the poodle does not eat their sweet clover. How much that like their ne friend.

Aerial Photography of the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami Disaster

by Travis Burns

The aerial photos represented here were taken by former military photographer Travis Michael Burns. The 2004 Indonesian Tsunami Disaster happened in the Indian Ocean, these images were taken outside of Banda Ache’, Sumatra, Indonesia. Essentially the photos were taken from aboard a Black Hawk Helicopter during Humanitarian Aide Transport of food, health care and survival rations. The nature of these images is to show the magnitude of the Tsunami disaster overall. It is known that roughly 250,000 people were killed from this terrible event. The tsunami disaster event happened on the 24th of December 2004, these aerial images were taken a month later on the 25th of January, 2005. Over 1,000 photos were taken during this Humanitarian Aide mission, and simply were never released until now. The world will not understand what had happened, unless people have access to the images from the event. The disaster in 2004 was a eye opening situation for me in my life. I have always wanted to show the world these images that I took overseas. it is simply amazing the power of mother nature. with so many disaster situations which have happened so far in my life time, i simply want to use these images as an example to those who do not understand the vast ability of disaster and power which our world can produce. The disasters of our world which have happened such as hurricane katrina, the tsunami in japan, the wildfires of california, and colorado, as well as earth quake disasters of california, and mexico, and the tsunami of indonesia & indian ocean. I can not say that these could have ever been prevented, yet we as a people can learn from them, and learn from these dangers, learn the warning signs, understand these dangers and the environments for which these events take place. there is no reason for surprise, it is only the issue of humans not being well enough prepared. it is our own fault for falling victim to mother nature. we can prevent these things from happening to us, as long as we learn from our own mistakes. as a former military photographer i feel it is my human duty to ensure that people who are interested in this event should have access to these photos which i had taken so many years ago. it is a historical event which took so many lives, and has effected so many people, that it is wrong to just shuffle these images into a computer folder and never produce them to the world. i am not looking for a profit from these images, only the acceptance of the historical value of time. This event happened on our planet, and the us military did the best job it could with help of the european and asian union humanitarian aide community, to help people that needed food and rations in that area of the world, when it was needed most.I can only say that I tried as hard as possible with the limited amount of time, to produce the best quality images for the event which took place. I moved as many boxes of rationed food, and took as many photos as humanly possible during this event which i was faced with. the disaster at hand was enough to put the fear of the world and god into my heart and mind, while trying my damnest to produce the images that the world needed to see from this terrible event. hopefully in the future man will not be killed by such things a earyhquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and wild fires. someday humans will have the technology to avoid the dangers of our own world.


by Lyra Dolan

A Greek tragedy of loss, resentment and misfortune in a short play. Lydee and her daughter and son, Euryxena and a new infant, have long awaited news of Aeonidas, Lydee’s husband, off fighting in the wars. With only the midwife to comfort her and a young baby in need of a father, Lydee’s world slowly unravels when a messenger arrives in Argos.

Horiyoshi Tattoo Designs

by Alan Giftins

Horiyoshi Tattoo Designs

Princess Juliana International Airport Plane Viewing Guide, limited Edition: Paradise island of Civil Airplane spotter

by H Miyagaki

Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten is widely regarded as an aircraft spotters’ Mecca.

Maho beach is the most popular place to enjoy and spot airplanes and located under the approach path of Runway 10. The most famous picture should be the one that a large airplane (KLM’s Boeing 747 or Air France Airbus A340) is making a low approach over the beach above the visitor´s heads and dreamed about to visit this location one day.

However, Princess Juliana Airport is surrounded beautiful Coral Sea and bright green mountains. A few ten minutes’ drive will take you to a photogenic location you can see a beautiful airplane taking off with the scenic landscape.

This guide is to introduce some good spot for viewing or taking photos of airplanes in St Martin Island.

This guide was made using Kindle Comic Creatorï¼?Maximum Resolution is 1280 x 800ï¼?

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500 x 800 portrait jpeg photos; 6

Small size scenery photos; 13

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