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Aiming High – A Biography of Masayoshi Son

by Atsuo Inoue

Aiming High

A Biography of Masayoshi Son

by Atsuo Inoue

The first ever English language biography of Masayoshi Son, Japan’s foremost IT revolutionary and SoftBank’s founder, chairman and CEO.

Based on over twenty years of in-depth interviews and study, Atsuo Inoue brings Son’s story to life in this translation of the Japanese best seller. From his humble beginnings as a son of Korean immigrants living in a shack in southwest Japan, to his aim to become No. 1 in the world as CEO of one of Japan’s largest Internet companies, Inoue richly details Son’s inspiring journey and the challenges he faced along the way. Told from the viewpoint of those who know him bestâ??relatives, friends and business partners from around the worldâ??the story reveals the truth about “rising Son,” the man who made “Information Revolution – Happiness for Everyone” his life’s mission.

Son was born in 1957 as a third generation Korean resident in Japan’s Saga Prefecture. He entered one of the Prefecture’s most prestigious high schools, attending for just the first semester before dropping out to venture to the US. He was only 16 years old. In the US, he acquired high school graduate equivalency in just three weeks through accelerated study and then entered the University of California, Berkeley. As a college student, he earned his first million dollars for the invention of an automatic voice translator. Then he came back to Japan to found SoftBank. Continuously realizing his aspirations, he made SoftBank into a multibillion dollar enterprise. He attributes his success to making decisions with extraordinary speed and by leveraging his friendships with innovators, including his close friend Steve Jobs.

“I will create a self-sustaining enterprise that lasts over 300 years.” Such bold statements have garnered Son attention from all over the world. But who is the real Masayoshi Son? The author Atsuo Inoue has covered Son’s career closely as a journalist and his insightful observations vividly paints an intimate portrait of the charismatic business revolutionary, who blends cool rational thought with fiery passion and genius.

“I’ve never seen such a comprehensive account of my life.”

-Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of SoftBank Corp.

Atsuo Inoue is a Japanese writer and translator. He established his reputation by depicting figures vividly and in depth through penetrating insight. He is regarded as an expert on works covering America and has authored

Political Sex Appeal – U.S. President and Hollywood, published by Shincho Shinsho, 2008

Michelle Obama – An American Story by David Colbert, 2009 (Japanese translation)

Making it Happen: the New 30 Year Vision of Masayoshi Son, published by Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, 2010

How Wonderful, Frank Capra, published by Shueisha Shinsho, 2011

Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters of Marilyn Monroe, published by Seigensha Art Publishing, 2012 (Japanese translation)

Osama Bin Laden: 100 Things You Didn’t Know

by J. Adams

While talk of this man’s life and atrocious acts have always been buzzing through the air, there is a lot about him that the world does not yet know. Take a moment to journey into the life of this notorious fugitive, and find things that you didn’t know about Osama bin Laden. Explore the mystery, the myth, and the man.

This book walks through Osama bin Laden’s early life, his family life, finances, appearance, ideology & beliefs, militant activity, capture attempts & presumed death, life on the Abbottabad compound, and after Bin Laden’s death. The focus is not what he did in orchestrating that one fateful day on 9/11, but instead on who Osama bin Laden was.


by Kim Saynor-Lomas

This book is to reveal details from my late husband, regarding the

â??possible’, cover up; of a long standing unsolved, South Yorkshire murder in 1964, of Anne Elizabeth Dunwell.

The readers are asked to regard all FACTUAL evidence; and make up their own minds, if they believe any of the murder suspects are guilty…

There are 3 men who may have been involved in the actual planning of the murder – on the other hand, there may be 2 – and finally perhaps just the main suspect…

The main suspect may be deceased and never brought to trial by jury; or tested for his DNA. Having said that; his blood children hold the power to give their own DNA, if only to eliminate their Father from the case…

I will not go to my grave by withholding factual information, given to me over a number of years by my late husband. As he was dying; he begged me to carry out his wishes, and revealed the final instructions; with evidence to me…

South Yorkshire police are aware of this evidence.

Names have been changed where I feel it necessary to protect both myself and innocent people.

The IPCC have now stepped in to help with this case. There are regular updates on my face book page which is called ANONYMOUS JUSTICE COMMUNITY… The real name of the murder suspect is now named on that page.

To Hell With Pride: Who I Was, Who I Am, Who I Will Be

by B. Green

We live. We learn. Some of us just take longer to figure it all out. A wild music career, rebellious childhood, and an unhealthy amount of alcohol created the perfect storm. Follow along through ups, downs and a short collection of various embarrassing and hilarious moments.

Reckoned World Part 1: The fear of all fear.

by Shahzabe Shahid

USA has been overpowered by a criminal organisation, and now they run USA. The organisation are Murder Incorporated. A man by the name of Bruce has his family took away from the thugs that work of the operation and now it is his job to get them back and restore the USA to what it was.

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