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The Equal of God: An Irish Historical Saga: A Novel of Ireland Before and After the Irish Famine

by Helen Cassidy Page

Six year-old Agnes knows Spikes is coming today. She knows because her father is in a bad temper, her brothers are stepping carefully around him and her mother is distracted. But who is Spikes and why everybody is afraid of him? That’s what she can’t figure out while she watches her father order her brothers to bring out the rusty farm tools and make the thatch on the roof look old and worn, scuff up the dirt around the cottage so it doesn’t look like they’ve been making improvements.

What she doesn’t know is that it’s gael day. Rent day. Spikes is the Baron’s man, come to collect the rent. The Connors are tenant farmers on the Baron’s land. And if it looks like the Connors have increased the worth of the property, he’ll add a few shillings onto the rent, plus a few more for his own pocket, shillings the Connors can’t afford.

And if Connor complains? Where is he going to go? To another Baron’s estate? Where the agent might be worse than Spikes? A man who might tax him for fixing his leaky roof and still evict him for the hell of it.

And so begins the story of Agnes Connor and her family and the dance between the landed the gentry of Ireland and the tenant farmers who paid the rents that allowed the Georgian lifestyle to flourish. Through the eyes of Agnes and her family and the neighbors in the surrounding villages you’ll see, hear and feel Ireland as though you walked the fields, felt the soft air on your face and danced to the sweet tunes at the crossroads and in the grand ballrooms. Prepare yourself for laughter, love, heartache and redemption.

SEA OF DESIRE (Roses and Rebels Book 2)

by Katherine Vickery

England and Spain – 1586: A dangerous rivalry, a cunning plot, a web of intrigue and the threat of an armada ensnare a handsome English privateer and a beautiful young woman of Spanish-English heritage. Swept up in the furor of an impending war, their love and desire will face the ultimate trial.

A practical woman who had stopped waiting for love, Anne Morgan wed a Spanish diplomat to forge an alliance between their two warring countries. But when her husband disappeared overboard after their ship was attacked by a privateer, Anne found s herself forced into a fierce duel of wits, willpower and passion with the handsome ship’s captain.

Jonathan Leighton boldly made Anne his prisoner only to find that it was he who was being held hostage by her sensuous beauty and defiant courage. Fearing that her loveliness masked a traitorous soul, however, he took her before the Queen, a betrayal that goaded Anne into an act of revenge.

United on a mission that tests their loyalty to their country and their growing love for each other they are entrapped by the sinister and ruthless “spymaster” Sir Francis Walsinghamâ??who plays one lover against the other in a most dangerous game.

Romance, intrigue, and adventure highlight the continuing story of the Morgan and Leighton families that was begun in Flame of Desire

The Beginning: A Reluctant Warrior

by Alan Norris

Volume one of “A Reluctant Warrior” tells of the adventures and travels of Ranulf, from his lowly beginnings as a ragged orphan, to becoming a national hero and lord of the manor.

Although sent to the court of King Alfred to become a scholar, he becomes involved with the defence of the realm and, as the British army is on the point of a decisive victory, he is taken prisoner by the retreating Vikings and threatened with execution. By a twist in their Pagan beliefs however, Ranulf becomes protected by the laws of their ancient religion and he is sent to sea as a slave with promise of never returning….

Captive Emerald Eyes: Western Historical Romance Novella (Captive Brides Book 2)

by Oona Bingham

How on earth Jessica Rowell came to be picking lice out of this scrawny child’s hair was beyond her. Why, just a few months ago her life had been nothing but lavish parties, outings to the theatre and luncheons at the homes of some of the most distinguished families in Chicago. Now here she was in this godforsaken territory teaching school while her reckless brother gambled away the last of their savings. She has to do something, and fast.

Ryder McCain thinks that besides her stunning green eyes and curvy figure the stuck-up school teacher has very little going for her. Besides, he’s lost too much and has too much more to lose to let himself love another woman. But when she turns up wearing gaudy clothes, ridiculous boots, a black eye and a wedding ring – well – something just doesn’t add up.

He knew he had no prior claim on her. Fool that he was, nothing had been said that could make her think he was even interested in her. But something here was very, very wrong and he aimed to find out what it was, even if it meant risking everything.

Author’s note: This book is a rollicking western adventure with a hero, a heroine and a mischievous child named ‘Chicken.’ It is by no means erotica, but it does contain mild cussing and love scenes and for this reason I would recommend it for the 18+ historical western romance novel readers.

The Trojan Princess

by JJ Hilton

A royal princess, loving wife and adoring motherâ?¦

When her family is slaughtered, Princess Andromache sets out to the mighty and famed city of Troy, where she is to marry Hector, a handsome and brave prince whom she falls instantly in love with.

Married and expecting her son, who will be heir to the throne of the city, Andromache thinks she has found true happiness.

Then Paris, her despised brother-in-law, returns to the city with Helen, Queen of Sparta, and her unwelcome arrival and their betrothal brings a huge army to the peaceful shores of Troy and with them comes the dark cloud of war.

Andromache must face not only the vast Greek forces beyond the walls of the city but the machinations and plotting within the palace itself if she is to protect the family she loves and the throne which she desires for her sonâ?¦

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