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SUNFALL: Season One (Episodes 1-6)

by Tim Meyer

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“Sunfall: Episode 1, Season 1 is short, but not without impact. Very-detailed, the descriptions will have you visualizing each scene, and cringing at most. Each character appears real, life-like from thoughts down to conversation and makes you hate their upcoming fate. Yet, it still leaves you craving more. Great writing style… Intriguing plotâ?¦ I do believe these talented authors may have just created something epic. Anxiously awaiting episode two.” — Natalie Carlisle, author of The Shifted and Finding Keith

It came without warning…

One Sunday afternoon, those who stood in the sun caught fire and turned to ash. Forced indoors, humanity must learn to live in the darkness. Unless, what waits in the darkness catches them, too…

Forced inside a giant retail warehouse, a group of survivors must learn to live with the darkness and each other. A father aims to protect his children from a dangerous new world, whatever the cost. An ex-cop burdened by her shaky past puts her skills to the test when people start dying. A mysterious worshiper attempts to rally the community and seek alternative refuge.

Sunfall is an episodic series that will be released in “episodes” and “seasons”, much like a television show. Each “season” will consist of six episodes, and each episode will be anywhere from 12k-20k words. Recommended for adult audiences.

Fairy of Teeth

by Norman Crane

Paulie and his buddies have snuck off to play night-time pond hockey again. Akira says the ice is thick enough, safe. And he should know because his dad, the brilliant physicist, measures it all the time. Except tonight the ice isn’t safe. It creaks, cracks and Paulie falls in. When George finally manages to pull him back out, over eight minutes have gone. Paulie should be dead. Except tonight Paulie isn’t dead. He’s lying on the ice breathing, looking up at the stars, feeling the throbbing toothache he didn’t have before, and knowing that something ain’t right. Because Paulie drowned without dying… and normal people, they don’t tend to do that.

ROMANCE: Bearzerker’s Deceit (Medieval Historical Shapeshifter Romance) (Werebear Shifter Viking Romance Short Stories Book 2)

by Meadow Rayne

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Bearzerker’s Deceit

Paranormal Romance

When Eira, a beautiful young Viking maiden, sees her aged father killed in an unfair duel, she is filled with rage. The murderer is from a group of shape-shifters called, “Bearzerkers” and he had once been a family friend. When he flees her homeland without being prosecuted, Eira decides to take matters into her own hands.

With the help of a Saxon witch and a mysterious tutor, Eira hatches a plan of vengeance. But, as it progresses, she discovers a mystery she had not expected. Will she be able to avenge her father’s honor? Or will she succumb to the passions she herself has forbidden.


This book contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. It may be considered offensive to some readers. This book is for sale to adults ONLY.

Three Days of Night (A sci-fi paranormal menage romance)

by Tracey H. Kitts

Amazon Best Seller!
Vivian is part of a dying race … vampires. She has enough on her mind without a sexy djinn getting thrown into the mix. However, once she meets him, Vivian doesn’t have the power nor the desire to resist the djinn when he says, “Let me give you clarity. For three days your life will be on pause. The sun will not rise and your ship will not make port. Everything will appear to continue, only it will not. Enjoy these moments … Get to know me if you like. These three days are my gift to you. Should you desire more, all you have to do is ask.”

Warning: This book contains graphic sex (with multiple partners), and graphic language. Oh, and did I mention the wicked sexy djinn? Yeah, he needs a warning all his own.

This is a novella 46,139 words in length.

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