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How to Raise Boys – Helping Your Son Become A Balanced and Happy Man!

by Debra Aiden

“How To Raise Boys – Helping Your Son Become A Balanced And Happy Man” is for anyone who wants to know more about how to raise their sons so they become healthy, happy and well adjusted adults in this crazy world we live in.

You will know the pressure that is on you, as a parent, to bring your children up properly and how hard it can be with all the distractions, peer pressure and troubles that children face when growing up today. Let’s face it, the world today is very different from when we were younger.

I wrote “How To Raise Boys – Helping Your Son Become A Balanced And Happy Man” to help you bring up your son so he becomes a well adjusted adult who can thrive in today’s society.

When you read my new book you will get many tips to help you bring up your son well so that he can enjoy his adult life and have the tools and resources to succeed.

In “How To Raise Boys – Helping Your Son Become A Balanced And Happy Man” you will discover:

– Early Childhood Development – the early years form many of the habits of later life so you will get plenty of guidance on how to help your son learn good habits early in his life plus teach him to respect authority and behave well!

– Adolescence – this is when it can really kick off and the hormones from puberty cause chaos with your son. Learn how to manage your son’s moods and teach him skills for future life including money management, manners, relationships and more!

– High School To College – when your son flies the nest it can be hard on you all and again you will learn to help him have the skills he needs not only to survive but to thrive and get ahead in life whilst keeping a strong connection with him no matter where he goes to college!

– More Tips – to help you really connect with your son and help him deal with the many aspects of modern life that he may struggle to face!

Raising a son is a difficult job and “How To Raise Boys – Helping Your Son Become A Balanced And Happy Man” will give you advice on how to help your son become well adjusted in life and deal with the many obstacles he will face!

The benefits from teaching him these skills and helping him in early life will stay with him for his adult life and help him really make the most of everything he does!

Enjoy raising your son as “How To Raise Boys – Helping Your Son Become A Balanced And Happy Man” provides you with some easy going advice and help to manage all the complexities of raising children in the 21st century!

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Potty Training In 3 Days: Proven Secrets To Say Goodbye To Diapers (Potty, Potty Training, Infant Development)

by Emma Westwood



Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to recognize whether you and your child are ready for potty training. If you are, this book will teach you how to perform it.

This book is the product of research on the potty training as it is lately observed the need of parents to educate themselves about this topic pertinent to the development of their child.

This book contains information as how to come to the conclusion that it is time for potty training by watching your child`s behavior. In addition, the book contains instructions on how to prepare and how to perform 3-day potty training. Also, the book provides important advice on how to anticipate reactions of your child and how to efficiently perform this task.

Buy this book and in one place you will find information concerning 3 day potty: how do you know whether you are ready, how to make preparations and what to do if you think that the experiment failed.

The book also includes information on how to choose the right potty, how to treat a child in the toilet and what you should do if you want to wean your child in 3 days from wearing diapers.

What You Will Learn From This Book


  • Determine When Is The Optimal Age To Get Rid of Diapers
  • Getting Your Baby Ready For Potty Training
  • A List Of Things To Know Before You Start
  • Signs That Your Baby Is Not Ready For Potty Training
  • Signs That Your Baby IS Ready For Potty Training
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Potty

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Raising Your Teenage Daughter: A Parental Guide to Curbing the Rebel

by Susan Anthony

Ever get that urge to disappear? Vanish in true X-Men form when your once-sweet child enters the room dropping attitude left and right? I do, and I can tell you it’s just the beginning of issues coming down the pike. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

What if she flashes her cheeks via webcam to her “soul mate”, which he then passes around the boy’s locker room? What if your teen boy wonder is going to head shops? Hanging around Cheech and Chong? How do you say no and get respect at the same time? You don’t have time for a master’s degree in parenting teens… you just want a quick and dirty guide that disarms anything your two angsty world dominating genius teenagers can come up with that skirts your rules.

This Survival Guide to Raising Your Teenage Daughter is just what the doctor ordered. It’s all here, everything from sex to drugs to alcohol to giving an answer to every rebellious “This is SO unfair and you’ve RUINED my life!” speech you could swear was written by Cinderella’s stepsisters.

Want to know why she rebels like that? Why your son withdraws, what he’s hiding in his room? Why there is no end to the WHY questions they bombard you with when you’re firm with rules? I explain it here – how to douse the fire before it burns outta control. How to talk to your teen so they will listen and how to prepare those angsty adolescents for responsible adulthood.

Don’t let sexting send your girl or boy to a sex offender’s registry. Don’t let “harmless” weed use become a lifelong addiction. Don’t let pornography deceive your teenager from learning what real love and sex require.

This is the straightforward guide you need to convert them to the Good Side… your good side!

A sample of what’s inside:

– Transparency and Hurt Feelings

– Picking the Optimal Moment to Talk

– Curbing Cattitude

– The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (How to Raise a Wild Child)

– RUIN Her Life!

– Schoolwork, Chores, Friends and Enemies

– Relationships

– Clothes!

Have Fun Raising Baby Chickens: How to Raise Baby Chickens

by Jeno

This book is written for those interested in having some adorable baby chickens. Children will learn how to care for animals, and you can involve them in each step of the process. They can go and help you pick out the baby chickens they want. The children can help build a little coup, and help clean and care for the chickens. They can watch them grow, and eventually having healthy eggs for eating and making the best Easter Eggs ever.

Lessons for the Christ-Centered Home: Book 1

by Mark J Musser

A great book filled with amazing lessons for parents today!

The Bible is full of detailed stories involving parents. In these insightful and meaningful narratives, Moms and Dads are found making choices and decisions that impact their children and those around them. The blessings or fallout from those choices and decisions most definitely can apply to our lives as parents today.

So what can parents today learn from those parents of old? What happens in our families when we apply, or fail to apply, the lessons taught through these Scriptural accounts? Those are the questions this book seeks to answer.

In his typical engaging style, Mark J. Musser leads his readers through ten stories–each one involving Old Testament parents whose words, actions, and attitudes still echo through the generations.

Through thought-provoking chapters, discover: You are qualified to parent, regardless of the doubts that Satan throws at you. You are called to be a super-model, not on the runway for spectators, but in daily life for your children. You must guard against compromise in your life and in your family.

You have the power to be a chain-breaker that can end any family history of dysfunction. You are the rock your children need to feel safe and secure. You are called to exemplify selflessness and sacrifice. Your life and choices today will affect the lives and choices of your grandchildren fifty years from now. And much more!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that number two pencil, flip open your notebook, and get ready. Class is now in session!

Children’s Books: Where’s My Shoe?: (Help Brooke Find Her Shoe. A Book for Beginning Readers, with over 25 Imaginative Illustrations, Ages 2-9)

by Elizabeth Ash

Children’s Books: Where’s My Shoe? – Is a wonderful adventure of Brooke as she tries to find her shoe before school? It beautifully illustrates how the mind of the young child grows and develops. It’s a fun time for all readers, and parents have given it two thumbs up.

SWB Children’s publishing branch specializing in helping your very special child learn. These books increase cognitive development as your child’s ability to learn and solve problems improves with reading.

This amazing first word and picture book helps your child learn the alphabet. It is filled with photographs and large, easy-to-read text. This book starts to help your child build the platform for continued growth and development.

Children’s Books: Where’s is the Tooth Fairy?: (Help Brooke Find the Tooth Fairy. A Book for Beginning Readers, with over 20 Imaginative Illustrations, Ages 2-9) (Brooke Explores 4)

by Elizabeth Ash

Brooke’s best friend Addie has lost her first tooth at school today. Addie told Brooke that when you lose a tooth, you are supposed to put your tooth underneath your pillow. Then, during the night the Tooth Fairy exchanges your tooth for money. Brooke, couldn’t wait to get home to ask her mother about the tooth fairy? Brooke really wanted to know where the Tooth Fairy is.

Paper Towns by John Green: A Summary and Analysis (Book Lover’s Companion)

by Book Lover’s Companion

READERS PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and NOT the original book.

A coming of age story set in Orlando, Florida, John Green’s Paper Towns tells the story of Quentin “Q” Jacobsen and his childhood friend and crush, Margo Roth Spiegelman. When Margo goes missing after a night of mischief, Q’s friends Radar and Ben help him decipher clues about her disappearance.


– Main summary of entire book

– Chapter summaries

– Character list

– Symbols

– Themes

Prayer: Preparing for the Will of God

by Briggette Carlos

Do you know that you can be aligned with God? All you need is getting yourself ready and following the procedures laid down to operate one of the most powerful tools God has made available to you: prayer.

You, your ex and how to win her back: Understand why she left you, become a stronger version of yourself and decide if YOU want HER back.

by Christopher Trow

This book is dedicated to anyone that has had a loved one leave their life and not understood why? First you need to learn about yourself the qualities you display and why you act the way you do. My book will guide you through what women want from men, the type of guys that are the most attractive and how they subtly test you constantly to test your strength. Learn why women leave your life, why you lose your way when you meet someone you really like and how to become the strongest version of yourself. You’ll also learn all about the following essential subjects: Over pursuit causes rejection, How to make women chase you, Rejection prevention, Subtle tests women use to test your strength, How to get a woman to friendzone your competition, Learn the power of walking away to get a woman back, Codependencey and Relationships that won’t work.

I’m Bored!: Family Activities That Will Make This Phrase Go Extinct

by Cindy Hall

A collection of ideas for activities for the whole family to enjoy. Low to no budget ideas a plenty. From your backyard to across town, the possibilities of exploration and education are endless!

Alisha – The Dog Rescuer

by Sheila Hayford

A heartwarming children’s book on Alsha and her rescued dogs.

Two Boys: The Beginning

by Patricia Chess

Two cousins Jim and Sam, were born to underage, poor mothers; sisters whose only hopes and dreams are to satisfy the men in their lives. The summer of 1975 brings about a drastic change in the lives of the two boys, via torment, and abuse from the same men their mother’s love. Their lives are chronicled from the past to the present, revealing that even those with imperfections and hearts of impiety can overcome by way of determination, hard work, and of having a dream! Both have the same opportunities, but only one is able to survive the wiles, of both man & life to overcome.

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