Free poetry Kindle books for 05 May 15

Channeling Shug

by Arnita Harpe

Channeling Shug is a collectiion of poetry that calls woman to heal from within. It catalogs my journey to make the decision to divorce and live life on my own terms. This powerful collection of poetry is about reclaiming love for self and living unapologetically as woman, mother, and lover.

Word Pictures and Praise for All Seasons

by Wanda Leslie

Word Pictures and Praise for All Seasons… sharing the love of my Lord, Savior and constant companionâ?¦ Jesus Christ. Written on scraps of paper, napkins, paper towels and anything else I could find to write on while waiting on my soccer player and gymnast to finish their practices.

May these humble words guide each and every one who reads them to His unconditional love.

Meditations of a Darkened Soul

by Mitchell Nemirovsky

This is a small collection of my current written works. It includes a variety of pieces, ranging from poems, to short stories and rants, and even some longer fiction pieces. There are a few erotic fiction pieces, and as such contains explicit content, though mild.

Poetic Love

by Ash Shawwa

Throughout this book love will be seen in many faces. A depiction of an emotion through a word of a concept that is universal. Love!

The Sands of Time Are Sinking

by David Tallach

These poems were written in 1998 due to a bereavement. My Uncle Fraser, an unusual, talented and remarkable man by any standards, passed away from cancer. These poems were written in the sure and certain hope of meeting with him again in heaven, and also celebrating the Highlands that we shared and loved.

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