Free reference Kindle books for 05 May 15

How to be an Outstanding Teacher

by Lyndsey Norman

‘How to be an Outstanding Teacher’ is a motivational guide aimed at new teachers who are aspiring to be amongst the very best. Inside, there are many excellent tips on how to be a highly effective teacher in terms of both classroom practice and dealing with the workload. Although there is no magic formula to outstanding teaching and learning, this guide explores the foundations needed for this to happen and offers practical advice on where to start. If you are a teacher who wants to explore the achievement of outstanding status in a manageable way, then this is the guide for you.

Tommy’s Backyard Adventures

by Elizabeth Springer

A children’s picture book.

The backyard is full of bugs and insects that children like to look at and learn about. Tommy is a curious child who enjoys learning about all the creepy crawlers in his backyard.

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library: How to Get Every Benefit of Your Prime Subscription (Amazon Prime Lending Library – Prime Music- Prime Video – Prime Photos)

by Peter Noble

The only guide you will need for everything you can have with the Amazon Prime and Lending Library

Many people who have a prime membership or people who are considering one do not know all the benefits they can get with it, there are many secret benefits you can unlock by reading this book, this book is not only going to tell you the benefits but will show with pictures, diagrams and links how you can go about getting them.

This is a list of exciting things you will uncover in this book

Amazon Student Program Benefits

Amazon Mom Program and discounts available for Moms

Access Instant Steaming of Movies, TV Shows and thousands of free kindle books

Kindle Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited and what is on offer for you

How to access amazon instant video and prime photos

How to get an unlimited amount of music playlists from over a million songs

Find out about Amazon Prime Pantry and what it can offer you

Learn about Amazon Elements and products only available for prime members

Amazon Early Access so you can get great deals before non members

Lastly in this book you will find a Question and Answers section for common questions

Picking up English Words Visually√£??√£??vehicles

by MP Academy

Picking up English Words Visually is a learning material that helps children to efficiently pick up English words.

This edition includes about 40 pictures of vehicles.

65 synonyms with the letter S: literacy series

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

65 synonyms with the letter S

Count 1 to 20: (Illustrated)

by Agnes Musa

This book was written for pre-school and kindergarten children to help teach them to count. Extensive use is made of clip art depicting objects children in this age group are familiar with. The aim is to make it easy for children to relate to the clipart objects, making it comfortable for them to enjoy counting.

Give Me My Money!: Getting the Money That Is Owed To You From Child Support

by Marsha Ebanks

Women have tried the world’s way of trying to get the money from their children or even the courts. Why not try a new way? Gods way of doing things. This book is based on principals, that if we get the basic everything else will eventually fall into place.

Homeschooling Pros and Cons: Understand the Facts of Homeschooling and Make Learning Interesting (Curriculum & Teaching)

by Andy Garrett

The easiest way to compare the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling your child, and learning new methods of making homeschooling interesting!

Homeschooling can be a huge step for many families to take. Help prepare yourself to take this step by understanding the pros and cons of homeschooling your child. Is it beneficial? Is it cost effective? How can I make homeschooling more interesting?

Public schools are facing an ever growing set of problems, including inadequate teachers, increases in bullying, and poor education environments. You can help take control of these issues by bringing education to your home.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to read guide discussing all the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling, then look no further. This book is designed primarily for those on the fence about homeschooling, unsure of its efficacy, or those currently homeschooling and considering discontinuation. Be sure you understand the facts before making any kind of decision!

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– The Benefits to Homeschooling Your Child

– The Biggest Drawbacks to Homeschooled Child

– How to Answer the Common Question of Socialization

– The True Cost of Homeschooling

– How to Make Homeschooling Fun and Interesting

– Common Problems Faced By Homeschooled Children

– Tips on Dealing With Homeschooling’s Common Pitfalls

– Advice on Growing Your Homeschooling Network

– And Much More

Don’t decide your child’s future without first considering all the facts. Learn about the issues homeschooled children face, and ways to overcome them!

The horse and the fox: 5 short stories

by john snow

This is a kindle book for small kids that like animals with short and very simple stories:






How To Save Money Through College: How To Work, Save And Still Pass Finals

by James Eaton

Do not let the increasing education cost hinder you from living the life that you want and deserve. Reading this book will help you push to still live your dream life, even if you do not have enough funds to go to college. In this book, you will learn some tips and strategies on how to survive and finish college with flying colors – even if you are on a limited budget.

In this book, you’ll learn:

The cost of going to college. We all know that college education is not cheap. But, in this book, you will learn the different expenses that you need to anticipate before going to college. This book will give you a detailed idea of the expenses that you need to prepare on. Going to college is no joke so you need to really prepare for it.

Financial aids. This book also tackles the different forms of financial aids that students often resort to.

Tips on cutting college education costs. In this book, you will learn proven and effective tips on cutting your college education costs. This book contains practical and “easy to do” techniques that will help you get the best out of your college education without breaking the bank. You will learn strategies on how to cut expenses for books and other things that you will need in college.

Strategies for saving money while studying. While college education is costly, there are a lot of strategies that you can use in saving money while studying in a university. In this book, you will learn tips on:

Assessing your monthly budget

Using your credit card wisely

Living within your means

Cooking your own meals

Using your vacation time wisely

Living a healthy life

Using free entertainment instead of resorting to paid ones

Living a healthy life to avoid medical expenses while in college

Getting a part time job and excelling both at work and in school. Many students are afraid to get part time jobs because they are afraid to fail in their subjects. But, the truth is, there are many full time students who are failing in their subjects just because they do not know how to manage their time well. This book will give you effective time management tips that will help you excel both at work and in school. In this book, you will learn how to manage your time by learning to say no to specific work and activities that do not matter. You will also learn how to create and manage your schedule to cater to both your work and your school activities. You will also how to work smarter and not harder at work and in school. These strategies will not only help you excel in your part time work and your academics, but it will help prepare you for the real world.

Keep a positive attitude. College is not a bed of roses, you will experience many challenges. So, it is important to keep a positive attitude. It is also important to contact your parents and loved ones every now and then. It is also important to enjoy college and live a balanced life.

Believe in yourself. This book also contains practical tips on how to stay motivated and do your best.

Ace the finals even if you are a working student. Working and studying at the same time is not easy. In this book, you will learn easy techniques that will help you ace that final exam even if you are a working student. This book contains study tips that will yield more results in lesser time. You will learn a holistic way in preparing for important exams. You will also learn simple techniques that will help you use your time efficiently when reviewing for an exam.

Landing your dream job. This book also contains tips that will help you survive life after college.

Do not give up on your dreams! Act now! Even if you cannot afford it, you can still go to college and finish it with flying colors. This book will be your ultimate guide to surviving college and achieving your dreams.

Multi-Sensory-Multi-Discipline Activities For The Classroom

by Janet Staples

As Educators we are always looking for new ways for students to learn. I always knew I learned better through hands on activities. Most of my teachers in the 60’s did not use hands on learning. I was fortunate that I did have one. I thank that teacher for leading me in that direction. With her influence I decided to become a teacher.

I have used the following activities and games, as I taught Physical Education. When schools started worrying about accreditation. I tried to incorporate topics the classroom teacher was using. I unfortunately did not have a gymnasium. Some days I had to have my lessons in their classroom. I was encouraged to share my ideas, with other educators. I began giving in services throughout Virginia. My business was called Hands On Education.

Student outcomes:
The student will review:
Computer Science
The students practice:
Basketball skills.
Throwing skills.
Catching skills.
The student will increase
cardiovascular endurance.
The student will practice
good teamwork.

Games included:
Knowledge Wall
Box Car
Toss A Value
SOL’s in a Bottle
Mr. Clean
Making Your Basketball Hoop
UP! UP! And Away
Math Dodge and Run
Musical Hula Hoops
The Teachers In The Room

Yard by Yard SOL’s are Hard
K. O. The Facts
Tic Tac The Fact
Let’s Go To The Races
Connect The Dots
Treasure Hunt

Sex: Social Satisfaction or Stimulated Suffering?

by James Tamara

A brief source of facts that explain how sex has decreased the moral values of today’s society. This is may not be suitable for young children.

The Ultimate College Hack

by Frank Giovinazzi

This letter aimed at college freshman describes the challenges they are going to face making the transition from high school to independent study. It details the benefits of using our program, The 15-Minute Writer, to improve study skills, time management and writing ability. Whether or not you decide to take our online course, the challenges described in this letter are real – and if they are not recognized and met it will be difficult for new college students to succeed in school and beyond. Good luck!

Unorthodox Leadership & Animalism

This book is a simply worded collection of experiences with the purpose of leaders across functions – mainly the corporate – understanding the fact that sometimes, it is necessary to look beyond the rule book for answers. It is vital to be creative, and this book shares experiences that have been called creative at the time of implementation. The basic creativity displayed by a leader has been shown with strong references to animal behavior in different situations. – See more at:

The Wonderful Adventures of Ben and Lyndsey

This is the start of the series of “The Wonderful Adventures of Ben and Lyndsey Ben”. These are several volumes of the life learned adventures and lessons. There is excitement, joy, sorrow, and an important lesson to be learned from each volume that you read.

SWB publishing specializing in helping your special child learn from “The Wonderful Adventures of Ben and Lyndsey”. They are dedicated to helping each child grow and develop, and giving them an advanced start on childhood.

How Propaganda Is Used to Turn Anyone Against You

by Antonio Hall

This new book titled “How Propaganda Is Used to Turn Anyone Against You” tells you ways that anyone can use propaganda to their advantage. Often propaganda is used to forward a negative agenda. This book is free!!

Mind Mapping: 12 Ways To Recognize Your Ideas

by Alice Porterman

In this book you’ll learn:

– Methods for remembering your ideas.

– How to organize your ideas.

– Tips for finding a solution for your problems.

– And much more!

Ever get confused whenever you want to voice out your opinions? Getting stuck in the middle of what you’re saying finding the right words? Feeling embarrassed when people stare at you waiting for you to finish what you have to say? Are you afraid of looking stupid in front of a crowd because you are out of words? Always confusing the people you communicate with because of poor thought organization? If these are your problems, then, worry no more because this book is here to help you become better in organizing your ideas in a smoother and more consistent flow.

This book is your ultimate guide in mastering thought organization using the idea mapping. More than the technical help you may get, there is a practical side to it as well. Learn how to use visual aids and become friends with them so you can easily remember the flow of your thoughts. Using keywords can also become handy in these times for they will save a lot of spaces from what’s currently running in your head. Other tips would be limiting yourself away from any distractions so you can learn how to focus. There are actually more to find out and you’ll be surprised as how easy they are once you apply them to you. There are tons of them inside.

Throughout the book you will learn more about how you can develop yourself into a better communicator in any application whether personal or professional. More than that, you get to know yourself better as who you are as a person because we have included some of the most powerful and practical tips that you can practice on daily activities that involves your thoughts.

You might as well want to filter all information that is running through your mind and keep on having the positive ones so people would want to listen. Remember, people try to avoid negative opinions or comments. Writing down your thoughts and ideas will also be a great help for your thought organization as you will be able to keep yourself from forgetting the important points of it. You will also be surprised on how your health influences your way of thinking so keep your brain healthy at all times.

Making your own timeline the right way would also help you not only manage your time but also make time for what’s important and what’s not. This may sound as simple as it is but it’s greatly helpful especially when you are on a pressure to point out your stand in a conversation. You might also want to consider seeking help from other people who are experts on that field or people who has credibility so you can make simple ideas to powerful ones.

If you are the person who wants to become the best in explaining every bit of important information in a way that anyone from anywhere could understand, then this book is meant for you. Discover more about yourself and unleash your potential now.

James, the Postman, and The Gift That Was Late (The Boyhood Stories Book 1)

by Shaun Chris

It’s James’ birthday, but his gift has not arrived!

What will he do? Read to find out!

This book is loaded with bonus questions on every page designed to stretch your child’s brain, including questions about math, science, English, life skills & logical reasoning!

It is our hope that parents and guardians can use this book not just as an educational and fun experience for their children, but also as a bonding experience, hence the bonus questions.

The bonus questions are intended to start little conversations with your children – Where the conversations lead to is totally up to you!

Theo, Skylar, Rylee, and Friends

by Janet Staples

Educational Outcomes for Students Pre-K, K, 1:

The student will read and comprehend that animals have:
Specific physical characteristics.
Specific adaptations.
Specific behaviors.
Specific needs.
Specific interaction with other animals.
Specific habitats.
Off springs.
The student will identify motion, back and forth, up and down, in and out.
Reading: Student will be able to retell the story.
Reading: Student will increase their vocabulary.
Reading: Student will identify pictures as clues to help identify words.


by Janet Staples

Educational Outcomes for Students Pre- K, K.
Science: The student will read and identify animals.
Reading: Student will identify letters of the alphabet.
Reading: Student will be able to retell the story.
Reading: Student will increase their vocabulary.
Reading: Student will identify pictures as clues to help identify words.
Reading: Student will identify colors.
Math: Student will count to ten.
Math: Student will count to twenty.
Math: Student will count by five’s.

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