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Beaver2416 (Reviler’s Affray)

by Jeremy M. Thayer


Prologue: The great conflict was over. All that wasâ??had been seemingly laid waste. What existed was the slave brands of wretchedness and downtrodden servitude. Man had forgotten his freedom, in so much that bondage became safety and subjection had become serenity.

The creation of God had lost his way.


“In a world of technological slavery and mass murder–Beaver2416 suddenly fractures his chains.”

Beaver2416 is a Hachiman for the Perpetua Corporationâ??an extending arm of the sadistic ruling Academy. He is a sociopath, who at a very young age watched his parents dissipate into vapor at the hands of the Dunner. His workjob is to enforce the rules of Perpetuaâ??to maim, cripple, and sharply motivate the common workers into meeting demands. Deep down, he is tired of playing a part of barbarous ruthlessness for the Elites, and their false god they worship and adore. Beaver is not evilâ??he truly longs for forbidden, treasonous things like freethought and the freedom of choice. In short–Beaver2416 is a closet hypocrite.

His only friend, Timmy2845, is a propagator at the Archive of Fact. Known far and wide for their loyalty to the Academy; propagators are in place to hide information from the populous. It is said of them, that they would eat their own children if the Great Master willed it to be so. Their brand of truth was whatever made the Academy look righteous, and anyone that opposes them look evil. However, just like Beaver2416; he too has fooled them all

As a child, Tim hid with Beaver and their families in an old munitions bunker. His parents were murdered by the Academy in the same place, on the same day as Beaver’s. He too, has a deep hatred of the ruling Academy and their False Master. He wants nothing more than to see the Academy’s annihilation–But How?!

Can two mere commoners, break the back of the totalitarian Academy, and the worship of their god called Great Master? What if others just like them existed? In a world surrounded by hulking androids, fantastic technology, and constant surveillance; could there be a way to freedom?

Read this shocking indictment of today’s unholy world–told in our impending future!

Beaver2416 by acclaimed author Jeremy M. Thayer

–read it now, before it’s too late.

Child of Ishmael: hidden identity hidden truth

by James Wright

Chesterton humbly stands in the Iowa corn fields. With low expectations Ben Turney moves his family there to work in Bethel Church and apart from a little friction with the powerful Worthington family, life is comfortable.

Curt Worthington lives in the shadow of his domineering father. He attends Bethel out of custom but pays little attention to Ben or anyone else.

One morning Ben arrives at work to discover an Islamic society has started building a mosque directly across the street from Bethel. Encountering Islam first-hand sends him into a crisis of faith. At the same time Curt has a tragic accident that shakes his world and sends him on a journey of personal understanding. These circumstances bring Ben and Curt into an unexpected friendship and take them quite literally to the ends of the earth.

Love Endures, Phoenix (Phoenix Reborn) (Phoenix Series Book 2)

by Michelle Stevens

Find out what happens to Beth after the flamesâ?¦

This first novelette of Phoenix’s ‘Love Endures’ series explores Beth’s courage as she faces a new season in her life. Despite the obstacles that lie ahead, she is determined to embrace life supported by Scott’s love – a love that endures. Her journey is marked by healing, intrigue and forgiveness. However, her best friend Angie hides a terrible truth and Glenn, Scott’s longtime friend, holds challenging secrets of his own.

Extended Description:

In this continuation of the Phoenix series, Beth finds herself in new territory. Angie’s secret and Glenn’s past will test the bonds of both friendships. In the midst of rebuilding a new life with her son, Beth finds she must confront her greatest fear – facing the man who shattered her spirit. She is fated to meet this challenge with courage.

For you see, a Phoenix is destined to rise from the ashesâ?¦

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