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From Machete Fights to Paradise, The Machete Fighters of the Dominican Republic

by Daniel DiMarzio

When I first heard of sword fights in the Dominican I was very skeptical. I thought maybe I was hearing about a freak occurrence or a story that was blown out of proportion. But, then I heard another storyâ?¦and another. All of them about machete fights. Not just one person with a machete attacking some unarmed person either, these were stories of two people wielding machetes. Two people dueling with real, live swords.

Then, I actually went there and met people who had been in machete fights and had the scars to prove it. When I heard of these stories, I immediately thought of the ancient Samurai of Japan who often dueled to the death.

At the heart of the martial arts was real life-and-death combat. In the case of swords and dueling, this information is very old because nobody has been in sword fights for ages. At least that’s what many people thought.

Sword fights do happen in the modern world. They happen in the Caribbeanâ?¦in Latin Americaâ?¦specifically in a place called the Dominican Republic. This isn’t the same Dominican Republic that tourists often see. These fights happen in the neighborhoods and countryside rarely ever seen by the non-local. The following are accounts of modern-day sword fights, fights involving the Machete Fighters of the Dominican Republic.

60+ and Going Strong: Walking to a Healthier You

by Janice Lauderdale


Seniors are you stiff?


Can you live Without the damaging side effects of pain killers?

60+and Going Strong~

Dear Baby Boomer and Senior,

I sincerely hope you’re feeling well today. I appreciate wellness so much these days. Not so long ago,I woke up one morning with pain shooting down my legs. I turned to my son , a body strength therapist, for help. He started me out with floor stretching that was worse than the pain I had already, but the trauma was better than having two knees paining me at one time. I had already postponed my doctor’s suggested surgery because I was taking care of my aging mother.

The thought of getting rid of pain and disease in my body. My son suggested walking. WALKING! It wasn’t just any kind of walking, but the kind of walking that heals, eliminates pain, and vanquishes many diseasesâ??


I was 50 pounds overweight and climbing. I had blown up as big as a house. I was taking blood pressure medication daily and my entire appearance was that of a big blimp. I was almost unrecognizable, even to myself! ”

What about you? I know the reason you’re looking at my book. It’s is because you’re looking for the answers I found on my miraculous journey back to health by walking.



DO NOT TAKE WALKING FOR GRANTED! After 6 months, the kind of walking I’m talking about eased the pain right out out of my body! I started walking in my neighborhood in the normal way I always walked, and one day, my knees gave out on me after a few blocks. My back, legs and knees were so gripped with excruciating pain that I had to almost crawl back home.

As a Baby boomer myself, I was committed to taking care of her mother after taking care of my father’s oldest sister for years. After my aunt passed, I gave the same kindness and compassion to my mother.


WALKING! Stepsâ?¦

Making life easy is worth any necessary inconvenience, even surgery. Everyone doesn’t need surgery, but everyone needs to “MOVE” his or the body to get well. Get that blood flowing throughout your bodyâ??lungs, head, legs and feet, keeping blood pressure under control, diabetes under control, cancer cells from mutating, and energy flowing, so that you feel like being a PART OF LIFE again.

Secret Hiding Places. 20 Unique Secret Hiding Spots That People Won’t Find Or Freak Out About!: (secret hiding stuff, secret hiding safes, money safety … how to hide money, secret hiding spots,)

by Bryan Ottowan

Secret Hiding Places

20 Unique Secret Hiding Spots That People Won’t Find Or Freak Out About!

You feel this sense of urgency. That nudge to hide something so well that anyone looking for it would be at a loss. Perhaps you would be pleased at your efforts for managing to hide a Christmas gift or Easter candy from an impatient or crafty child-it could also be emergency cash in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Or, precious gold that can be used as currency for when cash is obsolete. You really have no idea how important it would be to hide yourself, especially if you need to disappear. It’s none of my business of why, but I want to show you how. This is my experience with smuggling and preparation is the key. Don’t feel guilty. You wouldn’t be reading this book unless you needed help.

Also, consider the possibility that this could also be family keepsakes or a stash of your goods that enhances your mental state in an area in plain sight but unassumingâ?¦there is still a way. The hiding places discussed in this bookâ?¦ let’s say for now well done.

Inside this book there is talk about: Secrets Places to Hide Your Stuff

  • Your Car
  • Ingenious Spots in Furniture
  • Classic Tricks
  • On Your Person
  • Even other people
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    How to Keep Black Widows as Pets: The Safest Methods of Caring for Your Dangerous Pet (Arachnipets Spider Pet Care Guides Book 1)

    by Spider Rescue Center

    Have you ever wanted to have a black widow as a pet? Now you can! Dive into the world of keeping these spiders as pets with chapters filled with content you need to know. Learn how to set up the ideal habitat, catch spiders safely, and so much more!

    This book features:

    – Information on black widow spiders and their kin

    – How to catch a black widow

    – What to feed your black widow

    – Keen insight on the care and keeping of your spider

    – Health tips

    Tennis: How To Play Tennis Like a Pro!: Secret tips to improve your games, ability and view point (Tennis Tips Book 1)

    by Jacob Williams

    In understanding how to play tennis just like a professional, new players have to adjust their way of life and exercise pattern based on the professional tennis players. Knowing the concepts behind top-notch tennis players is the primary step in the way to play the game like an expert.

    A lot of tennis players across the globe would like to know how to play tennis like a professional, yet just some of them really have the mental, physical and emotional potential to achieve this.

    And Now, the secret is disclosed!!!.

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