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Tony Robbins: 101 Greatest Life Lessons and Quotes From Anthony Robbins (Money Master the Game, Anthony Robbins, Personal Power)

by Chris Johnston

Tony Robbins

101 Greatest Life Lessons and Quotes From Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins, a well-known motivational speaker, has influenced people around the world with his outstanding life lessons. His words speak to millions, and have inspired them to lose weight, grow their businesses, invest, and earn their dream jobs.

However, if you don’t have time to read his books and listen to his inspiring speeches, this book is for you! Auditory files can take hours to listen to, and books take days – even weeks – to read. You don’t have time for that!

Here we have condensed some of Tony Robbins’ primary life lessons into short, manageable summaries.

The text includes sections on:

  • The Power of Decision
  • Do What You Know
  • Be an Investor, Not Just a Consumer
  • Read Fine Print
  • Set Reasonable Goals
  • Make Progress
  • Spread Your Investments
  • Regulate Income
  • Don’t Be a Herd Animal
  • Psychology and Biochemistry
  • Stay Flexible
  • Write Your Story
  • Fear of Failure

In addition, you will find 50 of his most transformative and inspirational quotes from his books, speeches, and interviews.

Tony Robbins has been interviewed by such prestigious names as Forbes Magazine and has worked with some of the most well-known celebrities in the world, including Oprah. His work has influenced the best, and now it can influence you without the time commitment you just can’t make. This handy book can be read in just an hour, while still presenting you with some of his key life lessons.

What are you waiting for? Go change your life!

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The Service Startup: Design Thinking gets Lean

by Tenny Pinheiro

Innovation and entrepreneurship through service Design Thinking.

Learn how to perform service Design Sprints with this practical guide that integrates Design Thinking and Lean Startup in the service era.

“Pinheiro will inspire you to think differently about business, design, education, and â?? perhaps most importantly â?? the way you work every day.”

– Kerry Bodine, co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business

“In this book, Tenny offers some extremely valid and hard-hitting criticism regarding the ideals surrounding  the dictate of building a Minimum Viable Product. Agreed on many fronts but I found his reinvention of these principles when applied to the service industry to be extremely insightful.  The concept of a Minimum Valuable Service is unique, new and sets goals intended to deliver maximum value with measurable results. This is a must read for anyone in the global innovation economy.”

– Rick Rasmussen, NestGSV. International Business development.

This book is a practical guide that explores how startup entrepreneurs and business leaders, who hold no Design degrees, can integrate Service Design into their development cycles in order to create sustainable, desirable and profitable new services.

In the first part, Tenny explores the reasons why startups need to move away from the “make and sell” industrial logic we’ve been exploiting over the last century. To take its place he proposes a new service oriented mindset that carries the idea of “learn, use and remember” users’ journeys. He also discusses the challenges our industrial society is facing and how the combination of design with a service oriented mentality can be key to help new and existent businesses make this shift.

In the second part, he will take you on a journey through the MVS – Minimum Valuable Service – model. This model can seamlessly integrate Service Design into the Lean Startup or any Agile development cycle. It adds the human values needed to foster service innovations within the Lean’s scientific approach. In this part of the book you will learn tools, methods and practices that will help you get your hands dirty with design.

At some point every adventure requires a great guide, and this journey into the heart of the new is led impeccably by Tenny Pinheiro. Slyly sidestepping the pitfalls of the Lean Startup approach, he skillfully navigates us through to a deeper understanding of the forces shaping the evolving service economy. By trusting the wisdom of the many to help design the next phase of business, his approach taps into an inexhaustible source of creativity and innovation. The Service Startup is a trusty roadmap that you will long keep by your side. As Tenny might suggest: learn it, use it, and remember it. 

– Jamer Hunt, Parsons The New School for Design. Director for the graduate Program in Transdisciplinary Design.

“I’ll admit it: I enjoy seeing someone who knows their stuff re-assemble and improve on the work of an adjacent profession. Tenny calls out what’s lacking in the Lean Startup approach, in the most thorough and insightful ways. In the spirit of iteration, he’s taken an existing approach and improved on it. If only all criticism were this good.

I enjoyed his delightfully nuanced views on the world of services â?? how they’re perceived, experienced, and remembered â?? as well as his historical perspectives on the worlds of design, business and marketing. Opinionated but also well-informed, this is a pragmatic, human-centric take on designing and delivering services that I’d recommend to anyone whose work affects other people.

– Chad Thornton, Experience Designer, Airbnb”

How to Build a Real Estate Flipping Business from the Ground Up


: In this book readers will learn how exactly to start and build a real estate flipping business from the ground up. Those words are not empty. So many books I’ve read over the years just gave me the bread and butter of how to invest in real estate, just an overview leaving me without the real knowledge I had to learn on my own in most cases to actually start flipping and investing in properties. The biggest reason people fail when it comes to investing in real estate is lack of knowledge and fear. Their afraid because they don’t have enough knowledge of what they are doing, when you have knowledge of exactly how to do whatever it is your doing you will have confidence and confidence kills fear. In have put this book together in an order to teach anyone regardless of their financial situation or knowledge of real estate investing how exactly to flip houses. You will not just get an overview of the process and then be led to sign up on some website in order to get the real information you need to be successful. I will show in deep detail exactly how to flip houses with no money out of pocket, buy and flip houses using creative, easy to understand no money down investing techniques. I will show you how to create profits in contracts and assign those contracts to other investors or buyers. I will also show you exactly how to build multiple businesses into your flipping business and profit from properties that have no equity. All these systems combined will give you the ability to buy and sell properties on a huge scale in any market depending on how hard you want to work. I am not promising anyone a get rich quick scheme where you sit on the couch and watch the money roll in. We all know that isn’t real, you have to build a business and put people in place to run it for you, it is possible but you need to build the foundation first and I will show you exactly how to do that. You will learn how to streamline your business and make the entire process run smoothly. Once you build this system you will be able to flip multiple to dozens of houses every month depending on how hard you are willing to work and you what you want. You will learn how to use your profits from deals to leverage enough money to flip multiple houses in a short timeframe and begin building your wealth. You will learn how to be smart with your money, not spend it trying to live a millionaire lifestyle on fifty grand. If you truly want to change your financial life then make it happen, there are no excuses when it comes to getting rich. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, the path has already been paved for you, you just need to follow along.

Stocks: Stock Trading Basics and Strategies for Beginners – Invest Wisely and Profit from day one

by Winston J. Duncan

Welcome to the Kingdom of Stock Trading!

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Are you looking for a way in which you can make your money grow?

Are you tired of earning a minimal amount of interest on your savings account?

Or perhaps, you would like to improve your financial lifestyle dramatically and are wondering where to start?

If you have a positive response to any of these questions, then stock trading is the right option for you.

Stock trading appears to be complex and challenging for anyone who has never tried it before. However, looking at the list of the world’s richest people is evidence enough that stock trading works. The question though is, how can you get started today?

The first thing you need to do is get an excellent understanding of stock trading, and all the basic information on what it entails, and that is what this book will provide for you. This book breaks down everything you need to know about stock trading from the very beginning.

It starts with a detailed analysis and definition of exactly what stock trading is, explaining the meaning of stocks and how buying and selling of stocks can lead to profitability. The book then goes on to describe the different types of stocks, so that an investor can make the right decision based on their stock trading motivation.

This section is followed by a breakdown of all the trading basics, designed to make it easier for anyone to start trading immediately. These basics also include how to read and understand stock price listing and stock trading tables. This will make sure that all the figures that you see association with stocks will have meaning, making it less daunting to try and analyse them

The strategies you can follow when trading in stock are also explained. This helps an investor decide which would be the best strategy for them based on the amount of time they have available, how much they want to invest and their level of skill in investing.

The final chapter of the book is filled with tips that are designed to make stock trading easier, including how to trade stocks in the present and the strategies to employ for trading in the future. These tips are really those hidden secrets that no one tells you, which make turning a profit significantly easier, and also dispels a lot of the myths that surround stock trading.

Being a stock trader does not require you to have a deep level of skill and understanding. It is a learning process and one that you can successfully grow into once you have the right tools to get started. By going through this book, you are almost guaranteed to have enough knowledge to become a successful trader.

Once you have gone through all the information in this book, will immediately be able to begin trading in stocks, without the fear that you will incur heavy losses. Read on to discover information from the experts on successfully trading in stocks.

***Limited Edition***

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THE POWER OF STORYTELLING – Dominate the Market With Your Story (Storytelling Business)

by Michael Pease


A Complete Storytelling Course Book includes Worksheets, Checklists and the Most Popular Content Creation Tools

â??The Power of Storytelling’ stands out as your ultimate guide if you are looking for effective ways do dominate your target market with a story or stories.

This book provides you with ideas, techniques, and tips on how you can create customer engaging stories that will sell your products, services, brand, or company. The book has been written in an iterative format to ensure that even that business person who doesn’t have a clue on how to market with stories become informed after going though.

Stories serve as a great way of marketing your content in that; they can include various aspects of literature like, emotions, suspense, attitude, anxiety which directly engages your audience. In this way, you are able to convey your promotional message in a better way to the consumer.

When creating your stories, it is ideal to understand that there are plenty of formats that you can consider using. The format of your desire will depend with the product, service, brand, or company that you are selling. This book provides you with plenty of ideas on how to select the best format that will assist in creating consumer engagement.

There are much more that you should expect from this book. This is just but a preview:

  • Ways through which you can convey your story to your target audience;
  • How to study your target audience;
  • How to create content for your story;
  • Different formats for your stories;
  • How to distribute your stories, and much more.

There is plenty of information, and real life examples that will assist you in clearly understanding every specific point in this book. The book has been writing in simple and captivating language that will ease your process of reading.

Remember to have a story in mid when reading this book. This will ensure that you can easily tract every part and aspect of the book. Included are activities after every chapter which will assist you in learning the ways through which you can create your story better.

The next step involves coming up with your story. Make sure that it is captivating. It can be a text, image, or video. There is plenty of online software that you can use to create them. Never mind about the quality, as “content is the key”. Don’t appear more promotional; remember that giving the audience benefits rather than product adverts is the key to viewers engagement. This can only be achieved by taking a step of downloading this book and get to read the whole content.


Place your order now and get the full content. Good Luck!

CONTENT MARKETING GUIDE – How to Use Content Marketing for Building Your Own Brand that Brings Your Market to You

by Michael Pease

A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Use Content Marketing the RIGHT Way

Receive a massive price break for a limited time only!

Are you sometimes ask yourself why people are not viewing your content? The world is always changing and this includes the ways of how people get the information within our society. In formely times media channels were limited and dominated by the large advertisers. Today, all of our media is on demand. We can skip the commercials. Online, we can go straight to the website or article that we want. Traditional marketing is an agressive method that pushes customers to a buying decision. Today, we use the pull method, which try to pull customers in with content that interests and engages them.

In this guide you learn how to break through the cloud of traditional content marketing … and build your own timeless content brand.

You will discover how to get people viewing your content! Whether you are a beginner in content marketing or you have been publishing online since a long time, there are always the same questions you have to ask yourself:

  • What does my market expect from my content?
  • Does my customers get the content they want?

So, content marketing is NOT about you and your message! If you want to use content marketing the RIGHT way, you have to build up a content BRAND and establish a reputation as a publisher who provides only high value content, that your market wants to interact and engage with. Your content brand will be the promise to your audience what they can expect from you – and this helps you to stand out from all the other publishers.

Your aim is, that your market selects YOU over all the other thousands of publishers. And the reason for selecting YOU is because your audience know the value they will get.

But content marketing is NOT brainless generating content from which you think your market might like. With this kind of content marketing you are only wasting your time and your money! True content marketing is building your content brand, and every piece of content have to reflect your brand!

In this book you get a step-by-step course that guides you through the entire process of how to use content marketing for building your own brand that brings your market to you!

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

â?? How To Define a Content Brand

â?? How to Create Various Types of Content

â?? How to Spread Your Content Brand

â?? How to Expand Your Content into New Markets and Globally

â?? How to Ensure that your Content is Visible in the Right Places, where your Audience can see you

â?? List of Examples of Great Content Brands

â?? Various Worksheets for Completing Your Activities

â?? List of Content Creation Tools

â?? Much, much more!


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How to Create a Budget: An Essential Guide to Making a Budget to Track Income and Control Expenses

by Allison Wise

If you’re ready to develop the discipline that will put you on the path toward financial freedom, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Are you a “one day millionaire” every payday? One day millionaires are folks who feel they can splurge on anything and everything on the day they get their pay check. But then after a few days, they find themselves broke and needing to scrimp on what’s left, barely making ends meet until the next pay check comes. Even if you aren’t this way, you probably know at least a few that are. Most of us are more mindful of our expenses and try to be careful with our purchases. But the thing is, sometimes we still find ourselves asking where the money went, and how we can make what’s left last. I’ve been that way too for many paydays in the past, until I started using the budgeting tips I am sharing with you in this book. I’m going to show you how to assess your monthly income and expenses, and how to use that to create a budget that you can easily follow (and even tweak a bit if you need extra spending money). You will learn how to create long term and short term financial goals in order to get out of the cycle of overspending which will result in a growing savings or investment account. So if you’re ready to ensure that you and your family will have a healthy financial future, let’s get started today.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Classifying Your Expenses
  • Recording Your Income
  • Analyzing Your Current Financial Data
  • Making Adjustments in Planning Your Budget
  • Much, much more!

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Best Amazon Kindle Niches: Step By Step Methods To Find The Most Profitable Niches For Kindle

by Ken McLinton

I am a successful kindle publisher, making a quite decent passive income from it. Would you like to do the same?

Knowing what niche to publish in is absolutely essential to obtain a high profit from your books

This ebook will teach you exactly what to do to research niches and find a profitable one. Tools such as Google Keyword Manager will be explained.


This ebook is aimed at anybody who is interested in making serious money from kindle publishing. It is an incredibly valuable tool for beginners but also for more advanced publishers who would like to improve their knowledge.


  • Introduction
  • Brainstorming Your Idea
  • Using Google Keyword Tools
  • Analyzing Amazon
  • Studying Interested Forums
  • Conclusion
  • Niches List

Don’t guess your niche: pick up this ebook and learn how to hit instead of miss!

Make Money Online Business Bundle (3-Book Bundle): Take Your Online Business to the Next Level and Start Making Money Now!

by Barb Asselin

Take your business to the next level and start making money online now!

The MAKE MONEY ONLINE BUSINESS BUNDLE includes three separate books for building your online business, including:

– Top 5 Ways to Make Over $2,000 Online This Month: A No-Nonsense, Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Online Income Now (51 pages)

– Write a Kindle Bestseller: How to Write, Format, Publish, and Market a Kindle Bestseller (80 pages), and

– Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Online Business? New Business Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them (67 pages)

Do you love the idea of generating an income online, but don’t know how to get started?

Have you been lured into buying various books and programs that promise to make you a millionaire, but it never happened?

Would you like to earn some extra money every month and are not afraid to do some work for it?

Well, this book is for you. There are no promises of million-dollar-paychecks-while-you-do-nothing in this book. What you WILL find, though, are five valid, realistic ways to generate a solid income every month online. You will be required to take action and do work, but then you WILL be able to reap the rewards.

You will find:

– 5 valid ways to make money starting today

– Detailed information on writing and publishing a kindle book (1 of the 5 ways discussed in the first book), and

– Important and commonly made mistakes you can avoid in creating your online business.

Ready to propel your online business to the next level? Scroll up to download now and let’s get startedâ?¦

How to Wholesale Properties No Money Down: Complete Business System

by Eric West

In this book readers will learn exactly how to wholesale properties using no money of their own. If you can use a computer, phone and a calculator you can wholesale properties. I will take my readers through the entire process of exactly how to start a business wholesaling properties with no money down. You will learn how to find the best deals using a strategic marketing system that will work for you 24/7 and give you the ability to cherry pick the very best deals along with traditional methods to finding profitable deals. You will learn how to assign contracts and flip Foreclosed properties using trans-actional / flash funding funding. I will give you an entire business system and go into deep detail of exactly how to close deals and streamline your business. This isn’t a get rich quick business, it takes effort on your part but I promise you that once you are done reading this book you will know exactly how make money wholesaling properties on a large or small scale.

The 8 HOUR AUTHOR – How To Take Your Book Idea From Concept To Complete In Less Than One Day (PUBLISHERS PLATNUM PICK 2)



Meanwhile check out HOW TO WRITE 30 BOOKS in 30 DAYS – also by DAN HOWE

BUSINESS AUTOMATION GUIDE – Automate The 8 Biggest Time Wasters In Your Business

by Michael Pease


BUSINESS AUTOMATION GUIDE : A Complete Business Automation Course includes Worksheets and the Most Popular Automation Tools


Are you sometimes envious of those persons who take vacations and do not worry about their business that smoothly run on autopilot? If we all had the possibility of doing only the pleasant part of our business and spent only minimal time on the rest, it would be great. You may think these people don’t tell the truth about how much time they really spend working or that they have a huge team all over the world working for them. The truth is: Their solution is a combination of outsourcing and automation. And this is a real option for everyone. You only have to follow three magic rules:

1. If you can automate a task, automate it!

2. If you can not automate a taks, outsource it!

3. If you can not outsource it, decide if it is an important task which have to be done.

What is left are the core value-added parts of your company that you or a member of your team have to do. This Business Automation Guide teachs you all the elements of your business, which can be automated. They include:

  • Website Creation and Website Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales Funnel
  • Email tasks
  • Social Media Tasks
  • Testing and Analytics
  • Website Maintenance
  • Business Payments

Additional you will get a list of the most popular tools to automate various processes as well as business automation worksheets to start with the automation of your business. So, kill the 8 biggest time wasters in your business and get enough time for the important things!

Time To Start!

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