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Linux: Learn Linux FAST: Including All Essential Command Lines. The Beginners Choice for the Linux System (Linux, Linux For Beginners)

by Simon Bedford

Linux 101


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All The Information You Will Need

This book has all the information you will need to know about the Linux operating system as a newbie or an expert computer user that is new to Linux.

There are so many operating systems in use all over the world today and Linux is just one of them. The main difference is that Linux benefits the user more than what the user gets from all the other operating systems. This book gives you details pertaining to all these benefits and many more.

As a beginner, you may not know anything about Linux or even how to get started in the use of the best OS we have in the market so far.

A Small Preview…

  • – Learn what Linux is in brief and its history – how it came about and how long it has been here. How the operating system has been doing over time and how it has been developed to suit the needs of users
  • Learn about Linux in detail; what it is, what it comprises of and what you benefit as a user. This explains in detail the different parts that make up Linux operating system
  • – Learn about the reasons why you need to switch to Linux if you are still using other failing operating systems
  • Learn different versions or distributions of Linux in detail so as to understand better the version that best suits you
  • – Learn about how to install Linux.
  • Learn about how to get started in the use of the operating system
  • – Learn about how to install a software when you are using Linux
  • Learn the important command Lines that Linux users must know.
  • Much Much More
  • This book is here to give you real reasons why Linux is offering an actual alternative to all the other operating systems.

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Games vs. Hardware. The History of PC Video Games. The 80’s (reduced content edition)

by Purcaru Ion Bogdan

My two biggest passions concerning computers are hardware and gaming. I wrote this book because I don’t want that important pieces of history regarding computer hardware, games and, in a smaller amount the 80’s operating systems to be forgotten and lost. I want everyone to appreciate the hardware and software industry and especially the people behind them as they worked many days and nights to deliver us fast and advanced computers and entertaining and complex games.

The book is as detailed as possible that is why it is so big; I did an extensive research of video games and hardware in the 80’s (all platforms, not only IBM PC) so I don’t miss anything important and because visuals are important the book contains more than 400 pictures of hardware and video games from the 80’s.

This reduced content edition has all the content from the original book save for the first two introductory chapters and has a smaller number of pictures (most of them from competing platforms) in order to reduce the book size and price. If you want to pay less and you are only interested in MS-DOS based gaming this version is preferable, otherwise I recommend the larger in size variant.

This version is also neat if you want to see more of the content of the first book (without reduced content) as the initial sample is from different chapters.

Cloud of Lies

by Scott Hilsen

A Collision Between Privacy and National Security! Cirrus Corporation is a hot new cloud computing company that also is covertly running a top secret operation for the Defense Intelligence Agency called Project Ferret, which electronically scours private data in “the cloud” to root out terrorists. When a mysterious person called The Truth accuses Cirrus of financial fraud, the company hires Ryan Thorne, a corporate spy with a checkered past, to conceal Project Ferret from an ambitious female lawyer who is investigating the fraud. But when Ryan discovers that the project is being manipulated for political blackmail, he has to decide whether to continue deceiving her or to expose the conspiracy. After a lifetime of lies, Ryan finally faces the truth as he testifies before a Senate Committee on Investigations, which is probing the historic conflict between the right to privacy and national security.

Monster Keywords For Affiliate Marketing: How To Find Cash Producing Keywords In 30 Minutes Or Less

by Red M

Inside you’ll learn how to:

– Find keywords in 30 minutes or less

– the T$% ___ technique that will make sure you don’t run out of keyword ideas ever

– The keyword research formula that actually makes money and targets pre-sold buyers – revealed inside

– and much more

Java 8: A Step by Step Guide For Beginners. FAST and SIMPLE Learning of JAVA Programming!

by Kevin Lyn.

Java 8 Programming

A Step by Step Guide For Beginners. FAST and SIMPLE Learning of JAVA Programming!

Java 8 is a very powerful programming language, and with it you can create impressive applications including the interface and also the functionality. Before the release of Java 8, Java. experts had been waiting for a long period of time for Lambda expressions, Functional interfaces, Stream API, and default methods, which were not provided in the previous releases of Java.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Requirements for Java 8 programming
  • Creating a Project and a Class
  • Lambda Expression in Java 8 programming
  • Uses of Lambda Expression in Java 8
  • Functional Programming in Java 8
  • Streams in Java 8
  • Predicates in Java 8

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Tags: java, java 8, java programming, java 8 programming, lambda expression in java, java programming for beginners.


by AJ McClintock


Are you tired of hearing about how everyone else is making money online?

Now You No Longer Have To! Author Aj McClintock has exploited a little known function in Youtube’s system and turned it into thousands of dollars of passive personal income, and he’s ready to teach his system to yo!.

Inside you’ll learn how to use his simple cut and paste system to scale up to literally any size income you wish! In addition to that you’ll learn other things as well such as:

  • How to grab top rank onb Google search pages WITHOUT SEO.
  • The ONE THING you ABSOLUTELY MUST do to assure your visitors find you.
  • how to create templates to automate your work.
  • How to create videos that work for you 24/7 to drive traffic- and profits!
  • Why and How to outsouce for even faster growth.
  • You’ll learn about the power of MULTIPLICITY and why it’s critical for gainiung real success.

And much, much more!

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10 Ways To Get 10,000 Visitors To Your Website In 30 Days

by Willie C

Inside you’ll learn

– the most powerful kind of traffic that turns your website into money making machine

– How using one of these traffic can give you almost unlimited traffic… more than you could ask for.

– the real secret on getting customers to buy

– and much much more

Hacking: Exploiting computer security with Aman

by Aman Kumar Jha

Cracking Gmail account:

– Dictionary attack

– Brute Force attack.

Man in the middle attack (MITM): Attacking https: Sniffing username with password

– Sniffing social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

– Sniffing shopping sites: EBay, Amazon, Rediff

– Sniffing mail services: Gmail, Yahoo mail,Outlook/Hotmail/Microsoft,Rediffmail

– Sniffing Corporate sector: Bank

Captured images of cracked https services

Search terms to find credentials in cracked https services

Accessing vulnerability database of Microsoft

Hidden boxes in the login pages of Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook

Kali linux,ARP poisoning,Sslstrip,Hydra

Port scanning,OS fingerprinting,Nmap,Nessus


Mac flooding,Changing IP address,Changing Mac address

Windows 10/8.1/8/7: User account password cracking

– Cain and Able

– Rainbow Crack

– Winrtgen

Ubuntu: Root account password cracking

Do you want to learn real hacking. This is the best book to go with.

Inside the Internet: A Journey across the Network

by Mike Antrobus

What is inside the Internet?

What is under the bonnet in the hidden world of the World Wide Web?

How does a message, sent from my PC or mobile phone, return to its origin after trans-versing the international connections of the Internet?

Is it safe?

How can the Internet let bad things happen?

Inside the Internet describes how your home computer, mobile phone or office network connects to the Internet to form a unique path across telephone exchanges, undersea communication cables and satellite links that make up the Internet in an easy to understand non-computer-nerdy way.

When surfing the Internet, you appear to have the whole of the Internet dedicated to you, an experience shared with millions of other Internet users worldwide – we explain how this conundrum occurs.

Along the way, we look at the history of communication at a distance from the days of the telegraph and the telephone to how anything and everything can be connected to the Internet of today.

Armed with a better understanding and a focussed view of the Internet, we can reap the benefits of the utopia of Internet applications while avoiding the perils and pitfalls that the Internet inherently presents and provide answers to the questions above and advice for a safer journey across the Internet.

Layman’s Guide to Running a Project: A Quick Guide to Future Project Managers (Layman’s Project Management Guides Book 4)

by Fareed Raja

Welcome to the volume 2 of the Layman’s Project Management Guides series. Whether you are about to start a brand new career in Project Management, or you are an existing project manager that is now looking to climb that corporate ladder. This series will teach you how to manage your projects effectively from beginning to end.

The term Project Management is so broad and can be applied to so many aspects of business that a lot of people get confused by it. But don’t worry, this book will break it down into bite-sized, relevant chunks that you can then take away and apply.

This series is not just your average “Project Management Guide”. It’s actually a fun read and you will enjoy this learning process more than those “other” guides. I promise!


Running a Project



Executing a Project

Fixed price

Time and materials

Cost plus


Understanding Team Dynamics

Forming – Stage 1

Storming – Stage 2

Norming – Stage 3

Performing – Stage 4

Managing Team Resources

Gathering Data

Evaluating Progress

Understanding Earned Value Analysis

Reporting On Progress

Understanding Financial Measures

Communicating Effectively

Running Meetings Effectively

Getting A Project Back On Track

Managing Change, Risk, & Quality

MBA Admissions: Pre-MBA Checklist: 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Applying to Any MBA Program

by Amanda Owens

Getting an MBA is one of the most important career decisions you can make. However, most people fail to ask themselves some very important questions before making this decision. The Pre-MBA Checklist gives insight on some of the factors you must consider before committing time, money and resources into any MBA program.


by Rich Williams


SEO Expert and Internet marketing authority – Rich Williams lays out a simple to follow menu of over 60 actionable ideas sure to generate the traffic you’ve been looking for.

Inside you’ll learn the same tactics the pros use to drag in thousands of targeted viewers from all corners of the globe:

    Filled with highly effective tricks & solutions you can use to boost your current website or blogs traffic.

  • Develop high quality unique content
  • Don’t Stop Adding Content
  • Get a memorable domain name
  • How to buy domain mistakes
  • Make your domain easy to read
  • Use keywords in your image files
  • Be serious about keyword research
  • Optimize your page titles
  • Achieving organic SEO
  • Directory submissions
  • Submitting to niche directories
  • Article marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Newsletter submissions
  • Submitting tips to forums
  • Using keywords in online profiles
  • One-way vs. reciprocal links
  • Inviting others to publish content on your site
  • Newsletter publications
  • Newsletter directories
  • Build traffic by publishing a mini-course
  • Testimonials
  • Become a forum authority
  • Post ads in free forums
  • Be helpful in discussion lists
  • Build keyword rich press releases
  • Create a lively community blog
  • RSS feeds
  • RSS to Email
  • Tending to broken links
  • Set up a podcast
  • Use reliable hosting
  • Maximize internal linking
  • Keep an eye out for new fads or go evergreen
  • Stay up with the latest affiliate programs
  • Analyze your logs
  • Join your local business Association
  • Add a forum to your site
  • Free reports and white papers
  • Produce brandable reports
  • Submit your e-book to directories
  • Become a columnist
  • Become a forum moderator
  • Use humor
  • Be outrageous or controversial
  • Tagging your blog
  • Newspaper websites
  • Upload and tag all your photos
  • Using gimmicks
  • Use “link bait”
  • Syndicate your material
  • Set yourself up as an expert
  • Build your profile
  • Use email captures from joint ventures
  • Consider off-line advertising
  • Post in Yahoo! Answers
  • EBay back links
  • AdSense back links
  • Participate in blogs
  • Make sticky content
  • Adding classified ads to your own site
  • Social networking
  • Cross-link your other websites
  • Where to go from here

And much, much more!

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