Free horror Kindle books for 06 May 15

ROMANCE: Meet the Parents (Alpha Male Werewolf ShapeShifter Paranormal Romance) (New Adult Shifter Romantic Comedy Short Stories)

by Sicily Duval

*SPICE* up your Kindle with this *STEAMY* and *SASSY* werewolf short story!

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Sexy Characters!

Jared is the classic all American man. His wife Elena is a hot blooded Italian firecracker.


It’s just after their honeymoon they’re about to travel out of the country and across the ocean to visit Elena’s parents in Italy.

Hilarious Comedy!

Jared can handle the prying questions from Elena’s mother, and on a good day he can even deal with the aggressive interrogations from her father.


But now, with the full moon readily approaching and the suspicions of his in-law’s peaked, can Jared continue to hide his supernatural side, and can they make it through their รข??relaxing’ vacation without managing to alert the public to Jared’s other half?

This book has it all! *FREE* download with Kindle Unlimited. You can start reading this sexy comedy now!

NOTE: This book contains adult themes and is meant for adult eyes only!

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