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Hard Times

by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens’s moral tale of utilitarian values run amok

The industrial burg of Coketown is dominated by the philosophy of utilitarianism. The mill is the center of commerce. Students in the school are instructed to recite rote facts and figures while repressing any creative instincts. Thomas Gradgrind, the school superintendent, is a strict devotee of practicality and has raised his children, Tom and Louisa, according to this philosophy. It is only Sissy Jupe, a circus girl taken in by the Gradgrinds, who possesses the vision and wonderment to see past the rigid boundaries of cold, hard facts.
A paean to the human spirit, Hard Times is among Dickens’s most cutting works of social commentary.
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by Momus

The devil has given Herr F eternal fame in exchange for his eternal soul. But Herr F, knowing that everything living forever is sooner or later screaming forever, is determined to squelch and squander this fame, return to obscurity, and die.

Herr F, the take of infamous musician and writer Momus on the Faust legend, is an experimental narrative about bargaining for immortality soaked in abstracted ideas of German-language literature, drawn mostly from English translations of twentieth-century figures like Brecht, Kafka, Rilke, Klee, Fassbinder, and Adorno. Behind the narrative is also, of course, Goethe and his (worked and reworked) Faust.

As the Megalodon Arrives

by John Danenbarger

A story of an intense psychological journey of human intrigue and ruin. When you are on the edge of a precipice, do you contemplate your life or are you stuck in one thought that makes you step over the edge?

A few comments from readers:

“A riveting tale.”

“Reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe.”

“Certainly drew me in throughout the story.”

“There is a flavor of The Twilight Zone and Hitchcock.”

“This story is a la Stephen King.”

“Very powerful ending.”


by Dave Cenker

Inspiration is stimulating. Combined with action, it becomes something much more compelling – inspiraction. These four short stories travel inside the thoughts that occupy our mind on a daily basis. Jump on board, catch a wave, & enjoy the ride.

“Rescue” – Whether our eyesight is as sharp as a hawk or as limited as mole rat, we all wear glasses. We perceive everything we see through the lens of our past experiences. This piece of flash fiction accentuates the importance of recognizing the limitations we sometimes impose upon our consciousness.

“Open Book” – Evan is a thinker, looking for a way to make sense of the world – around him, and perhaps more importantly, within him. When an undermining tactic at a business meeting leaves Evan seething with anger, he retreats to the only place that ever brings him solace – and much needed perspective.

“Little Things” – Aaron is the coach for his son’s little league baseball team. After an unlikely season, the group of twelve year old boys has found themselves in the title game, poised to hoist the championship trophy in celebration. Just one out away. Until. The present and the past blend into one as Aaron learns, along with his son, that most of the time, it’s the little things in life that make the most difference.

“Unspoken Voice” – The voices inside don’t always speak with as much conviction as the ones outside us. But, that doesn’t mean that they are any less important. Opening our eyes to the world around us allows us to see things in a different light. It’s often the unspoken voices that speak the clearest message.

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