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Marriage Help: The Most Effective Marriage Help & Revival Course – Recover From Divorce With Marriage Help, Rekindle Your Passionate Intimacy And Create … Your Marriage, Marriage Counseling Book 1)

by Mandy White

Fall In Love Again & Return To Your Initial Intimacy!

Change Your Husbands Views!

With every marriage comes difficult and tough times, but when you have gone so far beyond help and you believe your cannot return back to that happy marriage you once had: you know it’s time to change!

Couples are initially brought together through a passionate moment, intimate encounter or just heart-felt love for one another. After being together for a period of time and when the time presents itself they usually feel that it is right for Marriage.


Slowly, many couples will begin to drift apart as work, children and lifes other goals and aspirations seem to drive a wedge between them. They inevitably start to lose that passion they once felt!

Does this sound familiar?

I may just have the solution you were looking for!

By purchasing this book ‘The Most Effective Marriage Help & Revival Course’ you will uncover unguarded secrets to living and maintaining a healthy marriage and relighting the fire of your love life that has been dampened by this unrelenting problem. You will not only learn how recovering your marriage from the brink of divorce will benefit you and your partner but also, friends, family and even your children!

Here’s A Few Of The Topics You’ll Learn About

  • Looking Back Over Your Marriage So Far
  • Relationship Assessment
  • House and Children
  • Friends and In-Laws
  • Showing your Love
  • And Much More…

I’m Going To Take 100% Of The Risk For You With My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, You Cannot Go Wrong!

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Expert Advice for Gay and Lesbian Parents: Your Guide on How to be a Great Parent, Equipped Yourself with Great Parenting Skills

by Stacey Piantini

Discover proven steps and strategies on How To Be A Great Parent

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The truth is parenting does not have a gender, sexual orientation, or an economic class. People don’t make great parents because they happen to be biologically female, gay, or a multi-millionaire. You do not even need to be the biological parent in order for you to have parenting skills.

Has your ability as a parent ever been questioned because of your sexual orientation? Are your children struggling against prejudice just because you happen to be homosexual? Are you a gay or lesbian couple wanting to establish a family through adoption but are having doubts on your ability to raise children? This book takes you step by step on how to successfully overcome the stigma associated with being a homosexual parent.

Discover that great parenting is more about what you can do rather than who you are. You are about to acquire the effective skills and strategies that will enable you to easily resolve these common challenges that, not only you but also, millions of parents encounter.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Parenting Challenges for Same Sex Parents
  • Parenting Expectation
  • Great Parenting Skill#1
  • Great Parent Skill #2
  • Become a Great Parent
  • Much, much more!

Take action right away and overcome your struggles that arise from the sigma associated with being a homosexual parent by downloading this book “Expert Advice for Homosexual Parents”, FREE for a limited time only .

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Waiting: Ghazals

by Andrea McKenzie Raine

A collection of ghazals

Margay Stuck On The Tree(A Story About Facing Your Fears) (Margay’s Life Lesson Series Book 1)

by Rachell Morton

Margay Stuck on The Tree is a story written by 7th grader Rachell Morton. Rachell is an amazing author who’s written over 5 books at the early age of 13. “Margay Stuck on The Tree” is her first book released in the Margay series. This story teaches children to overcome their fears and adversities.

Mothers Can’t Be Everywhere, but God Is : A Liberating Look at Motherhood

by Alice Scott-Ferguson

This book will help Christian women be better mothers to their children; it will help mothers of all ages release their children – whether preschoolers or grown – to God, and find their own fulfillment first and foremost as women in Christ. Alice Scott-Ferguson, gifted with wit, wisdom, and a way with words, writes out of her passion to bring God’s liberating love and freedom to mothers. Her teaching can revolutionize the way mothers of all ages view their role and equip them for the ongoing, challenging experience of motherhood.

Good Parenting – Tips and Hints to Use in Raising Your Lovable Brats!

by Malcolm Rockwood

Be the Best Parent for Them!

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at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

In this book you’re about to discover how to be the best parent for your amazing and lovable brats.

It is said that when a child is born they have an infinite level of potential. The moment you hold them to your arms at birth is the moment they can be absolutely anything. Then the child rearing process, raising them, feeding them, and teaching them to understand the world around them.

You are their teacher, their best friend, their confidant, and the person they will go to for help, advice, and love for the rest of their lives. It’s an amazing feeling to be a parent with many pitfalls on the way as well as twice as many smiles.

But….how do you do it?!

In my book I lay it all out. There’s a huge difference between being your child’s friend and being your child’s parent. Sometimes it isn’t easy and any parent will tell you it’s hard to tell them no or to discipline them. In my book I give out all the facts you’ll need to be the best you can be for them that will give them the best chance at being successful.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The importance of Good Parenting
  • The Basic Needs
  • Show them the Love!
  • How to Be a Good Disciplinarian
  • Adapting your Parenting Based on your Child’s Development
  • Being a Good Role Model
  • And much, much more!

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