Free poetry Kindle books for 06 May 15

Poetry in Plain Sight (Sophrosyne Series Book 1)

by Lavinia Jackson

Poetry in Plain Sight is the first in a 7 book series, Sophrosyne, chronicling life through a variety of free verse poems. This first book highlights the journey to excellence and true self awareness that writing poetry brings the poet.This highly anticipated collection includes works previously seen on social media. Poetry is often right before the eyes. We just have to read it.

Quotes of Passion

by Robert R. Gibson

“How do I love thee? Let me count the waysâ?¦”; “A rose by any other name would smell as sweetâ?¦”; “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, O Romeoâ?¦”

These quotes are quite famous for any student of either literature or love. The first quote is from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the last two are from the great William Shakespeare himself.

Do you want to drop a morsel of sweetness into your lover’s ear? Do you want to ignite their passions with a well placed verse? This book achieves the same as the quotes above with snippets of longer poems written by Robert R Gibson, the PassionPoet, as well as small potent love verses called â??Wordshines.’

The term â??Wordshine’ was coined by the object of Robert’s affection while he was trying to court her by dropping a short freestyle poem into her electronic ear (he was using BlackBerry Messenger at the time) every morning, which was kept up for approximately three months. She said that it was like a burst of sunshine in her inbox using words, so she started calling them â??wordshines.’

Near the end of the first month, she asked if he was keeping the poems and storing them – which, prior to this, he had not. The joy of creating and having her smile was his only reward. However, at her insistence, he kept the next two months of work in a file. Some of them are now in this volume.

This book is a potent addition to the Cassanova’s arsenal. In it are droplets of literary gold that have been panned from the river of Passion’s words. The mix of snippets and wordshines comes together to form a gold mine of sensual and romantic treasure that will be valued for all time!

Past Tense (Rainbow of emotion Book 1)

by Karen Harding

This book has been compiled from poems I have written during some of the most upsetting and troubling times I have encountered personally, they are in no particular order apart from the last three or four, I vowed that if I managed to walk away from the last situation I would do my best to help others out of the same situation, and I know that some that were in my situation have gone on to counseling therapies because they too know the subject matter only too well.

Impetus: Ghazals

by Andrea McKenzie Raine

This chapbook of ghazals explores the struggle to reconcile life’s duties and artistic pursuits; to essentially stop the proverbial wheel and carve out valued time for indulging in our soul’s work, or simply being. Our bodies can become drones or cages, often feeling constricted or boxed in, searching for a small space to forge a different way, a porthole or exit point; to spread quiet, burning wings.


by laura kearney

A journal of self discovery

On the road less travelled

Through my own personal feelings and perceptions

With a sense of rawness biting through it’s core 

New Place

by B W

This collection of poetry is a bundle of memories written in diary format.

Reyna has lived in the same city for her entire life, and it hasn’t been at all boring. She has everything she could ever want: friends, memories, favorite places to hang why would she want to move with her family the summer after her freshman year of college? Moving to the island changes some things, but not the things she expected.

Playing Games with the HI Virus (Coloured Interior): A Collection of Poems

by Biodun Adepetu

This book is a collection of the author’s thoughts about the humanity-endangering disease, the HI Virus (HIV), which is generally believed to be the cause of the Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome, (AIDS).

The poems are presented in terms of everyday experiences, and issues with which the general public can easily relate.

It makes use of easy-to-understand words to bring home the reality of the disease, and the need to take precautions.

It goes beyond playing games and politics. It goes beyond the belief that it is an intention to scare and discourage young people from having intimate sexual relationships before marriage.

Spread the word, not the disease.

Kingdom Seedlings

by Biodun Adepetu

This book is a collection of poems for children and the young-at-heart.

The poems are presented in terms of everyday experiences, and issues with which children can easily relate.

It makes use of easy-to-understand words. It also provides an explanation of a few not so common words and idioms.

It also brings children to understand, obey, love, respect, and to learn to trust God.

This book will teach your child to have a balanced view of life and grow to be a responsible adult.

Consumed By Darkness (Chains Of Oppression Book 1)

by Brandon DiLeva

Become immersed in a world where hope lies distant and dormant. Denied a chance at true happiness, Brandon takes us through his dark past and recent future with detailed poems meant to draw the attention of all ages.

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