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by Roger K. Daneth

This book describes an easier kind of arithmetic that allows faster mental math calculations for addition, subtraction, division, and finding square roots than does the traditional grade school arithmetic. This book is suitable for adults, young people, and students learning arithmetic in school. Practicing this kind of arithmetic will help you to make quick calculations for everyday problems, and it should help to improve your memory and brain function.

50 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier: 50 Amazing Ways to Get through an Average Life

by David Batterson

Life Hacks – Amazing Ways to Get through an Average Life

What is a Life Hack?

A life hack is a simple task or procedure that can actually make life a little easier or much more manageable.

I’ve been observing life hacks for years now. I see them everywhere. But I didn’t really begin to see them until I started actually looking for them to either take place before my eyes, or to somehow materialize magically in my mind. A life hack should be something you welcome, something you want to learn. It should also be something you practice and pass along to help someone else. It’s just the right thing to do.

This is an informative, entertaining and humorous approach at spicing up the little things in your life.

My 2nd Joke Book: Full Color Illustrations (Frozen Books Book 3)

by Ella Dahl

This book is the follow up to the best selling (kindergarden) My first joke book.

These books were created to encourage young children to read aloud. The more

you laugh, the more confident children become. Like the first book, thid book

is also fully illustrated in color.

Surviving Pharmacy School: Rules for new students

by Ayemoba Braimah

Pharmacy school is difficult. These are simple rules to help you succeed in pharmacy school.

365 Days Math Division Series: 2 Digit Dividends, 2 Digit Divisors, Daily Practice Workbook To Improve Mathematics Skills: Maths Worksheets

by Kapoo Stem

Daily Math Division Practice 365 Worksheets

This e-book contains several division worksheets for practice with one dividend of 2 digits and one divisor of 2 digits for long division. These maths problems are provided to improve the mathematics skills by frequent practicing of the worksheets provided.

There is nothing more effective than a pencil and paper for practicing some math skills. These math worksheets are ideal for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers. This ebook allows you to take print outs of these worksheets instantly or you can save them for later use.

Teachers and home schoolers use the maths worksheets to test and measure the child’s mastery of basic math skills. These math drill sheets can save you precious planning time when homeschooling as you can use these work sheets to give extra practice of essential math skills. Parents use these mathematic worksheets for their kids homework practice too.

You can use the worksheets during the summer to get your children ready for the upcoming school term. Designed for after school study and self study, it is also used by homeschoolers, special needs and gifted kids to add to the learning experience in positive ways. It helps your child excel in school as well as in building good study habits. If a workbook or mathematic textbook is not allowing for much basic practice, these sheets give you the flexibility to follow the practice that your student needs for a curriculum.

These worksheets are not designed to be grade specific for students, rather depend on how much practice they’ve had at the skill in the past and how the curriculum in your school is organized. Kids work at their own level and their own pace through these activities. The learner can practice one worksheet a day, one per week, two per week or can follow any consistent pattern. Make best use of your judgement.


SWB Children’s publishing branch specializing in helping your very special child learn. These books increase cognitive development as your child’s ability to learn and solve problems improves with reading.

This amazing first number and picture book helps your child learn his/her numbers. It is filled with photographs and large, easy-to-read text. This book starts to help your child build the platform for continued growth and development.


This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage without express written permission from the publisher.

Written by Ashley E. Stephens

Copyright @ 2014 by SWB Publisher

All rights reserved.

Let’s Talk Poultry!: Understanding and Cooking Your Poultry (Let’s Talk!)

by 10 Min. Chef

This book is intended to help you in your kitchen. Understand and handle your poultry a whole lot better.

Practical Analysis Handbook

by Matt Mow

Handbook from ATD TK2015 Practical Analysis presentation

The Wonderful Adventures of Ben and Lyndsey: Your Feelings Volume # 2

SWB publishing specializing in helping your special child learn from “The Wonderful Adventures of Ben and Lyndsey”. They are dedicated to helping each child grow and develop, and giving them an advanced start on childhood.

This book # 2 in the series of “The Wonderful Adventures of Ben and Lyndsey Ben”. Today’s adventure started late in the afternoon during Lyndsey’s second birthday party. In our house it is important to acknowledge birthdays as a passage of growth and development. Of course if you asked my wife she might not agree to the significance of the birthday.

For the new parent, the second birthday is very special. At two years old the blossoming language skills that prompt many “why,” “what” and “how” questions.

Maryjane- Journey of Marijuana.

by tushant chakravarty

Maryjane- Journey of marijuana.

This story is about Marijuana. Its Pros, Cons, profits and many other things.

In this book many Myths of marijuana has been disclosed and benifits of medical marijuana.

Contents Of Book.

1.) How Maryjane Became illegal?

2.) Is Marijuana safe?

3.) Pros of Marijuana.

4.) Cons of Marijuana.

5.) Myths About Marijuana.

6.) Medical Marijuana- Myths And realities.

7.) 42.0 Facts about Marijuana.

8.) Small Look At profits Of legalization.

9.) What’s Hemp?

10.) Hemp& marijuana- The difference.

11.) Hemp Facts.

Self Discipline: No More Excuses!: How To Gain Willpower And Self-Control (Goals,Discipline,Your Ideal Life, Personal Development Series 3)

by Michele Gilbert

What Do You Want Your Ideal Life To Look Like?

It’s easy to understand why some of us have come to regard the idea of “self-discipline” as something unpleasant, as a way of denying ourselves or by beating ourselves up physically with our demanding exercise regimens, with negative self-talk,or by continuing to deprive ourselves of something we need or love.

Fortunately, this has nothing to do with the practice of real self-discipline.

Download “Self Discipline: No More Excuses! How To Gain Willpower And Self-Control”>/h2>

Learning to develop self-discipline is an amazing skill that everyone should consider. It’s an important and very useful part of a life well lived. It’s essential in every facet of your life, and even though people will acknowledge and agree with its importance, very few will do something to strengthen or act on it


***My Free Gift To You!***

  • Why Self-Disciple Is So Important
  • Describe Your Ideal Life And Then Go Out And Get It.
  • Self-Discipline And The Wealthiest People In The World
  • Self-Disciple And A Healthy Lifestyle
  • >li>Self-Discipline and Self-Discovery

  • 10 Ways To Help Develop Willpower
  • Quotes To Help Keep You Motivated

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Speed Reading Box Set: Learn the Truth about Speed Reading! Top 10 Ways on How to Read 300% Faster in Less Than 30 Minutes (Speed Reading, Speed Reading books, speed reading techniques)

by Carrie Walsh

Speed Reading Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Speed Reading: Top 10 Ways on How to Read 300% Faster in Less Than 30 Minutes

In today’s society it can be difficult to find the time to sit and read a full book. Or perhaps you are studying for an assignment, exam or presentation and you have so much information to get through it can be daunting.

But what if you could read a lot faster? Imagine if you could learn the techniques to not only increase the speed of your reading, but also help you determine what information you need to know.

There are many different methods of speed-reading, and most of the time it involves a few simple exercises and practice. Did you know that the United States Navy used one of these methods during World War II? Yes, speed-reading has been around for that long, and continues to be developed.

This book can show you how to use many different techniques to increase your speed, and there is even a chapter on the different types of software you can now get to increase your reading speed and comprehension. They are not difficult to do, are easy to remember, and once you have mastered them, and reading will begin to take you no time at all.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Skimming and scanning
  • Eye movements
  • Regression and back skipping
  • Software and apps
  • Tachistoscopes
  • Subvocalizing
  • Retraining the eye

BOOK #2: Speed Reading: Learn the Truth about Speed Reading! It Is Possible to Read Two or Three Times Faster

Reading at a faster speed improves your reading experience. The book provides information on the tactics or strategies that one can implement to enhance their ability to read at much faster speeds. People often obtain secondary thoughts when they hear the word รข??speed reading’. However, the ability not just improves the speed at which a person finishes reading, but also gains a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Speed reading method includes eliminating subvocalization and chunking. Psychologists concluded that with training, an average person increases the possibility to absorb the essential essence of their read. Evelyn Wood, a primary teacher, committed herself to the research and carried out several research programs to understand why a few people possessed the natural ability to read faster. In 1958, while brushing pages of a book, she discovered that the sweeping motion of the hand caught the attention of the eyes and helped in moving smoothly across the pages.

Similarly, attaining speed-reading has a number of methods and strategies that benefit many people in different fields. The eBook provides useful insight into the truth behind it and the possibility to improve the speed by two or three times.

The eBook covers the following topics:

  • Understanding speed-reading
  • Improving the speed
  • Acquiring knowledge on beginning the process and continuing it without turning back
  • Fine tuning the speed
  • Material management
  • Avoiding mistakes and eliminating habits

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Theo, Skylar, Rylee, and Owen Study Shapes

by Janet Staples

Studying shapes for Pre-K tp 1st. Large print with colorful pictures.

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