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by Tamer Elsayed

Inadmissibleâ??featured in Science Magazineâ??chronicles the unlikely story of a young Egyptian who emigrated to the U.S. in pursuit of the American dream, and how his one mistakeâ??claiming to be a U.S. citizen in order to qualify for federal student loansâ??landed him behind bars along with some of America’s most notorious offenders, and slated him for immediate deportation upon the end of his prison term.

Five years later, however, the Egyptian student would earn his PhD from one of the finest scientific research universities in the U.S.â??Caltechâ??only to find himself, once again, on the wrong end of the American justice system. Only this time the separation from his American daughter would be forever, as he remains in the eyes of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Inadmissible.

The memoir chronicles the flaws in the American justice system that mark felons for a lifetime of discrimination, and immigration laws that rip apart families and leave the most vulnerableâ??the childrenâ??without parents.

It’s an account of innocence and youth; of persistence and heartbreak; of unsuspecting underdogs and egotistical overlords. But ultimately it’s the true tale of one man’s journey, lived through believing in himself and believing in the good hearts of the people who stuck by him.

Backseat Tragedies: Hot Car Deaths

by RJ Parker

When we hear about these cases of children forgotten in their car seats, left alone in the hot sun to die, our first reaction is to instinctively blame the parent or caregiver. We think, how could anyone forget about their own child for a moment, let alone hours? But the awful reality is that these tragedies happen to people from all walks of life. Many of the parents detailed in this book never thought such a thing could ever happen to them. They were wrong.

On average, thirty-seven U.S. children die each year after becoming trapped or forgotten in a hot vehicle. Between the years 1998 and 2014, 636 children perished inside a hot car in the United States. The numbers are staggering. The stories are heartbreaking. But what can we do about it?

In Backseat Tragedies: Hot Car Deaths, bestselling true crime authors RJ Parker and JJ Slate explore the circumstances that led to the deaths of over twenty children who died of hyperthermia, or heatstroke, in a car. They explore the science of how quickly a car can heat to deadly temperatures and why the human brain can so easily be tricked into forgetting something as important as a child. They also highlight important steps we can take as a community to prevent future casualties. Spreading awareness about the reality of hot car deaths is the first step toward eliminating these tragedies.


This is the second book RJ Parker and JJ Slate collaborated on. The first book is ‘Social Media Monsters: Internet Killers’

In March, 2015, JJ released ‘Till Death Do Us Part: True Stories of Newlywed Murders’

Most recently, RJ published ‘Marc Lepine: The Montreal Massacre’ and is currently working on ‘Missing Aboriginal Women of BC’, due for release in September, 2015.

Buster Keaton: The Persistence of Comedy

by Imogen Sara Smith

Buster Keaton was a master silent film comedian in the 1920s comparable to Charlie Chaplin. After 15 years, the advent of sound and his personal troubles with alcohol and interference from the studio caused the swift and sudden crash of his career and personal life. Recognized later by film historians and the public for his hilarious movies, Keaton continued to work until his death. In The Persistence of Comedy Imogen Sara Smith brings together all the historical research on Keaton and his films with a discerning, but loving eye and wonderfully readable prose. Illustrated with stills from Keaton’s classic movies.

Conan O’Brien: Best Memes, Jokes & Quotes in One

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Vote Lincoln! (Promotional Excerpt): The Presidential Campaign Biography of Abraham Lincoln, 1860

by Abraham Lincoln

**25-page PROMOTIONAL EXCERPT OF HARDCOVER/PAPERBACK** (Optimized for Kindle. For an alternative free excerpt on the web, Google “sites votelincoln.” Type “votelincoln” as one word.)

Lincoln for President!

Abraham Lincoln’s authorized biography was the most influential campaign book in American history. In 1860, it catapulted him to the White House and was secretly coauthored by the candidate with John Locke Scripps, a founder of the Chicago Tribune. Their book is discreetly Lincoln on Lincoln and often presents the candidate in remarkably modern terms. He defends his antiwar past; critiques the Supreme Court on civil liberties; supports big government programs; and favors American workers and industry over foreign-made products.

Nevertheless, Mr. Lincoln’s campaign biography is a unique product of his time, not ours. Within its pages, an eternal legend comes to life: From a troubled childhood of tragic loss and grinding poverty, a small boy rises to become a mighty crusader for justice. Beginning in his 20s, the adult Lincoln doggedly protests the enslavement of black people and endures a series of political defeats for it. Decades later, as the presidential contest of 1860 looms, he stuns the nation by warning that slavery for some Americans will soon threaten the freedom of all Americans.

Abraham Lincoln’s campaign biography ultimately inspired thousands of books about him. It remains among the best of the campaign genre, and an enduring moral beacon. This restored and expanded edition of Mr. Lincoln’s campaign biography annotates and explains the book in modern terms. It provides fresh insight into his heartbreaking childhood, as well as his career as a fearless moral crusader. Of great interest is a stunning campaign appearance before a potentially hostile crowd of 12,000 people. Mr. Lincoln not only survives the daring encounter, but brazenly defies incendiary race-baiting by his opponent.

This restored text is based on an 1860 edition at the Library of Congress and is a valuable contribution to Lincoln literature. It is exceptionally well illustrated with over 75 rare campaign photos, engravings, and other images. General readers and scholars will find it fascinating. This much awaited book restores the Lincoln story as HE wanted it to be told.

Former presidential advisor David W. Bradford explains this classic in modern terms. This is a must-read, originally crafted in part by a great ghostwriter–Abraham Lincoln.

**Promotional excerpt includes a publisher’s review, and approximately 25 snapshots of actual pages. Pages integrate text, photos, and commentary in a newsmagazine style. At present the full book is published only in hardcover and paperback, due to technical limitations. Available on

What people have said about the original, Lincoln campaign book:

“most authoritative and influential” — New York Times

“a charming readable story having documents and dignity” –Carl Sandburg, Pulitzer Prize historian

“of greater lasting merit” — David Herbert Donald, Pulitzer Prize historian, Harvard University

Awards and Honors for the Restored Edition:

Added to the Permanent Collection, Library of Congress

Editor’s Choice Award — Independent Publisher Magazine

“Highest Possible Recommendation” –Midwest Book Review

Illustrations are printed in digital grayscale on creme-tone acid-free paper.

My Friend Theodore Roosevelt: His Life and Death (Publisher Recommended Background Book for PBS Series)

by Senator Henry Cabot Lodge

–PUBLISHER RECOMMENDED BACKGROUND BOOK FOR THE PBS SERIES –“My Friend Theodore Roosevelt: His Life and Death” is a brilliant and concise remembrance of one of America’s greatest presidents. This modern edition has new explanatory material, and is an excellent introduction to Theodore Roosevelt for those watching the PBS series, “The Roosevelts.” The main text was originally delivered as a formal speech by the prominent U.S. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (R., Mass.) before a joint session of Congress after ex-President Roosevelt (TR) died unexpectedly of a heart attack. TR had widely been seen as the front-runner to retake the White House in the then upcoming 1920 election.

Senator Lodge was a close personal friend of the former president.  Like TR, Senator Lodge was a bestselling author; a prominent politician; and belonged to a prestigious family from the colonial era.


Senator Lodge spoke in a dark winter of deep national mourning. At death, Theodore Roosevelt was still a robust 59. Tens of thousands of other Americans, including TR’s youngest son, died in the just completed First World War.

TR’s passing crystallized a loss of innocence, and the end of the Romantic Age. His friend Lodge delivers a passionate remembrance that is heartfelt, robust, poetic, and ever so romantic.  In short, the speech captures all that was Theodore Roosevelt.

Boston Hill Press is pleased to present this Modern Revised Edition. Features of this edition include:

-New explanatory note and concise biography of Theodore Roosevelt;

-Interactive table of contents, allowing point and click access;

-Annotation with historic explanations and clarifications;

-Historic illustrations from the Library of Congress, using albums of the Roosevelt family. On select Kindle devices, images may be enlarged by tapping twice. Please feel free to download a sample from this webpage. Some images are in color or tinted.*

-Superior formatting of text for improved readability;

-Full Kindle navigational controls, e.g., word search, indexing, etc.

Boston Hill Press is a premier publisher of quality books in history, including the award-winning TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE, and VOTE LINCOLN: THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN BIOGRAPHY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

Boston Hill Press is an independent publisher, and congratulates Ken Burns for his new PBS TV series, THE ROOSEVELTS.

*Color display requires e-reader device capable of color. Grayscale devices may still display images as grayscale.

The Inspirational Life Story of Ellen DeGeneres: Well Loved Comedienne and LGBT Advocate (Inspirational Life Stories by Gregory Watson Book 13)

by Gregory Watson

Inspiration form the woman that makes us all laugh

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Ellen DeGeneres is one of those rare comedian’s that can be enjoied at any age. Adults love her cheeky commentary while kids can laugh at her loveable portrayal of “Dory” in Disney’s hit movie Finding Nemo. Like so many other stars, her beginnings were less than humorous.

Find out the impact that her parents’ divorce had on her life. Like so many other children of divorce she was affected beyond measure and the aftermath eventually led to something even more horrific while her mother battled breast cancer.

Read about how her struggles in school eventually led her to the passion and career that she has today. Find out more about the discrimination that nearly killed her career.

Here you’ll also find some of Ellen’s more inspirational quotes. From devastation and failure, she’s managed to keep her head up and come back even more successfully. We’ll share with you some of the important life lessons that everyone can take from her work and words.

Step into the life of Ellen DeGeneres. If you’ve ever wondered about her life and how she made it to where she is today, this book will take you on that journey.

Grab your copy today!

Comments From Other Readers

“I love Ellen’s life story. You have to fight for your dreams and never give up. In the animated film “Finding Nemo” she played Dory and kept repeating to herself “Just keep swimming”. This is so true in real life. As a gay man in America who came out shortly after she did I can relate to some of the issues that she faced. She’s really an inspiration! Great book, great read!” Alex – Colorado (US)

“I’ve always wanted to learn more about Ellen DeGeneres’s life, but it’s hard to find good info out there. The author does a great job outlining stories and advice directly from Ellen herself. I absolutely love this book. I found out so many interesting things about Ellen that I didn’t know before. This book provides an excellent snapshot into her life as well as inspirational quotes that’s she’s said over the years. I can understand why she is America’s Sweetheart.” Frankie – New Jersey (US)

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The Inspirational Life Story of Winston Churchill: A Closer Look at One of the Greatest Britons Ever (Inspirational Stories by Gregory Watson Book 19)

by Gregory Watson

Inspiration from a nation’s leader

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It is impossible to understand the Second World War without understanding Winston Churchill, the bold British Prime Minister who showed himself to be one of the greatest statesmen any nation has ever known.

Winston Churchill knew the power of words. He used these words to inspire hope and courage in others.

Travel with us through his life, his challenges and his triumphs, as he rose to become one of the most influential men, not only in England but also in the entire world.

Filled with fun and interesting facts, this book will give you insight into the man that he was, both publically and privately.

Find out what drove him to make unlikely alliances with another nation that others shunned for the good of the world.

Read more about his tumultuous political career and why he almost didn’t make it in politics.

Finally, learn about some of the ways that you can take the lessons from Churchhill’s life and apply them to your own in order to be more successful and confident.

Comments From Other Readers

“I love anything dealing with England. In my studies on the country, the name Winston Churchill is legendary. While I was looking for some quick information on him to do a report, I came across this book. I loved that not only did I get information on his life; I also got information about some of his inspirational words. It wasn’t too heavy of a book, as some biographies will take a while to go through, but gave me a start in the direction I needed to head in with my report. Really an excellent book!” Amber – Massachusetts (US)

“Winston Churchill has to be without compare, the major statesman in the 20th century. This book provides a wonderful review of his charismatic career and his historic speeches, particularly during the Second World War where his words may have perhaps changed a nation. He was truly an inspiration to all that have read his words. He makes me immensely proud to be British.” David – Manchester (UK)

Tags: Churchill, England, World War II, WWII, oration, speeches, statesmen, Parliament, inspiration

The Inspirational Life Story of Colonel Sanders: Face On The Finger Licking Good Chicken (Inspirational Life Stories by Gregory Watson Book 12)

by Gregory Watson

The story behind KFC’s Kentucky Colonel Sanders

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Colonel Sanders has become an icon of the popular chain restaurant known simply as KFC. We’ve seen his smiling face on signs, advertisements, and that oh so famous bucket of golden delicious chicken.

Who is the man behind the icon though? What do you really know about him?

Find out how Harland Sanders became the Kentucky Fried Chicken icon that he is today. From humble roots a world icon, follow the story of this crowned Kentucky Colonel.

Was he truly a military man? Find out the truth of his rank. Read more about his early struggles and failures. What might have knocked down a lesser man only fuelled Sanders. Learn about his role in starting the all-popular restaurant and how it almost didn’t happen.

Harland Sanders’ life was about much more than fried chicken. The man whose face became synonymous with “finger-lickin’ good” chicken used hard work and perseverance — not to mention a little luck along the way — to become recognized as Kentucky’s most famous citizen.

Comments From Other Readers

“The life of Colonel Sanders is really an inspiration. With little more than a 6th grade education he elevated himself above his humble and less than auspicious beginnings to become a world-renowned icon. From military service, to Law School, and finally one of the world’s most unknown and yet recognizable business men, Sanders led a life that would have beaten down a greater man only to rise above it all. This book takes you on a short journey through his life, giving a snapshot glimpse of the treasured American icon.” Charles – Wyoming (US).

“This is a great story Colonel Sanders writes about his very interesting life.

He was a sixth grade drop-out who later worked as a fireman, railroad worker, and lawyer among other things. His business sense was remarkable, he worked his way through the depression and seemingly never stood still long. I can really admire him. This book was well written and a quick read that will really fill in some of the blanks about who he was.” Samanta – Nebraska (US)

Tags: fast food, franchise, KFC, Kentucky, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harland Sanders, Colonel Sanders

Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us (The Travels to the Promise Book 1)

by D. Michele Jackson

A story told from a time in history when women were seeking and sometimes thrust into a new sense of independence. Before Donna was a woman, her walk started as a little girl who closely watched and learned from her mother. In an inspiring memoir, God is revealed through the life of a girl growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her mother, Carolyn V. Jackson. The story reveals God in each chapter of Donna’s life and on every page of the book. The trilogy begins here, an introduction of the writer. It’s the second book that will make her impossible to forget.

Against Ted Cruz: Three Things Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know! (Just Kidding) Or: A Polemic: Better That the Wounded Lizard Just Placed Into Your Left Shoe as a Gift From Your Blind Cat Win in 2016

by Kenneth Evans

Three Things Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know! (Just Kidding) Or: A Polemic: Better That the Wounded Lizard Just Placed Into Your Left Shoe as a Gift From Your Blind Cat Win in 2016 Than Mister Cruz, and Here Is Why.

Don’t Get Me Started, We’ll Be Here All Day: (further adventures of a confused middle aged teenager)

by Alex Cotton

Alex is back and this time she’s mad!

Now a middle aged teenager she is still trying to cope with life while at the same time dealing with the things that drive her nuts on a daily basis.

Join her on a trip through her top twenty rants, from a snoring husband to a deaf incontinent bulldog, mammograms, mothers, menopause and more.

She’s still confused, but now she’s angry too!

“My husband said he didn’t mind waking up to a pair of boobs, just as long as they weren’t his”.

“Everyone agreed, my finger resembled a penis”.

“We still remind my niece about the time she killed our next door neighbour”

From the author of the “Confused Sixties and Seventies Childhood”.

The Inspirational Life Story of Wilbur and Orville Wright: The Brothers who Gave Wings to Mankind (Inspirational Life Stories by Gregory Watson Book 20)

by Gregory Watson

Take flight with the inspirational story of success – the Wright Brothers

***Get this Amazon Best Seller now for the special promotion price of $2.99! Regularly priced at $4.99***

On a winter day in 1903, in North Carolina, two brothers from Ohio changed history. Met with scorn, criticisim, and disbelief, these brothers did something that few would believe could be done, the first heavier-than-air, powered machine carrying a pilot had taken flight.

Who were these men and how was it that they achieved what they did?

They were more than a couple of high school dropout Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success. They were men of exceptional courage and determination, of far-ranging intellectual interests and ceaseless curiosity. Find out what inspired them to seek the skies at a young age.

Through trial and error they worked together to build what would become a common mode of transportation, the airplane. From gliders, disasters, and mechanical problems, rose the most extraordinary machine built through the creativity and ingenuity of two men who wanted to touch the sky.

They risked injury and death in their quest for the sky. Working together though they made this dream a reality, allowing for millions of people every day to take to the air in machines that others could have only dreamed of.

Find out about their early struggles and how their perseverance allowed them to overcome all obstacles. Read about their legal battle to keep other’s from stealing their designs and the about the military contract lost in the shuffle.

From humble beginnings to the pages of history, these men changed the way we will see the world forever. Join us in exploring their lives and accomplishments.

Comments From Other Readers

“While many people know the collective name of the Wright Brothers, they may not be aware of the full story. This book is a concise chronical of their lives and accomplishments. They were men of a different era in which exploration and a spirit of invention was embraced and yet they still struggled to get others to buy in on their idea. Luckily, they took off without it or the portrait of transportation that we know today might be much different. Filled with facts and pictures, this book is an excellent choice for those looking for more information on these famous brothers” Kelli – Ohio (US)

“I’ve been on an airplane many times but I never really knew much about how they worked or where the designs came from. When researching a history project, I came across this book. It was just what I needed! I’ve heard of the Wright Brothers before but I didn’t know what they did or that their contribution was so essential to today’s planes. This was a great book that helped me just the information I needed!” Joseph – Utah (US)

Tags: avionics, Ohio, Kitty Hawk, Orville, Wilber, Wright Brother’s, first flight, Kill Devil Hill, flying, airplane, glider

A Woman In Love

by Elizabeth Stall

The promise was that if we followed all the rules and remained virgins until we married, everything would magically work out. But the church was wrong. This is the true story of a woman’s sexual development from her first kiss as a child to her failed marriage to her experience of the great sex that comes from great love. She follows the rules and then breaks them all. She desires her lover like a lion pacing restlessly in a cage. She is filled with creativity and energy and unlimited possibility. This is what it’s like to be a woman in love.

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