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Return of the Outlaw

by C.M. Curtis

#1 Bestseller

“As the Indian slipped past one of the horses, he abruptly stopped and for an instant his attention was distracted. He heard a small sound and spun around. Directly in front of him loomed a dark figure and for the tiniest instant he looked into a pair of eyes–and in those eyes he saw hell. Then, the razor-sharp steel of Lopez’ knife sent him there.”

They killed his friends, stole his ranch, and took from him the woman he loves. They branded him an outlaw, accusing him of the very crimes they committed. But they’re about to learn that taking everything away from him has turned this Civil War veteran into the most dangerous kind of man there is: The kind that has nothing left to lose. Jeff Havens has a fast gun and a long memory–and he’s back.

RETURN OF THE OUTLAW has sold thousands of copies worldwide, making it a #1 Bestseller, and readers have compared Curtis to the great western authors of old like Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Ernest Haycox, and Luke Short.

The Storyteller: A Collection of Short Stories

by Sadae Hayblum


Travel from the golden sands of Egypt to the misty islands of Japan and discover one women’s journey, through despair and self-awareness.Be there when an unlikely man enters her life and ignites a fire in her that is born of sand and ends forged in jade.

Love and War:

The coming of the Civil War makes for an uncertain future for three black women. Their lives and dignity are at stake as they fight for the right to live unmolested and free.


by Lara Reznik

A tender tale of coming-of-age meets baseball heroes. Who wouldn’t want to be in that kid’s cleats when two of sports’ greatest legends move in next door?

In the summer of 1961 a Little League player’s joy of making the All-Star team evaporates when his father, too busy with a girlfriend, misses his triumphant opening game, and his mother spirals into a bed-ridden depression. Then, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle move next door as they battle to break Babe Ruth’s home run record.

Based on historical facts, The M&M Boys explores the parallel lives of an embittered Maris and a self-destructive Mantle who live together incognito in a remote Queens apartment. Maris, a misplaced Midwesterner, gets booed by the Yankee fans who prefer Mantle, and the press pursue him mercilessly. Mantle, on the other hand, basks in New York fans approval, but a series of injuries destroy his hope of winning the competition. Marshall’s friendship unearths childhood memories for both men. What all three M&M Boys have in common is a good lesson in how to play the game of life, on and off the field.

The Spy in the City of Books

by Stephen O’Connor

The past has caught up with Martin LeBris. During World War II, he served the Office of Strategic Services as a spy and saboteur in Lyon, France. Nearly sixty years later, Lowell cop Gerry O’Neil is trying to unravel the mystery of why an assassin is stalking LeBris. The answer to that question lies buried in the dark days of Nazi Occupation, and in the unforgiving memory of The Spy in the City of Books.

When to Die is Gain (The Memoirs of Jason McIver Book 4)

by Hannah M. Kilpatrick

Jerry Thompson was dead.

That was all Agent Jason McIver knew when he began the case, and very little changed in the days following. That is, until he uncovers a strange telegram from his long-time rival, George Vandal, and finds it may be connected to a German-Mexican conspiracy. So he journeys South of the Border, leaving Sophia and Dr. Morgan to solve the case of Jerry Thompson.

Meanwhile, a war is raging in Europe, and several American ships are destroyed – yet, President Wilson remains neutral. But in Mexico, Jason and his partner, Robert Briggs, uncover a secret which may bring the western world into war . . .

The White Dove: The Brutality and Beauty of Love

The story begins in the Bosnian War where a young Roma woman is brutally raped and abused. Her journey through the Refugee camp system, romance and finding peace with God through the love of a friend changes not only her own life but sets in motion a movement that touches her generation.

White Knight

by Jude Chapman

Rich with romance, action, mystery, intrigue, and battles royale, this Special Sampler Edition of the White Knight Adventures features extended previews of the first 3 books of the series.

Opening in the year 1189 when King Henry II of England succumbs to overwhelming forces, the White Knight Adventures follow Richard the Lionheart as he ascends to the throne of England, releases his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine from her 16-year imprisonment, and confronts power struggles coming from all directions.

SWORD OF JUSTICEâ??the first book of the planned 8-book seriesâ??begins when Drake fitzAlan and his brother, having been dubbed knights by Richard at Winchester Cathedral, are lavishly fêted in a tournament on the grounds of their father’s castle. Before he’s had a chance to test his manhood, Drake finds himself branded murderer and outlaw. He must prove his innocence or lose everything he holds dear: home, inheritance, country, freedom, and his fiancée, the fair maiden Geneviève de Berneval.

CROWN OF THE REALM opens as the kings of England and France meet to make final preparations for the Third Crusade. When an assassin releases an arrow aimed at the hearts of one of those kings but the bolt strikes a lady-in-waiting instead, all fingers point toward Drake. Hunted down by loyal knights from France and England, Drake first makes haste to secure the safety of his loved ones and then returns to Nonancourt Castle, there to uncover the truth â?¦ if he can.

JEWEL OF THE EMPIRE follows King Richard and his loyal knights Drake and Stephen fitzAlan on their arduous sea voyage to the Holy Land only to have their travels interrupted by traitors, political foes, renegades, pirates, assassins, nature, and a bride-to-be who’s more than a match against any man present, king or not.

Get swept away by knights in shining armor, fair maidens, formidable foes, and chivalry at the edge of a blade!

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