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Minecraft: Diary of a Wimpy Villager (Book 5): (An unofficial Minecraft book)

by Cube Kid

What secrets do villages hold?

Come learn more of these mysterious robed people who normally say so little to outsiders. In this diary of a villager boy, you’ll catch a glimpse of their secretive lives and find out how they survive in their hostile world.

What’s behind the calm expressions? What mystical knowledge do they possess? You’ll never know by asking them. Dive into this book for the answer.

This is Book 5 of the Wimpy Villager seriesâ??a great series for gaming fans of all ages!

Don’t let them miss out!


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Childrens Book:Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist (Values book funny bedtime story collection)

by Leela Hope

Walter Wolf is like any other four year old. He hates going to the dentist! Except he’s never actually gone before. But he’s heard how scary it is, full of drills aiming for his canines.

Imagine his surprise when his Mommy lets him skip the dentist appointment. But there’s a catch–to protect his teeth, he can’t have any candy! Walter discovers there are far worse things than going to the dentist after all.

Walter Wolf Goes to the Dentist is a light and funny tale that will charm kids aged 3-7 while teaching them there’s nothing to fear about going to the dentist.

The Story of Sinbad the Voyager (Xist Classics)

Sinbad is a sailor who voyages through the magical seas meeting monsters and supernatural creatures. Read the classic story of Sinbad, a middle eastern folk tale that has deligted audiences for centuries.

Minecraft: The Super Mob Squad: Minecraft’s First Heroes (An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Series) (Minecraft, Minecraft Secret, Diary of a Wimpy Steve, … strategy, diary of a wimpy villager Book 1)

by Two Little Cowboys

Get Ready for the next Super Hero Team, in MINECRAFT!

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Things have been a little crazy lately. Zombies are disappearing lately and that’s got Punchy worried. You see Punchy is a bit of a curious Zombie that’s on the trail of something hot. It’s not just the Zombies going missing that’s got him worried, there’s Monsters Mobs all over the Minecraft world that are slowing starting to disappear. What’s a Zombie to do?

Punchy teams up with Bone the Spider Jockey, and Spinstress the Spider to solve this mystery and put an end to the strange happening. When the sun fails to rise one day, they know things are only going to get worse. There’s so many unanswered questions though.

Where are the mysterious slime blobs coming from?

Why are they being followed by a Creeper?

Who is the evil mastermind behind all of this?

Can you ever really trust an Enderman?

These questions and more will be answered in this action packed journey though the world of Minecraft. With characters based on some of the creatures in one of today’s most popular game (Minecraft), you’ll join Punchy and his team on the road to becoming the Minecraft Super Mob Squad!

Comments From Other Readers

“I am 10 years old and I downloaded this book on my kindle. It was amazing! Right away I was hooked. I could not put my kindle down! This book is literally the best book I have ever read in my entire life. Even if you did not know what minecraft is, it’s still a really awesome book and has lots of good stuff in it. Punchy is the best! Totally the best book ever!” – Joey (Georgia, USA)

“Anything that gets my kids to read is a good thing. I have twin 11 year olds that would rather watch the movie than read the book. I got this for them because I figured they could relate to the characters seeing, as they love to play Minecraft. It was well worth the money! The biggest problem that I had with this book is that they can’t wait to find out of Punchy and his friends have another adventure. They love superheroes and this was right in line with them. Think a kid friendly Avengers based in Minecraft. I love it! I’ll admit, I read it too. I found it entertaining. I’d highly recommend it!” – Mark (Manitoba, Canada)

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Memory Man: (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci | Summary & Analysis

by Book*Sense

Memory Man: (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci | Summary & Analysis

This is a Summary & Analysis of Memory Man. David Baldacci’s Memory Man is a crime novel to top all crime novels. Inundated with malicious conspiracy, murderous insanity, and enough dead ends – and dead bodies – to make the reader dizzy, Baldacci’s continuously twisting plot packs a punch on nearly every page. It is a thrilling crime novel that encompasses all the old clichés: it’s a page-turner, a book that can’t be put down, and it keeps the reader guessing until the end. Full of complexities, creativity, and drama, Baldacci has just upped the ante in the crime genre.

Police Detective Amos Decker’s life turns upside down one fateful night when he arrives home to find his family has been murdered. His grief takes him on a downward spiral as he walks away from his career and eventually winds up living on the streets, wallowing in self-pity. Knowing his beloved wife would have expected better from him, he finds the strength to rebuild his life a little at a time, going through the motions of productivity.

This companion to Memory Man also includes the following:

– Book Review

– Story Setting Analysis of Memory Man

– Story elements you may have missed as we decipher the novel

– Details of Characters & Key Character Analysis

– Summary of the text, with some analytical comments interspersed

– Thought Provoking /or Discussion Questions for Readers & Book Clubs

– Discussion & Analysis of Themes, Symbolsâ?¦

– And Much More!

This Analysis of David Baldacci’s Memory Man fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.

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