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The Intern

by Dale Wiley

It’s 1995. Things are going great for new Washington, DC intern Trent Norris. He’s out on his own, he’s found a fabulous woman to date, and if he doesn’t love his internship, he doesn’t hate it either. Life is nice.

But things can change in a moment in DC, and Trent finds himself the prime suspect in two murders and a slew of other crimes. Overnight he becomes the most wanted man in America.

Trent has to find a way — any way — out. He finds a way to hole up at The Watergate on a senator’s dime and enlists a comely call girl as his unwitting ally. But with the media eating him alive, he knows he doesn’t have long before they catch up with him. Can The Intern find his way out of this mess?

From tony clubs in Georgetown to Capitol Hill murders, The Intern has all the twists and turns of a classic DC thriller, with an added comic flair.

Mystery: Betrayal Mystery (A Dunmore Corp Thriller): (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery)

by S. C. King


Twenty-four year old Zoe Dunmore lives life of her own accord. When she is handed the reins of her father’s company, Dunmore Corporation, she finds herself taken with a young executive Aiden Butler. She had closed her heart to love for so long, but something about him stirs something within.

Unforeseen complications arise when Zoe later suspects Aiden to have embezzled from her company. In a bid to uncover the truth, the world as she knows it turns upside down with the tragic death of her father Steve Dunmore.

In the wake of her father’s death, Zoe finally learns about Aiden’s accident and family friend David Warner’s betrayal. Everything proves too overwhelming and Zoe has the urge to get away. With her trusted friend Mason available to guide the company, she does just that.

Mason sets out to discover just what company Steve was hoping to merge Dunmore Corp with and gets a surprise when he does.

Elsewhere, Warner continues to evade authorities while Agent Boon refuses to give up hope and remains determined in his pursuit.

Lucas Warner has a plan to win back Zoe’s affections. Since his father David is the one responsible for her pain, he will track his old man down and deliver him to the feds, but his loyalty will be tested as confronting his father takes an unexpected twist.

Aiden faces a difficult recovery as his head injuries have affected his memory and he confuses Steve Dunmore’s plane accident with the boat accident that took his parents’ lives. As the events of recent months grow clearer in his memory, he struggles with Zoe’s absence and to reconcile himself to how and why she left.

After a few months Zoe returns home to take over as president of her father’s company once and for all but in the process, she faces Aiden again and he is not so eager to forgive and forget the way Zoe left him after his accident.

Mason struggles with what he’s learned about his father’s role in the eagerly anticipated business merger but Zoe’s new friend, Amelia proves an unexpected source of advice – and distraction.

Amelia must adjust to a new country, a new job, and reconciling the plans she had for getting over her ex with the feelings she’s developing for someone new.

Mason and Amelia both urge Zoe to make things right with Aiden by helping uncover who is behind his accident. When Aiden agrees to assist Zoe in another investigation, will they be able to keep things professional or will their personal history get between them and the answers they seek?

Lucas sets out to find his mother to get answers and with vague and ill-conceived hopes of reuniting his family.

Zoe finds someone from her father’s past who might hold the key to tracking down and capturing David Warner, aka Allan Peters, but can she convince them to come forward at all?


â??Mystery: Betrayal Mystery (A Dunmore Corp Thriller)’ is a novel by mystery thriller suspense author S. C. King.


Near Death

by Glenn Cooper

#1 International Bestseller

New from the internationally bestselling thriller writer Glenn Cooper, whose books have sold more then 6 million copies worldwide, comes Near Death.

A brilliant neuroscientist, obsessed with death since his own childhood near death experience, resorts to drastic measures to prove the existence of the afterlife.

Milan, Italy today. It is the most serious crisis that the world has ever faced. Bewildered, young and old, believers and atheists are asking all the same, distressing questions: What will they do now that the greatest dream of humanity has turned into a nightmare? What will happen when the countdown clock winds to zero?

Boston, a few months before. It is the most complex investigation that Cyrus O’Malley has ever faced. The FBI special agent looks at photos of the victims for the umpteenth time and wonders why, after being strangled, the serial killer has drilled a tiny hole through their skull. For Cyrus, the case becomes an obsession. To solve it, he will be forced to give up everything he holds dear.

England, 1988. It is the most overwhelming feeling that Alex Weller has ever had. In ecstasy, at the pivot point between life and death, the boy sees a river of light flowing in front of him and on the other side there is his father, joyfully urging him to join him. But Alex cannot move, and suddenly he is back at the site of the terrible car accident that has just killed his parents.

Since that time, Alex has had only one goal: to understand and relive that experience. Even if he is forced to kill.

Glenn Cooper has a background in archaeology from Harvard and practiced medicine as an infectious diseases specialist. He was the CEO of a biotechnology company for almost twenty years, has written numerous screenplays and has produced three independent feature films. His novels have more then sold six million copies in thirty-one languages. He lives in Gilford, New Hampshire.


“Cooper is one of the best new writers of conspiracy thrillers.”

David Knights, Keighley News, UK

“Glenn Cooper proves once again to have beaten Dan Brown in the field of esoteric thrillers.”

Luca Crovi, Il Giornale

“Glenn Cooper’s writes a masterpiece of suspense.”

Peterborough Evening Telegraph, UK

Welcome to the Fallen Paradise: A Novel

by Dayne Sherman

10th Anniversary Edition of Award-Winning Welcome to the Fallen Paradise: A Novel By Dayne Sherman

Includes Reader’s Guide for Book Groups and Author Interview

Booklist Magazine’s “Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Country Noir” – Louisiana Pick, 2012

Baxter Parish, Louisiana, is a bloody place where family tradition is stronger than the law and pride more valuable than life. Thirty-year-old Jesse Tadlock returns home to Packwood Corners to claim his inheritance after a peaceful, if not dull, twelve-year Army hitch. With a steady job, a past love back in his life, and his own land, he thinks he’s outlasted the legacy of violence that has haunted his family.

But the morning after his first night in his new home in Mount Olive, a neighbor turns up at his door with a loaded rifle on his arm and a bloodthirsty pit bull in tow. Balem “Cotton” Moxley says he was born in this house and he’ll die there, or Jesse will.

With his Uncle Red pushing him to deal with the threat the old wayâ??meeting fist with blade, bullet with bombâ??at odds with his desire for a simple peace, Jesse must find a way to stand up and save his own, even if it means losing everything to the fires of pride.

Praise for Dayne Sherman and Welcome to the Fallen Paradise: A Novel

“This pitch-perfect debut novel, about a hard-luck place where blood feuds spring up natural as pit bulls after raw meat, will go down easier with fans of rural crime stories than a juicy pork steak steeped in red-eye gravy.”

–Booklist (May 2012 “Hard-Boiled Gazetteer to Country Noir” Winner & Starred Review)

“Backwoods violence and blood feuds are nothing new in Southern fiction, so it takes a strong writer to slug it out with in swamp and come back with a memorable story. Ponchatoula novelist Dayne Sherman is just such a writer, and Welcome to the Fallen Paradise, set in a fictional Baxter Parish, is just such an unforgettable bookâ?¦ utterly compelling.” –Times-Picayune (one of four “Best Debuts” in 2004)

“A very slick debut tale, colorful and taut, that takes us into a crazy world and, at the close, brings us out alive.” — Kirkus

“Sherman’s promising debut chronicles a young man’s thorny return to his Louisiana hometownâ?¦ Sherman brilliantly reunites a land with its own set of vicious rules with a native of that land who, as a changed man, simply wants peace. Weaving his way through a series of complex characters and a terrain fertilized with a proud but bloody history, Sherman tells a spirited and engaging tale.”

–Publishers Weekly

“Dayne Sherman’s exciting fiction takes us down a dusty Southern road to a place where both honor and ties of blood are more important than breath itself, and where even the religion is violent.”

–Tim Gautreaux, author of The Missing and The Clearing

“Dayne Sherman writes like I wish I could if I was still young enough to change.”

–Rick Bragg, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of All Over but the Shoutin’ and Ava’s Man

“Welcome to the Fallen Paradise reads like an amped-up, muscle-bound, southern morality tale of old. But Dayne Sherman has taken a classic story of family honor and revenge and given it just the right dash of modern swing. Fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with one memorable character after another, this is one page-turner that will remind you that the southern gothic is alive and well.”

–Inman Majors, author of Wonderdog and The Millionaires

“It’s hard to believe this is Dayne Sherman’s debut novel because rarely does one read a first offering written with such skill. Welcome to the Fallen Paradise is a marvelous tale, a page-turner, written with authenticity, without censure, or fear. I predict that we’re going to be reading the work of this brilliant new talent for a very long time.”

–Bev Marshall, author of Right As Rain and Hot Fudge Sundae Blues

Thief’s Odyssey

by John L. Monk

“It was a serious game, but it was still a game. Money was just a useful way of keeping score.”

Bo Mosley is an uncommon thief. At the age of sixteen, living in a foster home, he set a goal to become the world’s greatest cat burglar. To that end, he mastered safecracking, lock picking, and a variety of skills needed for high tech burglary. Now, eleven years down the crooked path, Bo heads to the Bahamas for his biggest heist yet. But when a tragic figure from his childhood turns up, Bo must choose between lifelong ambition and loyalty, between freedom and responsibility. He’ll need to choose fast, because the stakes have never been higher.

He’s not just playing for money anymore.

Interview with the Author

Q – Tell me a little bit about your thief, Bo Mosley. A bit of back story, specialties, etc.

A – Bo Mosley is a former foster kid, now 27 years old, who grew up idolizing famous thieves like Blane Nordhal and Bill Mason. Most kids look up to sports stars and astronauts or pop singers for their career aspirations, but not Bo. He grew up admiring how Mason and Nordhal and others thumbed their noses at square society, surviving by their wit, doing what they wanted. Despite all that, Bo isn’t a completely bad guy. He’s capable of love and is brave in defense of his friends.

Q – How realistic are the criminal activities featured in the book?

A – Research was a big deal for me because I wanted to give the reader crystal clear visibility into the life of a high-tech burglar. I wanted her/him to see just how technical cracking a safe could be: by using graph paper and knowledge of how the safe actually works, right down to the internals of the wheel pack. I fully expect some readers to want a story where the camera sits farther back. But there are enough stories like that out there, and yes, I love them too. This book was for the folks who want to sit right there with Bo as he realistically compromises email accounts, disables alarm systems with wire and cold solder, or shrugs off the extra minutes needed to “bump” his way past mushroom pins in a warded lock.

Q – If Bo Mosley could steal anything in the world, what would it be and why?

A – Bo doesn’t steal for greed, he steals for the challenge. So anything challenging that people value a great deal would do. And yet, he’s not the type that would want to steal the gold from Fort Knox. Not that he wouldn’t if he somehow devised a plan, of course. Bo’s interests, however, are turned more toward wealthy society: the fat cats, the celebrities, the people who wake up every day on the winning side of life. He’s turned stealing into a game, and the more players the better.

Q – What genres does Thief’s Odyssey fall into?

A – I tried my best to have the book fall solidly into “crime fiction,” whether in the “Action and Adventure” category or the “Mystery” category. That said, readers of other genres will enjoy the human story of a troubled man trying to fill his life with an unhealthy obsession (stealing) while staying true to his better nature.

(Courtesy of author Jillianne Hamilton)

Escape Clause (Bill Tasker Book 3)

by James O. Born

FDLE agent Bill Tasker’s boss is worried about the stress Tasker’s been under, but he has a solution. The governor wants somebody from the outside to take a look into an inmate homicide at Manatee Correctional Prison, and the boss figures he can do the state a favor and give Tasker a break at the same time. Some break. Turns out there’s a whole lot going on at Manatee. The prison captain likes to enforce discipline by fairly unorthodox methods. The psych ward has been known to misplace a mental patient occasionally. A trustee named Luther has far more on his mind than working in the prison library-though the rods holding up the shelves do make very nice shivs. The prison inspector is carrying a number of very uninspector-like secrets. And something very bad is about to happen to Tasker’s next-door neighbor.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, after all.

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