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Let Me Drown With Moses

by James Goldberg

The forty-nine poems in Let Me Drown With Moses are not for those who think of religion as another name for self-help.

They are for those who still believe in a God who wrestles. For those who think faith should challenge as much as it comforts. For those who would follow a prophet chest-deep into the Red Sea, even before the waters part.

Drawing on imagery from scripture and Mormon history, Let Me Drown With Moses gives voice to the spiritual longing of a people and does its own small part to keep religion a living language in the 21st century.

100 Notes From an Anonymous Crush

by Stephen F. Campbell

Imagine seeing someone for the first time online and falling in love with them. “100 Notes From an Anonymous Crush” is about a man’s desperate love for a woman he has only ever met online. It is 100 love inspired quotes that come from a place of deep love and longing.


by Chaz Yorick

Chaz Yorick once again releases what was trapped inside him. This is the 4th poetry book that he has squeezed out and it proves to be some of his most humorous paper yet. Exploding onto the page, Chaz tackles our most sensitive of issues with skills and tact ranging from a surgeon’s blade to a bull in a teashop.

Craters Humongous: Poetry Unleashed

by Alan Riehl

Several of my older poems along with song lyrics from my Uncle John and Riehl-isms. It’s me in my rawest form.

Loosely Collected: A Book of Poems

by Amanda L. Webster

Loosely Collected: A Book of Poems, is a loose collection of poems by author, Amanda L. Webster.

A Sample Poem from this Collection:


I wish I had less,

could pack everything I own

in the back of my car

at a moment’s notice,

blocking the rearview mirror

so there’s no looking back

as I drive away.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

I’ve never really considered myself a poet. My writing efforts are typically focused more on fiction. However, over the years, I have written the occasional poem here and there. I have collected these random poems in notebooks and computer folders for years. Recently, I decided I should round them up and publish them in case someone should decide they are worth reading.

I wrote some of these poems when I was a teenager; others while in my twenties. Most of those were free verse. In my thirties, I took a graduate-level course in writing poetry for children and young adults. That’s when I began to experiment with forms other than free verse.

I call this collection, “Loosely Collected,” as I am unsure that it really has an overall theme like most poetry collections usually do. These poems range from some that are childlike in nature and suited for a young audience to those that are more suited for an adult audience. I have arranged them so that the most childlike poems come first, with the rest of the collection “maturing” as you read through it.

Poetry from MisPlaced Places

by Steve Downes

A new collection of poems for 2015 from Irish contemporary Poet Steve Downes

author of:

The Pagan Field 1996

Cityscapes 2005

Urbania 2010

available as a E-book for a limited time only

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