Free romance Kindle books for 07 May 15

Rocky Ride (Thompson & Sons Book 1)

by Vivian Arend

From New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend, the first in a new series!!


He’s got a touch that’s hotter than hot

It took a hell of a lot of fast-talking and more than a few speeding tickets before Mitch Thompson convinced Constable Anna Coleman to take him for a ride. Only now that she’s loosened off her stiff RCMP uniform, it’s not nearly enough. Their secret sexual escapades are mind-blowing, but Mitch wants more than her bodyâ??he wants her heart.

Her world could go up in flames

It’s a dangerous road to walk, and Anna doesn’t know how far she can safely tread. Bad boy Mitch may have lured her wild side out to play, but giving in to their increasingly passionate desires could endanger her very civilized career. Somewhere between yearning and obsession there has to be a balance point.

Or they’re both going to get burned.

Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2)

by Erica Stevens

***The first book in this series, Captured, is Free!***

Edited by Leslie Mitchell at G2 Freelance Editing and re-released 3/14/13.

Though she is free of the palace, rescued from her position as a blood slave, Aria is haunted by the memories of her time spent within the fortress, tormented by memories of Braith, the prince that betrayed her and shattered her heart. Every day is a struggle to get through, and the only solace she is able to find is with Max, her best friend, and fellow captive. Though Max does not understand her bond to Braith, he knows some of what she endured, and helps to ease some of the tattered pieces of her soul. Aria slowly begins to salvage the broken parts of her wounded spirit by throwing herself into the wonder of the woods she had so greatly missed, and the secure and reassuring love that Max freely gives her. Her world is thrown into a tailspin again though when a marauding group of vampires destroy the caves she had found temporary shelter in. Scattered about the forest, seeking to stay hidden and find her family, Aria is stunned when Braith, the monster that savaged her heart, reappears. Stunned by his sudden arrival in her world, Arianna is uncertain if he has come to recapture her, or to kill her for daring to escape.

Mature YA/New Adult. This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

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Stepbrother Bonded (Forbidden Games Book 1)

by Lauren Landish

When Hannah’s mom passed away from cancer, she was devastated. To make matters worse, she is forced to live with her perverted stepfather until she can find a place of her own. Night after night, he brings home young girls that resemble Hannah, totally freaking her out.

But there is only so much freakiness Hannah can stomach and she soon flees home to establish her independence.

Desperately needing cash to support herself, Hannah gets a job as a webcam model who gives live strip shows to horny men in exchange for money.

But things get hot and sticky when she encounters a client that has a very hot body. Rippling with muscles and a big meat stick, Hannah has never been turned on this much by a random stranger.

This would be one of her hottest shows for sureâ?¦except there is just one problem. The incredibly hot stranger turns out to be Hannah’s stepbrother Chase.

Now, Hannah cannot un-see the mental images of Chase’s sexy body.

And as it turns out, Chase can’t un-see hers eitherâ?¦

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