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Dark Season: The Complete Second Series

by Amy Cross

Sophie Hart’s relationship with Patrick, the last vampire, continues to take a series of dark twists and turns. But this time, there’s the life of a child at stake. A mysterious stranger named Nimrod offers to help Sophie, but can he be trusted? Meanwhile, an ancient prophecy says that Patrick will eventually kill Sophie. Determined to fight that prophecy, Patrick risks unleashing dark forces from a war that end centuries ago.

Along the way, there are giant spiders, genetically-engineered killers, desperate ghosts and former vampires, plus a sequel to The Civil Dead from the first series in which the Tenderlings show their true powers.

From modern-day Dedston to the trenches of the First World War, and from an ancient ballroom filled with spiders to the bottom of a haunted well, this volume collects together the 8 books from Dark Season’s second series, plus the prequel volume 20th Century Vampire.

Please note: This book contains violence, swearing and sexual scenes. Also, the end of the whole book finishes on a cliffhanger, which is resolved in Dark Season: The Complete Third Series.

An Unremembered Grave

by Abigail Padgett

Danni Telfer, abandoned as a toddler, has no idea what the fading tattoo of a white rose on her left shoulder means. Nor does she want to remember the peculiar perceptions that disturbed her childhood. A talented historian, Danni’s focus is on the Louisiana research project she hopes will land her a job that doesn’t involve teaching bored college freshmen. But she’s walking into a confluence of events that will change her life forever.

His story preserved only in a threadbare quilt fashioned by a slave during the Civil War, the Vampire Grimaud has slept for a century and a half beneath the soil of a Louisiana plantation called Angola. The place is now a prison of over six thousand men locked in sweltering isolation. One of these, Antoine Dupre, is innocent of the decade-old murder for which he is imprisoned. Yet now he must kill or be killed, unless, impossibly, he can prove his innocence.

When a prisoner crew back-hoeing the warden’s latest project, a golf course, unearths the vampire’s grave, Stéphane Grimaud wakes to a future beyond his imagination. Without help he will be vulnerable. How fortunate that an adept, a mortal gifted with the ability to see beings who exist in shadows, is nearby. Yet how strange that she fears him!

These three – historian, prisoner and vampire – have only a moment in time in which to alter a future already written. And the cost to each will be immeasurable.

Dark Season: The Complete Third Series (All 8 books)

by Amy Cross

For the first time, the entire third series of Dark Season is available in one volume. Also includes a bonus book: Arrival (Devil’s Briar 1.1). Total word count is around 170,000, approximately 700 pages of a printed book.

Growing up in Callerton, New Mexico, Abby Hart has always known that she’s different. Her life changes, however, when she learns that she’s the child of a vampire father and a human mother. Many years ago, she was found by the side of a river, but now dark forces have uncovered her location and her life is at risk.

Taken to the town of Dedston, Abby is introduced to her father Patrick, and learns that her mother Sophie is dead. Promised help by the mysterious Benjamin, Abby is torn between learning more about her true identity, and rejecting her father. Finally, she accompanies her father to Gothos, where she learns the truth about the vampires and the stage is set for a final confrontation that will determine the future of the entire species.

From the wastelands of Gothos to the depths of an underground facility in Dedston, and from the wilderness of New Mexico to the marshes of Louisiana, this volume collects together the 8 books from the third and final series of Dark Season books, and answers the ultimate question: will Patrick and Sophie be reunited?

This volume contains all 8 books in the third series:

Book 1: Abigail
Book 2: Quisling
Book 3: The Bureau of Lost Vampires
Book 4: Ruins I
Book 5: Ruins II
Book 6: By the River Dark
Book 7: A Woman, Waiting
Book 8: The End

Please note: This book contains violence and swearing. Dark Season: The Complete Third Series is a continuation of the Dark Season series that began with Dark Season: The Complete First Series and continued with Dark Season: The Complete Second Series, and new readers are advised to start at the beginning with series one.

FROSTBITE (A Winter Fantasy Anthology)

by W.J. May

Read 7 fantasy, supernatural, paranormal stories that will leave you breathlessâ?¦Each woman has a destined fate and an extraordinary story to tell.


By Melisa Hamling


By Chrissy Peebles


By W.J. May

BOOK 4 – Awakening

By Samantha Long


By Irene Kueh


By Chrissy Peebles

BOOK 7 – Seventh Mark (Part 1)

By W.J. May


1. The Zombie Chronicles by Chrissy Peebles

2. Radium Halos by W.J. May

3. Apocalypse: Underwater City by Chrissy Peebles

Some stories have been previously published. Some stories are novellas and some are full length. WARNING: ***Most stories are part 1’s to other series*** All your questions won’t be answered without purchasing book 2.

In the Mist of Killarney: A Faery Tale

by R. L. McCallum

(An Adult Faery Tale) Ireland, 1911 – After encountering a faery in the woodlands near his home in Tralee when he was child, Professor Emmet Brehon spends his life pursuing the belief that faeries were more than just elements of mythology. While teaching Irish mythology and folklore at a university in Dublin, he receives a note from a stranger who claims to know where the faeries can be found. Following the map that the stranger gives him, Emmet travels to a faerie circle and mound near Lough Leane in Kerry where he encounters two ghostly little girls and a faery light. Snapping a photograph of the girls and faery light with his Brownie camera, Emmet’s life becomes twisted when he discovers that he can’t rid himself of the photograph and disasters occur whenever he is present. He soon loses all in life that it is precious to him, including his sanity.

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