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The Amazing Story of Machu Picchu for Children!: The Magnificent Ancient Incan City in the Clouds That Continues to Entrance People From All Over the World

by Mike Smith

Machu Picchu is a magnificent and mysterious city high in the mountains of Peru that is filled with the myths and legends of the Inca people.

Even today, five centuries after its construction, Machu Picchu stands as a true engineering marvel, even though was built with only primitive tools and human labor.

Read this easy-to-read children’s book and discover…

* What is Machu Picchu and why is it so important?

* Who were the Incas and why did they build this magnificent city?

* Why is Machu Picchu such an engineering marvel that it astounds scholars even to this day?

* How did the Incas build such an amazing structure without the use of iron, strong draft animals, or even wheels?

* What clues may be hidden in the stone structures themselves that could tell us more about the true purpose of Machu Picchu?

* What really happened to Machu Picchu and the people that lived there?

* How was Machu Picchu rediscovered centuries after its inhabitants mysteriously “disappeared?”

…and Much, Much More!

So scroll back up and download this educational children’s book that reveals the incredible story of Machu Picchu, the mysterious Inca city in the sky.

A Wizard of Dreams (Myrddin’s Heir Book 1)

by Robin Chambers

“Gordon Bennett was born on 7th August 1999 with extraordinary powers. Where have those powers come from? Who – or what – is “Zack”…? His mother begins to notice that Gordon is different when he speaks his first words at just 5 months old and that’s before the really strange things begin to happen!

Fun, refreshing and certainly different, A Wizard Of Dreams is Book 1 in The Myrddin’s Heir series by author Robin Chambers. Written at a quick, entertaining pace it’s a potent blend of magical intrigue and adventure and whilst the theme is familiar, Chambers has a unique style of writing that sets his work apart. Much more than a trite fantasy plotline his young protagonist is defined in a realistic and empathetic way that pulls the reader through the story with him, and when Gordon interacts with Zack there is always much to be taken from these well observed exchanges. With well-defined characters, Chambers demonstrates a meticulous eye for detail that makes them instantly identifiable and whilst some are more endearing than others they are all very memorable. Each captured with a distinctive tenor that adds greatly to the thematic undertones of his tale. A tale that not only entertains, but encourages thought and timely reflection.

Original and highly engrossing, A Wizard Of Dreams is a wonderful read throughout and sets the tone for a series that undoubtedly deserves your attention. It is highly recommended.”

Book Viral Author Spotlight review

Key events in childhood indicate Gordon’s powers are getting stronger…

How does he deal with bullies? How about ghosts, fairies and wizards…?

How seriously weird do things get around his eleventh birthday? And what’s his sixteen greats grandmother got to do with it…?

Very few children get to go where he gets to go…

Book 1 ends on 6th September 2010 – Gordon’s first morning in secondary school: when he finds out for certain that he’s not the only one. There’s a girl in the frame…

This story will make you laugh quite a lot, but I warn you that in places it makes me cry…

The Myrddin’s Heir series will challenge you. One of my most important questions, therefore, is: “Are YOU up for the challenge?”

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