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Divine: A Novel

by Aven Jayce

Divine contains strong language and scenes of descriptive sex. It is intended for mature audiences. 
So you’re going along in life and BAM, everything changes. Is that right, Divine Hallowell? The ‘why the hell did that happen’ moment everyone complains about just hit you… for the umpteenth time. People really hate change, don’t they? 
I enjoyed my life until…
I had a good job until…
I liked him until…
… until it all changed.
I’m Divine Hallowell, a young disgruntled college professor. A bit of a loner, I write erotic novels and secretly admire adult websites in my spare time. I also haven’t been out with a man in years. Look up the word single in the dictionary and you might come across my name. My life is ‘meh.’ 
But, I have my eye on someone – a guy in my neighborhood who may turn my life upside down and inside out, igniting a spark in my heart. 
James Daniel Keller was born and raised in the small university town where I teach. He’s unpredictable, good-humored, and absolutely stunning – a different type of guy than I’ve ever experienced. And in my eyes, he’s quite possibly way too good to be true.
There has to be something wrong with him, right? Isn’t there always something? 
And then there’s my inner voice, Violet. A pain in the ass, relentless, and full of conflicting advice. Why can’t she just shut the hell up?
This sounds so boring! 
That’s her.
No kidnappings, abuse, billionaires, alpha males, stepbrothers, or BDSM?
 Violet, it’s not that kind of book.
Hey, just read it, okay?
This is a story of two people with too many secrets trying to find love in a community teeming with mystery and deceit.
Standalone, HEA

A Not So Morning Glory

by Anthony Lechner

During the 16th Century, Spanish Franciscans were charged with the role of converting the Aztecs to Christianity. What happens when a humble monk takes an interest in Aztec religious ceremonies, and an arrogant priest from the Inquisition discovers his activities? Does the monk have the courage to defend the Aztec religion? What is the cost of religious freedom?

In this debut novel by Anthony Lechner, the tension and complexity between differing religious beliefs makes the reader wonder where the ethical boundaries exist in the pursuit of spiritual truth. The story’s protagonist, Bernardino, embraces mystical visions through Aztec religious rites while struggling with the harsh rigidity of his own Catholicism. A Not So Morning Glory offers readers a way to experience a diverse world and grow an appreciation for the differences among others.

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MMF: Bisexual Menage Stories (3 Book Erotic Bundle) (Threesome, threesome romance, mmf, mmf romance, mmf ménage, bisexual romance, bisexual male, bbw, bbw romance, lesbian 1)

by Stepanie Roberts

**FREE With Kindle Unlimited**

A 3 Book Bundle – Threesome Romance – MMF Romance – Bisexual Menage. The Bisexual Ménage Stories is a 3 book series which include Fun At Home, A VERY Hot Pool Party and Michelle’s Birthday Surprise. Each story is as good, if not better, than the last. This series will have you anxiously waiting for more stories from the author, Stephanie Roberts’, sexy, spicy and surprising with a unique plot for each story. This is a great series to add to your book collection.

(Part 1 of 1) Lindsey is only too happy to be single. Looking for a little bit of fun she accepts an invitation to a pool party from her friend Lexi. Ted and Jeremey are a couple who also attend the pool party. The three meet up and fun is exactly what Lindsey finds. A VERY Hot Pool Party will get you “hot under the collar” with scenes of erotic, steamy sex!

(Part 2 of 3): Fun At Home is an erotic, imaginative and extremely hot story. We meet Beverley, her father’s friend Tommy and his boyfriend, Charlie. Tommy and Charlie arrive at Beverley’s parents home for a surprise visit with Beverley. What unfolds will leave you breathless and fantasizing for a long while.

(Part 3 of 3): Mark and Todd are close, as well as being friends with Michelle; they want to spoil her for her 20th birthday. They arrange to take Michelle to a movie and share with her their little surprise. Michelle has had a crush on Mark and always assumed that Todd was his boyfriend – or is he? A story with a little bit of love, and a surprising twist that will entice you to continue reading to the very last page.

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The Two O’Clock

by R.W. Webb

A man awakens at a dusty crossroad with no idea how he arrived there. The only building is an old, abandoned store with no one else in sight. He has no idea what’s going on – or how he reached this surreal location in the middle of an endless stretch of dried out tobacco fields.

After inspecting his surroundings and losing patience, an old local named Cherry wanders up and turns this simple tale into one of magic, revelations and intrigue.

With elements of both ancient mythology, a taut suspense-driven plot and rapid-fire dialogue riddled with humor – this short story from Ward Webb (R.W. Webb) is not to be missed as he once again returns to his native county for another thrilling tale of intrigue, romance and adventure.

Populated with two of the most poignant characters in recent years, this exclusive single will make you laugh, cry and think.

Come to the crossroad with Ward Webb. You’ll never be the same again.

Spend as long as you like – but remember, no matter what happens, you should NEVER board that bus…

“…unlike anything I’ve read before. An incredible short story that puts North Carolina back on the literary map for good! A person would have to be a fool to ignore a story this timeless – this powerful…”

35 delightful pages

Pale Yellow

by R.W. Webb

What happens when your safe haven turns into your prison?

Just ask Stella Simon – the seventy year old “bird-about-town.” Complete with a beehive, housecoat and her peeling Buick Skylark, Stella raised most of the community and dedicated her life to the idyllic small-town ways.

What begins with a rudimentary shopping trip turns into one of the most bizarre, surreal afternoons in Stella’s life.

Join Stella and find out what secrets lurk just behind the safety of her backdoor latch.

Once again Ward Webb (R.W. Webb) returns to his familiar turf of eastern North Carolina with another spectacular tale full of suspense, rapid-fire dialogue and biting humor that spiral along into a mind-blowing finale!

20 pages.

Ten Backyard Stories from Panimaché

by Roberto Moulun

This collection of enchanting folklore, completed in 1996 by master storyteller Roberto Moulun, is based on typical village stories told and retold at backyard gatherings in Central America. In the hands of Moulun they become literary works of art. Nine of these short stories are set in the villages surrounding Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. One story is set in Jaripitio, a distant village in Mexico.

Born in Mazatenango, Guatemala, where he returned after a medical career in the USA, Moulun’s writing invoked magical realism reminiscent of Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez enriched with his own love of art and music and food.

These ten stories were first published in 2012 in a combined volume titled The Iguana Speaks My Name, which included Moulun’s novella of the that name. Kirkus Reviews named the combined volume one of the top twenty-five best Indie Fiction books of 2012. The book also won the 2013 Silver Benjamin Franklin Award for First Book of Fiction, awarded by the Independent Book Publishers Association in the United States.


by Benjamin Mishler

Abandoned by their wife and mother, Jim and his son Daniel are in the midst of personal and financial crisis. Jim clings to last vestiges of normalcy for his family. He’s barely able to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. He works the only employment he can find as a nightclub bouncer. Daniel struggles, trapped in a cycle of bullying, unequipped with the tools to develop healthy relationships, or succeed in school. The men flounder in the slow burn of poverty. In the loss of their stability, they cope as they can, redefining their relationship as they battle their own personal demons.

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