Free poetry Kindle books for 08 May 15

The Beautiful Lies from a Damaged Past: Love

by E. Jude Jackson

Love because emotions makes us human.

Humans desire acceptance, all we need is companionship and love.

The People With No Friends: (And Other Poems)

by R.W. Webb

Finally! A collection of R.W. Webb’s most eclectic and award-winning poetry. Known for his vivid imagery and dark, twisted wit – Webb’s giant collection is not to be missed by any serious fan of contemporary poetry.Included are such heartbreakers as: “The Nestlings,” “Release The Butterfly,” “Invalid Password,” and “Cancer At Dawn.” The knee-slapping hysterics of: “Muley Velasco,” “The Great Invitation,” and “Radical Sabbatical.” And more than fifty others that defy description!Rounding out this giant collection is Webb’s magnum opus – a thirty-five page long poem devoted to life in America in the 21st Century. THE PEOPLE WITH NO FRIENDS. Tackling such topics as war, disease, hope, loneliness, religion, violence, the internet and addictions – with his scathing wit and blistering imagery, this poem has been hailed as a masterpiece by critics nationwide when it made its debut in 2010. With bestsellers in the fields of novels, short stories and drama – R.W. Webb takes a thunderpunch at the world of poetry. Never before have this many of Webb’s poems been collected in one place so take advantage of this new voice in contemporary poetry and add THE PEOPLE WITH NO FRIENDS to your library today!

Dear Diary, This Is My Soul

by S Terry

A collection of poems about love and life written from the heart, mind and emotions.

Poetry Collections.: Series I

by Dominic Anderton

The first collection of poems by Dominic Anderton.

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