Free religious fiction Kindle books for 08 May 15

Just Friends

by Jenn Faulk

Rachel Finn is always just a friend. When the man of her dreams marries someone else, she begins to wonder if she’s been missing out on life and shortchanging Christ in the process. That’s when she runs, very literally, into Micah Johnson.

Micah is content to be alone after a failed relationship destroyed any trust he had in women. Still, he finds himself welcoming Rachel’s friendship and valuing her thoughts, especially when his sister’s plans threaten to change his entire future.

Will Rachel and Micah learn together that giving Christ everything means giving every day to Him and having the faith to trust Him? And is there more to their relationship than being just friends?

The Legend of El Shashi

by Marc Secchia

The power to heal with a touch comes with a terrible price.

When Arlak betrays his friend to the sorceress Jyla, she places a curse upon his life-the power to perform miracles. There is only one proviso. Arlak must live a perfectly unselfish life, or pay a forfeit. Each time he fails, her power will double. Each time he fails, he must run twice as long from the ravaging, burrowing Wurm.

A life torn apart by a selfish choice. Godlike powers encased in a frail vessel. This man will be murderer, healer, betrayer and saviour. He will be El Shashi, a man on the run from an inescapable destiny.

The rest is history. This is the legend of El Shashi.

Nubby: an unthinkable crime, an unlikely redemption.

by Nancy Paul

If the pieces of this book were scattered on the floor–a resplendently macabre jigsaw puzzle, the mix would be confounding. There are the random faces of unlikely, everyday heroes, an innocent, unwanted baby, and villains so despicable it would be better if their pieces remained facing down or better yet got lost under the couch or in a heater vent somewhere.

But they don’t.

In this twisting, turning tale about a little girl whose rejection ultimately becomes her salvation, the beautifully satisfying bigger picture comes together as page after page, God fits together a story of redemption, one exceptional piece at a time.

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