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A Beginner’s Guide to FREE Travel: How to earn and redeem award points for free travel

by Ron Flanagan

This is a beginner’s guide to award travel. This is a basic, how to ebook on how to earn and use frequent flyer and hotel points. The purpose of this book is to teach you how to get started with award travel. This book is not intended for someone who is already practicing award travel. This is meant to be a short and easy to use resource when it comes to getting into the travel hacking game.

Nelson Lakes Big Circuit

by GJ Coop

Rather than ambling the well trod four or five day Travers-Sabine loop this trip was the full 14 day spin of the national park perimeter.

Solo. That means for 11 of the days I saw, umm, no one else. Lucky I’m happy just mooching around remote places on my lonesome.

The itinerary, sort of pre-planned: starting in downtown St Arnaud to D’Urville Hut, the route basically moved west, hopping over into the Mataki valley, all the way up to Bobs Hut, ie, just a day and a half from the Lewis Pass, then returning via David Saddle in the fog, Moss Pass, the clearest freshwater in the universe at Blue Lake, Travers Saddle in the snow, to St Arnaud.

There’s a few passes between the valleys, all under 1800m, to stagger up and take in extensive views over terrain that lacks roads, or much sign of humanity at all. The passes start easily with the gentle Speargrass track over Howard Saddle to Lake Rotoroa, Tiraumea Saddle, does that count after all it’s just a bump, Mole Saddle, easy enough if somewhat endless plod, but David Saddle has a steepish south facing chute that can be icy late into summer, Moss Pass is a heart starter at least from the D’Urville, 1000m in one go with a loose east facing chute near the top, and even Travers Saddle can have its moments in cold, windy conditions and you make elevation pretty quickly when approaching from the steeper Sabine side for those more accustomed to operating in the purely tramping mode.

The Nelson Lakes might have been well populated as I set out, due to an Anzac Day long weekend, but once in the more remote parts, ie, by Day 3, people seemed to find other places they would rather be for those next 11 days.

So if you want to get away from fellow trampers, have the decent huts to yourself at night, the upper Mataki and D’Urville valleys provide plenty of personal space, those long autumn nights give bulk time for introspection. For some reason not so many venture over to Bobs Hut or the East Mataki. The tracks and huts are well maintained, passing through decently scenic territory, just not often used.

My story is â?¦

The Eccentric Norwegians: Norwegians Way Of Life

by Ole Hansen

The Eccentric Norwegians: Norwegians Way Of Life

This book is an invitation for those who are interested in, confused by or captivated by the Norwegians

and their ways of life, especially those who do not know much about their way of life.

The book aims to show you that way of life and will look as deeply as possible into the following:

  • The treatment and behavior of women in Norway and the equality concept.
  • Norwegian moral standards, how they view other people.
  • How Norwegians relate to and behave towards strangers, ignoring people in the streets and why they do that.
  • The unique Norwegian way of dating and starting a relationship.
  • Norwegian Christmas concept.

There are also smaller sections in the book which will look at other minor concepts and mannerisms of the Norwegians.

The book has captured all that may be of interest and use to anyone who might want to know more about these interesting


It will guide anyone into understanding why they do some of the things they do, and also why people from other nations

might consider Norwegian ways of life as being eccentric. I believe no one will make this mistake after reading this book.

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Adventures in Orlando: A Simple Guide to Travel Beyond the Mouse

by David Sunday

Why Orlando? Orlando has more tourist resorts and entertainment option than any other place in the world. Tourism is the main industry of the city that draws more visitors than anywhere else in the world. While in Orlando, you will never fall short of exciting places to discover and visit. Here in the city, you can visit world-renowned theme parks – including Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort – water parks, pristine beaches, Hollywood studios, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The fun starts as the sun starts its ascent on the sky and continues deep into the night when the sun goes down.

Ten Must-See Sights: Mumbai

by Mark Green

â??Ten Must-See Sights: Mumbai’ does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you the background and history on the city’s top ten â??must-see’ attractions, plus essential information on opening times and location.

We don’t fill endless pages with hard-to-read maps and difficult-to-download photos; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

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