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The Miracle Of The Declutter: Tidying Up To Improve And Organize Your Life (declutter, decluttering, declutter fast, declutter your life, declutter your home, minimalism, minimalist)

by Pointed Publishing

Reclaim Your Space, Reclaim Your Life!

The Miracle Of The Declutter is a book that not only helps one organize their home but also their life. It delves into the deeper layers of the fabric of a cluttered house and the people living in it.

It begins with the ramifications of clutter on the physical, emotional and social life of an individual. The â??why’ and â??how’ of the matter is discussed at length in the subsequent parts of the book, but the first part deals with the hard facts: an unsystematic house alludes to a disorganized life. It also discusses the cyclic cause and effect relationship between clutter and emotions; clutter leads to psychological deterioration and such unstable emotions lead a person to ignore clutter, sometimes to the extent of hoarding. This discussion extends to envisioning one’s perfect home, sans everything extraneous. As well as how such a home can positively affect one’s personal and professional relationships and what are the habits that need to change to bring about such a change in one’s life.

Learn About the Difference Between Sorting and Storing

The next section of the book deals with the mistakes one makes that can lead to excess and, sometimes overwhelming clutter. When most people think about cleaning out their house, they set out fervently at their task, but the enthusiasm gets watered down gradually. This section elaborates on the two keywords â??sorting’ and â??storing’; how these similar sounding words are polar opposites of one another, and how one can move from storing to sorting.

Decluttering Begins With Organization!

The books next shifts focus to the actual act of organizing and decluttering. It begins with making an inventory of the areas that need curating. Identification of what is useful and hence should be retained is the crux of this exercise and the book elaborates on it in detail. This is where most people falter when it comes to cleaning up, which makes the house return back to its previous cluttered state in less than a week after the cleaning spree. And it is equally important to prioritize the areas that need decluttering so that their clean up causes the least amount of disruption to the rest of the routine of the household. The success rate of any decluttering initiative is inversely proportional to the inconvenience caused by it and this book makes sure that its methodology thoroughly satisfies this maxim. But that does not mean that it minces its words; decluttering is an endeavor where discipline and dedication are pre-requisites. And the value of meticulousness is upheld at every stage.

Most houses have attics and basements, which are meant to be used as storage spaces. But other places such as garages and spare rooms double up as temporary holding areas. They lose their purpose soon after and can very easily turn into hoarding spaces. When does one really become a slave to one’s hoarding habits? A question discussed succinctly in this book as well. Seeking help is a delicate issue, but it has to be done when the situation warrants it.

Your Complete Guide

The Miracle of Decluttering is a complete guide to clearing out unwanted things from any house and the efficient storage of purposeful goods there. It is a must-have for all homes, irrespective of size, shape or space, or lack thereof!

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