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Python Programming: A Step by Step Guide Book. Learn PYTHON Programming Language in A Day!

by Kevin Lyn.

Python Programming

A Step by Step Guide Book Learn PYTHON Programming Language in A Day!

Recently, the Python programming language has gained much popularity in the world. Programmers who are excellent in it like to identify themselves with the language as “Python Gurus.” Most people have begun to like the language due to this, as everyone wants to be seen as an expert in it.

Programmers have used this language to develop some of the best and most amazing websites and web applications. For instance, many of the most secure websites are Python-based.

This shows how powerful and strong the language itself is. Complex and amazing computer and other device games have also been developed using Python. The language offers numerous and amazing Graphic User Interface (GUI) components, which make it possible for programmers to create terrific GUIs for their clients

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Arithmetic Operation
  • Comments
  • Control Flow
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Functions
  • Exception Handling, Reading Files, Writing to Files and so onâ?¦

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Evernote Essentials: Hacks to master Evernote for beginners: How to use Evernote for complete beginners – WITH PICS

by S. J. Cole

Master Evernote

Do you want to learn how to use Evernote properly?
Are you looking for a guide that will help you understand why Evernote is so important in order to organize your life and your business efficiently?

DISCOVER: EVERNOTE Essentials for complete beginners

The human mind is a powerful information storage tool. The only problem with this storage medium is that it is very subjective when it comes to information retrieval. For instance, how many times have you found yourself spending hours looking for a tiny piece of paper that you stored an important business contact or a business idea, a birthday idea, class notes and many other things?

Well, I can bet that you have had countless moments like those. In any case, we are all human! As much as you can cut yourself some slack for not remembering important things, it can sometimes be annoying and costly when you don’t get to remember very important things.

It could mean a lost business or job opportunity, a scared relationship, unwarranted and costly delays, inability to make great impressions because you cannot remember where you kept some important ideas, mental clutter, frustrations, depression, and lots of other things.

That’s why most of us come up with our customized information storage and retrieval methods just to ensure that we don’t end up forgetting important things. Even with all these, most people have a hard time retrieving information. The cabinets, drawers, shoeboxes and everywhere else we keep documents, fliers, photos, books, sticky notes and other documents soon become filed with lots of documents to an extent that we take too much time going through different shelves, and boxes simply to find that tiny piece of information that we are looking for in order to make a decision.

Although this is the life most of us are so used to, it doesn’t have to remain that way forever because with technological advancements, lots of new and powerful tools have been developed to take care of our everyday problems including the problem of information storage and retrieval.

Evernote is one such tool that has come into the limelight as being one of the most powerful tools for putting order where there is clutter as far as information storage and retrieval is concerned.


You will learn:

  • Why Use Evernote?
  • Merge Notes
  • Stack notebooks together
  • Create table of contents for notebooks
  • Ditch PowerPoint and start using presentation mode
  • Forward your emails to your Evernote account
  • Unleash the power of Evernote Search
  • Activate 2 step verification
  • Start digitizing business card collection
  • Get the most from Evernote’s web clipper
  • Make your reading fun by getting rid of ads
  • Streamline your studies with Evernote
  • Streamline your studies with Evernote
  • And much much more!
  • Would you like to know more and achieve your goal with Evernote?

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    You can then immediately begin learning Evernote Essentials on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.


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Android Tips and Tricks

by Reece Jackson

This book is for those getting to know Android devices and how to use it to it’s full potential and solving issues or getting around blips that can be annoying and off putting.

How to get the best from performance

How to open up to apps outside of Play Store

Getting the most from google

Efficient clouding

Sync tricks and combining your pc/laptop

From basics to moderate users with gateway tricks to pro user

Building a Computer in 2015

by Eli Dvoskin

A simple, easy-to-follow guide for building your own desktop computer. This guide gives you step by step instructions in planning, building and trouble-shooting your first computer build.

This book covers:

Things to Consider

Picking your Parts

Assembling your Computer


Helpful Tips

Foreign Niches SEO (2015): How To Make A Killing In The Foreign Affiliate Market In 14 Days Or Less

What if you found a loophole so you don’t have to worry about the competition?

if you are an affiliate or just trying to make money online, this could be the answer to your dreams. Seriously, this is so easy a 13 yr. old can do this. This is the best way for the little guy to make money on the internet.

– Beginner friendly

– affiliate seo

– foreign niches

– rank in 14 days or less

SharePoint 2010 Secure Store Services (SharePoint 2010 JumpStart)

by Vishal Gupta

The Secure Store Service is an authorization service that runs on an application server. The Secure Store Service provides a database that is used to store credentials. The Secure Store Service replaces the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Single Sign On feature.

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