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Planet Selexa: Book One

by A .H. Lindsey

The Planet Selexa series is a set of multi cultural romances set on a planet that once was very similar to planet earth. The difference is that after having watched the masculine world leaders bring them to the brink of total destruction yet again, the females of the planet said enough is enough. They were tired of losing their precious offspring to the wars and violence that seemed never ending!

Today on Planet Selexa the females rule! By genetic design, males outnumber females by as many as five to one, making females the precious commodity they were meant to be and they love it that way! Here if a man cheats on he wife he goes to prison!

After decades of enjoying the successes the many societal improvements their changes have wrought, a serious downside has recently come to light. We learn that though the females of the planet are very happy with the status quo, inevitably compromises must be made as soon as possible or society as they have come to know it will cease to exist.

Planet Selexa, Book 1 is the story of Aleyah and Bomani.

Aleyah is the voluptuous, strong willed daughter of one of the planet’s most powerful female leaders who finds herself compelled to be the first to comply with “The Request” as an example to the others.

Bomani is the virile, young male chosen for her by The System, supposedly a perfect match for her in every way. Is he too good to be true or does The System actually work?

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