Free historical fiction Kindle books for 09 May 15

Strong Arms To Hold me

by Leigh Curtis

Strong Arms To Hold Me is an historical western romance, set in Texas and Kansas. A former rebel soldier kills a fort commander and when he is brought back for justice, she offers to help him escape on one condition. If he’ll help her get pregnant. They spend only a few nights together, but their passion born out of desperation endures hardship and separation until they beat the odds and are able to rebuild their broken lives.

Wicked Lord: Part One

by Shirl Anders

*This is the 1st installment of Wicked Lord with all 3 parts in Kindle Unlimited. The full version can be found here:

As evil stalks Lady Beth Winslow, only a creature of the night can save her.

Lady Beth never sleeps at night because evil lives with her. She spends her nights making the rounds in London society until dawn.

One night at a party far from home, she finds herself in danger even there. Her friend is lost and she must search the dark woods for her. But there are predators in the woods, and soon she is in a chase for her life.

Lord Trinity Blacknall stalks the night hunting for those rogue vampires that take human lives. He and his brothers demand order. But one night something calls to him that he has never felt before. And he finds a young lady in danger from a beast he cannot name.

Then her blood mesmerizes him in ways he has never felt, and it takes all his tremendous willpower to stay her savior and not become her attacker.

The Lost Treasure of the Silk Road (Legends of the Silk Road Book 1)


Step way back in time to little-known ancient Persia for a rollicking adventure on the silk road.

Silk Road merchant Persicus’ life is turned upside down by an elderly one-armed man who entices Persicus to join him on a quest to find the legendary Lost Treasure of the Silk Road. But bandits, betrayal, and bottomless pits are the least of his troubles.

Taking advantage of the fall of the Persian Empire, evil King Salman leads his army of cutthroat bandits to conquer the ancient Sogdian enclave of Mishin. Strategically located on a major Silk Road trade route, this tolerant city of Zoroastrians welcomed all peaceful people and together they resisted centuries of attacks by the Islamic forces that destroyed the Persian Empire.

On the eve of King Salman’s attack, Persicus finds himself in the royal palace of Mishin. Can he summon the knowledge accumulated from a life traveling the Silk Road across the Asian continent to protect the benevolent King Ormozd against Salman’s undefeated Turanian Army while trying to win the heart of the woman he loves?

Why Hummingbird Is So Small (Sun Song Stories Book 2)

by Smoky Zeidel

A short story introduction to Smoky Zeidel’s novel, The Storyteller’s Bracelet, Why Hummingbird Is So Small is the enchanting story of Sun Song, a storyteller for her tribe, as she visits Fuss, her hummingbird friend, on the day before she is to leave for Indian School in the East.

He Called Me Son (The Blountmere Street Series Book 1)

by Barbara Arnold

At the age of twelve, Tony Addington is forcibly transported from everything that is familiar to him in London to New Zealand, as part of The British Government’s Child Migration Programme to populate the colonies with “good stock”.

A tyrannical farmer puts him to work as unpaid labour on his remote farm in the foothills of the South Island. Years pass, but Tony determines to hold on to his memories, which eventually lead him to the truth.

He Called Me Son, the first in a trilogy is followed by The Best in Blountmere Street. The third and final in the series will be finished early 2012

Meleri’s Quest (Echo of the Crystals Book 1)

by Jennifer Clissold

It was the middle of the day but the sky through the grimy windows was dark with storm clouds. This was the first time in her life Meleri was parted from her family, she’d never felt so alone. Doubts crept into her mind. Had she made the best choice by coming to this desolate place and how could she possibly succeed in this task by herself?

For many years Meleri has suffered terrible dreams and can’t ignore the deepening sense of foreboding they convey. When secrets from the past are revealed, she fears a dreadful affliction will befall her. But worse still, not just her. Meleri begins a quest and a race against time, to save herself and her younger sister Olwyna. She will travel farther than she could ever have imagined to search for answers.

During her journey, Meleri meets an intriguing stranger who is on a mission of his own.

She feels an inexplicable connection to this handsome young man.

Will they be able to help each other?

And how might their fates be influenced by the mysterious guardians they encounter?

Although Meleri had always believed in magic, she had no idea how truly evil it could be.

Elizabeth’s Prodigal

by Margery Warder

Fact: Author’s grandfather ran away at 13 in 1875.

Family’s oral tradition: He had issues with his wealthy stepfather.

Fiction: That’s “Elizabeth’s Prodigal.”

Set in the mid-1870’s, Albert has a mother, Elizabeth, who loves him, and a stepfather, Matthew Redding, who provides more than adequate opportunities for lads his age. He has seven siblings and step-siblings, though some are more tolerable than others. He’s won the county’s top academic award, so school’s behind him. He strongly believes he’s outgrown home and he’s ready to take on the world.

There’s a matter of his Kelsey inheritance from the sale of Pa’s farm when Pa didn’t return from the war. That money would make going away easier, but Matthew will probably prevent Ma from permitting him to have it.

Besides, who really knows why Pa didn’t come back from the war? Is he really dead? Everyone knows there’s no body under that tombstone. And, if Matthew weren’t so religious, he and Ma might not think Albert’s ideas are an unrealistic to shortcut to wealth.

Albert has had it. He’s eager to take off.

Does he have even an inkling of situations about to confront him and the misadventures likely awaiting a youth so eager to grow up? Will he find who and what he’s after?

Margery Kisby Warder mixes Truth with humor because she believes God created both.

Christian Historical Fiction. Adventure with values, suitable for any reader. Includes brief discussion guide.

Conquistadors: Brothers and Kings: Orginal Screenplay

by Dennis Santaniello

The first part of an epic trilogy. “Conquistadors: Brothers & Kings” tells the story of the brothers Pizarro and their conquest of the Inca empire through the eyes of Sardina, one of Francisco’s most loyal and seasoned men. Also detailed are the trials of Manco Inca, who was commanded by the Spanish conquistadors to serve as a king to his people, and who led their eventual revolt.

Conquistadors is a screenplay trilogy that explores the Spanish conquest of the New World from the years of 1527-1542. The genre is Historical Epic. The story telling is wide in scope with various characters and events unfolding within spans of years, and is told from a truly dualistic point of view, from both perspectives of the Spanish and the Natives. 

Thematically, all stories are about the sacred vs. the profane, and each story follows a certain pattern: conquest, obsession and madness. Other aspects are also explored including religion, (of both the natives and the Spaniards), the realms of power, cruelty, and the angst of those trying to find meaning.

Each story depicts a different Spanish expedition, but in the end this is Sardina’s story. We follow Sardina through the jungles of Peru, to the vast Arizona deserts, to the Mississippi River; seeing his transformation from a young idealistic soldier to harden veteran, and later to a self realized individual. 

the Death of January

by Paul G Jackson

John January wants to die. Why?

A Hucow for the Thirsty Warriors: Book One (Adult Nursing Historical Menage Fantasy)

by Daisy Evans

Runa is a mage who discovers a potion that makes women’s breasts overflow with creamy lusciousness. They need help emptying those jugs, and the valiant knights come to the rescue, carrying large packages of their own. When Runa offers this secret concoction to the King, he is overjoyed and hires the mage to come with his army on the next battle, so that his warriors are well fed and otherwise satisfied. In the first installment of the series, Runa takes on training the innocent women to become the obedient cows they are meant to be.

A Hucow for the Thirsty Warriors: Book Three (Adult Nursing Historical Menage Fantasy) (A Hucow for the Thristy Warriors 3)

by Daisy Evans

The King’s camp is attacked at night, and now he has to yield to the new monarch. The foreign ruler is dark and handsome, and in his hungry men ravish the delighted hucows hard and long, until the King makes an offer to the new ruler. The creamy lusciousness makes that offer all the sweeter, and soon enough, all wars are forgotten. Runa learns another secret about her potion: if she makes it stronger, the cows become heavy with a growing surprise. And their supply of the sweet nectar never dries up.

A Hucow for the Thirsty Warriors: Book Two (Adult Nursing Historical Menage Fantasy)

by Daisy Evans

Runa and her herd of hucows set off for the battle, along with the King’s army. Her ladies keep the warriors happy with their luscious jugs, laden with sweet and creamy nectar. Runa learns that the women release their best product when they are ravished by as many valiant knights as possible, at the same time, the harder, the better.


by Jack D.


The story is an imagination this time! In this sequel of titanic jack becomes alive! When they were searching in the sea they found the dead body of jack! and jack was brought and some operations were done on him! the shocking thing is that his body didnt get decompose! i think that cuz of ice and cold sea water something scientific thing happens in his body that he was saved! his age was a lot more! and as he was diffrent from all the other humans, police put him into jail! and jack runaway! in search of rose!

The Falls: How A Family’s Life Was Changed Forever

by Howard Gee

Times were hard for many families at the end of the Second World War and Travelling People in rural Perthshire were no exception to having to overcome the difficulties and hardships of living their way of life. When Fiona loses her husband under tragic circumstances the wheels are set in motion for herself and her family to survive through adapting to a new way of living.

The story is a true to life powerful read about the ups and downs of country life with a thread of humour running through it. Once started, the reader will find it difficult to put the book down until the story is finished.

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