Free horror Kindle books for 09 May 15

Where The Wild Things Are

by Richard Poche

An offbeat suspense tale about an unemployed man who is mistaken for a professional vampire slayer. Lost and frustrated after missing out on a job interview, Ryan is offered a job by a mysterious woman in the office parking lot. Only one hitch, the woman thinks that Ryan is a hitman and the “job” is killing her sister-in-law whom she insists is a vampire…

The Misfits of Hang ‘Em High

by Gene Penny

Jonas Priest is Death’s newest protege, but does he have what it takes to become a full-fledged harbinger of doom? Jonas is set to prove he can deliver the student body of Hang ‘Em High with a little help from a blood-thirsty creature roaming the school hallways. Every cause has an effect, and every affect has a consequence. The Misfits of Hang ‘Em High will keep you guessing who ultimately lives and who dies until the very end.

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