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A whiff of love and life: Poems

by Shobha Rao

This is my first book of poems featuring tanka, haibun, free verse and rhymes. The theme is love and life.

The Darkness And The Light

by Melissa Burke

Bipolar disorder simultaneously gives you both an amazing and a terrible outlook on life. This is a book of Melissa Burke’s personal journal entries as well as some poems, written over the past few years. The goal is to shed light on mental illness for people who don’t understand it while at the same time reminding those who do suffer from it that they aren’t alone. This is also to show that even if you don’t have any mental illness, life can be a roller coaster. But things do get better. Perfect? No, never. But life doesn’t have to be perfect to become a beautiful journey.

Aftertaste: Original Creative Works by Linkin Letters (A Constant Thread Book 1)

by Linkin Letters

New Book Launch – Free today only Saturday, May 9th

Follow the threadâ?¦

â?¦a unique string of emotions through an intense timeline.

Experience the scenes written so vividly the reader is transported to a world through the author’s eyes.

Beautifully Crafted Poetry

See the author’s feelings and thoughts jump off the page, and watch them evolve. Experience the constant amidst the tumultuous change; the most intense moments channeled into poetry. Distilled from life’s most compelling scenes into captivating verses.

Brief and Potent

This collection of life’s moments, poems of love’s trials, and beautifully visual verses are the perfect escape from the ordinary. Infuse some creativity into you day and challenge your mind to dream.

100% Original Writing

If you are looking for fresh and creative expression, enjoy the Aftertaste.


by Christine Hannon

Christine Hannon has written poetry from a very early age, as described in her book, ” A Hairdresser’s Diary.” In response to her fans of that book, Chris has agreed to publish her book of poetry,

A successful hairdresser, make up artist and model, Chris was severly injured in a tragic car accident caused by a drunk driver. The injuries caused chronic pain that robbed her of her careers. Being Chris, she diversified, and began creating paintings and decorated clothing to sell.

Chris has survived two bouts of cancer, yet still maintains her positive attitude.

The front of the book is a restoration from a photo of one of the painted and bejeweled jackets that are her specialty.

Ghostly Sun Triangles: A Shadow’s Cry For Light

by Heather Kipnis

Ghostly Sun Triangles

Is a compilation of poems and a short story written over the past couple of years as I have traveled in search for my soul.

My intention with this chapbook is for others to be able to relate their soul-searching to my own. Mine was a rough journey, full of pain, but we learn to keep our compass pointed in the direction of happiness.

During my search, I would find that energy was rarely sent and received in a direct line. There was always an interference keeping me from participating in the love I perceived. Hence, the shadow is one who does not shine, but only sees the light of others and the darkness of the self.

In these works, the theme of Triangulation shows up as a representation of my shadow. I encourage you to find as many symbolic Triangles as you can; count them; and pray the total is a multiple of three.

May these poems evoke acceptance for you. May you find the dark humor comical. May your mind contemplate true reality. And may you not take anything too seriously.

Written by Heather Kipnis

Sample Poem: Triangulation

If you see another

In another,

Are you loving

One another?

Which lover

Are you loving?

Is the reason you see them

Because of your love?

Do they have to

Love you back,

For you to see

That other

You are loving?

Or is it a triangle?

In that,

You also have to love

The reflector?

Does the reflector have to love you too?

Yet, the reflector doesn’t have to love the other.

Only you do.

Mannequin (Poor Boy Poetry Book 1)

by Obinna Nwerem

This short collection of poems is by Obinna Nwerem, Mannequin, Poetry For The Mind. This eBook features lyrical and metaphorical poems that celebrate, questions, mourn of lost ones, and love stories. The poems will move, motivate and relate in some way with you personally. Mannequin, the title is also a title of the first poem in this eBook. This debut collection of poetic philosophy, a work of a genus, trying to recreate what is vanishing, poetic forms originated from inspirations and visionary insights. This eBook is the for those is search of words to express themselves, perfect for those seeking great poems to soothe their soul. This remarkable collection of poems will emerged with vast range of emotions.

My Dog Terry: And other Animal Poems

by Ian Gough

Have you ever wondered what a Whale really wants to do? Have you seen the Bear on the Stairs? Have you ever taken your pet to school? Sometimes they are silly, sometimes funny, a collection of poems all about animals that will bring a smile to your face.

My Status

by By:Shadox

Its a assorted mix of poems.

Words by Sharon Cannon: Words

by Sharon Cannon

“What would you do if you could guarantee not to fail?” That is my new mantra for 2015. I have collected these words over many decades and never wanted to face criticism / bad reviews for them. I used to say they were too personal to share. I now want to share them, regardless of any reviews and criticisms. I have spent too long dreaming, now is the time for action.

To my breath – Stueee and Katy. To my family – I love you


In The Beginning: My Inchoate Words

by Lehlogonolo Thokoane

This book is a compilation of my poems which were written in a time of my life where I felt I was losing myself and a time where I finally realised I was actually finding the real me…

Who am I?: The poems of a common man

by Sushil Kumar

It’s one of the poems which came from the author’s heart: many more inside the book

It’s a beautiful day,

When I am meeting myself!

On a transcendence of thought,

On a lonely day!

Amazing it is,

When noise feels like song,

It’s a beautiful day

When I am meeting myself

Looking at the sky,

In a moonlight;

I sarcastically feign myself,

In the sound of fight.

I have gone beyond

Without a purpose in my life

It’s time to stop by!

Why should you cry.

As The Candle Burns

by Elizabeth Clarke

Selected poems on the story of life

MORE Poetic Views of Life

by Laurie Wilkinson

Following excellent reviews and feedback on his first book, ‘Poetic views of Life’, Laurie Wilkinson, aka The Psychy Poet, named from his expansive career in psychiatry, produces this larger second book only eight months later. Retaining his same everyday style of down to earth writing, Laurie again embraces mixed themes. These include reflections on life, bereavement, disability, love and deaths approach! Coupled with a wicked humour on daily occurrences the poems, described as ‘terrific stories’, are very powerful. The author hopes to entertain even more with his second book that he is confident will evoke many emotions in the reader. Enjoy!

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