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The Buddha was not a Buddhist (1-5: Intro to Practice): A Rational Path to Meditation, Mindfulness, and the Art of Fighting without Fighting

by Zhi-qiang Chen

YOU HEAR ABOUT meditation and something called mindfulness more and more these days, but why and how should you practice these things, and what happens when you do?

In “The Buddha was not a Buddhist,” author Chen Zhi-qiang describes meditation techniques and clarifies what it means to meditate so that one understands what happens in the meditation experience. What a person will discover is that there is nothing esoteric or mystical or spiritual about meditation and what “happens” during meditation is basically this: nothing. But in this nothingness, one can begin to see more clearly the true nature of who we are and the true nature of our existent reality.

“The Buddha was not a Buddhist” pointedly analyzes various ideas of Buddhism, Taoism, Jiddu Krishnamurti, science, and the martial arts as the author seeks truths about the nature of such things as: meditation, mindfulness, the ego-self, free will, non-duality, fear, anger, love, conflict, contentment, compassion, death, enlightenment, and so on.

THIS INTRODUCTORY EDITION includes the FIRST FIVE CHAPTERS of “The Buddha was not a Buddhist,” where the author invites you to learn the whys and wherefores of meditation and mindfulness techniques and what it is like to practice them.

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Artifice – Humanities Deception from Time Immemorial

by A.I. Jacob

Why is it we can invent vaccines that can cure various diseases, but others use those same or strains of those viruses to create biological weapons to kill and destroy other human kind?

Why is it we can create things like dynamite and explosive charges to move mountains to build wonderful highways so we can travel great distances, yet use those same explosive devices to build missiles and various weapons of war to kill and destroy one another?

Why can mankind build beautiful cities, buildings, parks, musical compositions, art, poetry and wondrous inventions to help us enjoy life and aid us in our day to day chores – yet the majority of the human race lives in squalor and our cities are filled with crime, drugs and every conceivable evil under the sun?

If you wanted to take over the world and control all people, kindred and tongues, to have the entire human race worship and respect you as the world ruler of all the kingdoms of earth, and be seen as the great benevolent ruler of mankind; how would you go about it, how would you control the masses and keep them in line?

A.I. Jacob takes you on a journey from beginning to end, where things are not what they seem, where darkness dwells in the hearts and minds of men, where inner circles and promises of wealth and power entice the rulers of men, where deception is its constitution and the players are looked upon as the loving caregivers of humanity, taking care of all their needs from cradle to grave; while an ever growing small majority of others see through the farce, resist and are put down with force.

This is the real world we live in; this is “Artifice – Humanities Deception from Time Immemorial”.

The Alien: A Letter to Future Self

by Marc Seraphs

The heartbreaks, aspirations, grief, hopes and dreams of an earthbound alien.

It is said “the best way to predict the future is to create it,” thus the title “The Alien: a Letter to Future Self”â??a tour of the life of an immigrant (illegal alien) earthbound from soaring to his aspirations yet thriving on therapeutic words from depression and heartache for the future. The narrative is raw, cheeky, insightful yet humorousâ??spanning from finding true love to hope, dreams, happiness, patience and (late blossom) success.

Information: The Key to Understanding Complexity

by Santiago Roel R

Does information create complex order in the Universe? Have we focused too strongly on the energy-mater paradigm that we miss the relevance of information? Is information so obvious we don’t see it? Do information-fields exist? Can information explain complex non-linear causality? And finally, is this a conscious Universe?

In this brief book we explore all these subjects with a fresh perspective. We come from experience. For many years we have worked with achieving radical change in social systems and more specifically, with crime-prevention models. Our lab are cities and states were crime was reduced significantly in a brief period of time. In trying to understand the radical and positive changes we were achieving with our model, we tried to explain it from a theoretical perspective. Both Chaos and Complexity Theory were useful, and yet, there was a missing element: information.

Information is rarely mentioned by Complexity Theory or in any case, only mentioned as an additional variable. This is, to say the least, an understatement, and we were puzzled by this omission.

This book is an invitation to expand and explore information from a fresh perspective.

Going Off the Grid with Campfire Recipes: 25 Survival Recipes You Can Cook without Electricity (Prepper’s Cookbook)

by Julie Peck

Eating off the grid might sound a little strange but it can actually be a fun experience for most. Thousands of people each year go off on a survival or camping weekend and they enjoy it; in fact, they love it! It can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience and you can get a great sense of reality and what skills you really have.

Cooking without electricity is possible even though very few know how to cook outdoors without the use of electricity. However, there are plenty of simple and tasty dishes you can prepare without the need of an electric stove.

Getting back to nature can be simple when you put your mind to it.

Inside You Will Learn:

– What Off The Grid Cooking Is

– 25 Recipes You Can Try Out While Going Off The Grid

– Tips To Help Keep Food Safe From Animals

– How To Store Food Safely

– Basic Errors To Avoid When Cooking Outdoors

– And Much More

This really could give you the inspiration to go to the great outdoors.

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