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Natural Antibiotics: 30 of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Kill Pathogens and Heals Bacterial Infections (Natural Antibiotics, Natural Antibiotics books, Antibiotics)

by Janice Blair

Natural Antibiotics (FREE Bonus Included)

30 of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Kill Pathogens and Heals Bacterial Infections

Alternative or complementary medicine is something to be seriously considered in a world that is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and increasingly dependent on pharmaceutical solutions. Whilst visiting your doctor is always appropriate for more serious conditions, many minor complaints and injuries can be effectively treated at home using natural antibiotics from botanical sources.

Using natural remedies where possible can help boost your body’s natural defense system and offer a gentle alleviation of symptoms based on traditional and organic practices.

This eBook gives an overview of the history, types and uses of alternative and complementary medicines and then examines thirty of the most powerful natural antibiotics, citing the results of recent clinical studies as well as traditional beliefs surrounding non-pharmaceutical medicines for their effectiveness and function. The eBook then takes a look at some of the most common complaints and illnesses and which of these thirty natural antibiotics can be used to help relieve the symptoms.

After reading this eBook, you will feel well-informed about the use of alternative and complementary medicines and about the effects and benefits of our thirty most powerful natural antibiotics. This means that you can make informed choices about the natural remedies available to you.

Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Herbalism
  • Plants and Herbs
  • Spices
  • Oils
  • Miscellaneous
  • Application
  • Review
  • Alternative Medicine in the UK and US
  • Combined Treatments
  • Preparation
  • When to See a Doctor

Read on to find out more about the remarkable healing effects of out thirty most powerful natural antibiotics.

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Successful Health And Safety Management: A Practical Guide To Managing Health And Safety At Work (Operational Excellence Series Book 8)

by Krasimir Kirov

How to Develop and Implement an Effective Health and Safety Management System, Ensure the Safety, Health and Welfare of Your Employees, and Reduce the Losses Associated with Accidents and Sickness Absence

Learn how to design, build, operate, and maintain the appropriate Workplace Health and Safety Management System and improve considerably the effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility of your organization.

Written by a successful business improvement practitioner this no fluff e-book includes:

Learn the Key Elements of a Health and Safety Management System

The key elements of a successful safety and health management system are: Policy and Commitment, Planning, Implementation and Operation, Measuring Performance, Auditing and Reviewing Performance. They comply with the main elements of an occupational safety and health management system as set out in the most legislation systems in different countries. The manner and extent to which the individual elements will be applied will depend on factors such as size of the organization, its management structure, the nature of its activities, and the risks involved.

A Comprehensive 6 – Step Health and Safety Management Model

Learn how to develop, execute, implement, and monitor the 6-step H&S management model. It begins with an initial H&S management system review and continues with developing a workplace health and safety policy. Next, the model continues with the planning stage and the implementation and operation stage, which includes delegating responsibilities, training and awareness, communication, operational control, and emergency preparedness and response. The last two stages are monitoring and measuring performance (including active and reactive monitoring) and safety and health management system auditing and reviewing.

A 5 – Step Risk Assessment Process

A risk assessment is an important step in protecting your workers and your business, as well as complying with the law. It helps you focus on the risks that really matter in your workplace – the ones with the potential to cause real harm.

Learn how to use this simple and straightforward risk assessment process during your health and safety management system implementation.

Learn Why and How to Measure Health and Safety Performance

The primary purpose of measuring health and safety performance is to provide information on the progress and current status of the strategies, processes and activities used by an organization to control risks to health and safety. Measurement information sustains the operation and development of the health and safety management system and the control of risk.

OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Standards

OHSAS 18001:2007 is an internationally applied standard that have been developed in response to customer demand for a recognizable occupational health and safety management system standard against which their management system can be assessed and verified. OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Standard uses a management approach tool called the PDCA cycle. PDCA is an ongoing process that enables an organization to establish, implement and maintain its health and safety policy based on top management leadership and commitment to the safety management system.

Downloadable Templates and Examples

A link to downloadable templates(including ready-to-use Health and Safety Manual and Kit – 89 pages), examples and pictures from the book you can use immediately throughout your Health and Safety Management process.

Learn how to manage safety and health successfully, how to establish and maintain a safety culture, and how to protect people and work environment. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

The Truth About Sunscreen: A Closer Look At The Facts And Myths Behind Sun Exposure And Sun Protection

by Kathy Aquino

Protect your skin or poison your body?

Sunscreens are a polarizing and a confusing topic. The medical establishment claims they reduce skin cancer and that we should use them all the time. Alternative health gurus claim sunscreens are harmful and toxic, and we should avoid them completely. To make things worse, it’s hard to trace which group or which individuals are getting funded from which sources, and whether they represent some special interests.

So what should you do?

In The Truth About Sunscreen, author Kathy Aquino takes an impartial look at the benefits and dangers of using sunscreen. She addresses the following questions:

  • Which common sunscreen ingredients might actually be harmful to your health?
  • Why has sunscreen use not led to lower rates of skin cancer?
  • Can sunscreens help in preventing premature skin aging?
  • Which sunscreens are actually effective against all types of UV radiation?
  • What do sunscreen labels actually mean, and what should you look for?
  • Why should you aim to get some sun exposure without sunscreen?
  • When should you use sunscreen, and which types of sunscreen should you use?
  • What natural alternatives are there to using commercial sunscreens, and how well do they work?
  • Are commercial sunscreens killing coral reefs and harming ocean environments?

The Truth About Sunscreen does more than just answer these questions. It ends with specific recommendations about sun exposure and sunscreens that you can apply easily to your everyday life, year round.

If you have been confused and frustrated by the conflicting information about sunscreens, then scroll up and download The Truth About Sunscreen.

Into The Heart Of The Universe

by Jannatul Ferdous

As the world is progressing and the implications of science is increasing day by day, astronomy has emerged as a new era of knowledge and scientific learning. The fascinating field of stars and sky has always surprised humankind and people all around the globe have tried to find the mysteries behind those realities. Society was not always friendly to them and a number of the scientific minded people had to sacrifice their lives. Today’s advancements of science and technology stands on a huge pile of sacrifice made by Galileo, Bruno, Hypatia and many others. At the advent of my book on Astronomy, I remember them all with profound respect from the depth of my heart.

This book is focused on the core of Astrophysics – the origin and evolution of the universe. But I have also discussed about relativity, quantum mechanics, wormholes and time travel. My goal is to make the knowledge of the fundamental things of the universe accessible to all. Hope everyone will enjoy it!

How to Maths: Algebra

by Richard Taylor

This is a book designed to help kids (or adults) to learn how to work with algebra and algebraic problems. It is aimed at 12-16 year olds as it covers the more basic fundamentals of algebra, but it can also be used as a revision tool, or refresher for those who haven’t seen algebra in a few years.

I am hoping to write more of these (more as a hobby than anything), so I would be grateful for any reviews and/or constructive criticism.

Acne: The Ultimate Acne Solution For Clearer Skin – Discover Little Known Secrets For Natural, Clear & Healthy Skin. Rid Yourself of Acne Forever! (Skin … Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis Book 2)

by Sean Cazar

Make Acne A Thing Of The Past!

As we develop into teenagers the majority of us experience spots or acne of some kind, unfortunately for a small percentage of us this continues into our adult life. This eventually ends up affecting not only our skin, physically, but begins to eat away at our self-image and self-worth as we start to question ourselves on why we still face Acne and it’s negative effects. This increased level of depression and anxiety about Acne can lead to a vicious cycle that can become more prevalent among individuals who suffer from stress and other psychological issues.

Tired Of Feeling Overrun And Overwhelmed By Acne?

Look No Further, I May Just Have The Answer You’re Searching For

By purchasing this book ‘The Ultimate Acne Solution For Clearer Skin’ you will discover proven methods and hidden secrets to rid yourself of Acne forever. Besides learning the basics, how it develops and what it is, you’re going to unearth an entire bounty of traditional treatments and many home remedies.

Heck! I’m even going to go as deep as revealing the lifestyle changes necessary to continue your Acne destroying routine!

So Here’s A Just A Few Of The Topics You’ll Learn About

  • Brief Overview About Acne
  • Available Treatment Options For Acne
  • Home Remedies For Acne
  • Busting The Myths About Acne
  • Lifestyle Changes To Deal With Acne
  • And Much More…

I’m Going To Take 100% Of The Risk For You With My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, You Cannot Go Wrong!

Grab Your Copy Today!

Before it’s too late, take action now and beat Acne for good, download this book ‘The Ultimate Acne Solution For Clearer Skin’ for a limited discounted price of $2.99

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Go to the Light

by tim gregory

“Go to the Light” is the fascinating, true story of a woman who was wrongfully terminated from her employment at a prestigious Detroit hospital, and a hospital security guard who experienced her passing to the “other side.”

“Go to the Light” is an insider account of what really goes on in the security department of a working hospital, and the sometimes strained relationships between employees. For Tim Gregory, security guard, it is also an amazing account of what happened one night at four in the morning, when he personally witnessed a soul “go to the light.”

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