Free sports Kindle books for 09 May 15

Kids guide to 21 commonly found birds (eastern edition) (Eye-discover… nature)

by J. Malcom

First in a series that will feature big colorful photographs to help with identification and to make learning more interesting. This book is a guide to 21 of the most commonly found birds east of the Rocky Mountains. Using 44 photographs, along with facts about all 21 birds, you will learn; where the birds can be found, what they eat, if they will come to a feeder, nesting habits, fun trivia and more. At the back of the book is a page of websites to extend the learning as well as a checklist of the 21 birds that are covered in the book. All done in clear language that kids can understand!

The author is a former teacher and a recently retired homeschooling mom. Both her kids have graduated and left her with time to explore her love of kids books. Being married to an avid birdwatcher made this book the perfect place to start.

Sailing + 33 Sailing Tips & Tricks Bundle Edition (Life Hacks for Sailors, Sailing Guide, Boating and Sailing Adventure)

by Nicolas Szabo

Sailing + 33 Sailing Tips and Tricks Bundle Edition

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I want you to close your eyes and think about your last sailing trip. Was it a spontaneous trip? Or was it carefully arranged? However…I want to give you the possibility to experience more than one good trip in future that you can enjoy without stress.

After reading this book you will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare for a pleasurable sailing trip
  • Prepare the essential gears and equipment to use while sailing and to organize them on board
  • Give your crew and companions the proper briefing before going out into the water
  • Give your crew and companions the proper motivation while on the water
  • Gain some ideas on what to do during the last day of the sailing trip
  • Learn some of the basics about sailing and sail boats, such as the types of sail boats and its main parts, and some basic sailing techniques and terminologies

33 Sailing Tips & Tricks for Sailors

It is very difficult to go on a journey on your ship when you do not have the right materials and/or knowledge to handle it as stress-free as possible. In this book, “33 Sailing Tips for Sailors”, you will read 33 useful insights that will help you master every situation on your next cruise.

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To Save a Life

by Misty Wesley

To Save a Life is about how firefighters save lives on a daily basis each and every day. Firefighters extinguish “Sparky” and they put their lives on the line everyday to save all of us. How do they extinguish “Sparky”? Who is “Sparky”? Find out for yourself!!!

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