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Cruise a la Carte

by Brian David Bruns

32 behind-the-scenes morsels to entertain and delight.

Discover life below the waterline, where dozens of nationalities combine into a true melting pot. From the 2X Humor Book of the Year author comes the memories, the dramas, and most of all the laughs, of a job unlike anything else in the world. We enjoy vacation. They live adventure.

The Cockpit (Flight Crew Book 1)

by Poppy Snow

Junior flight attendant, Bonnie Oliver, might be a preacher’s daughter, but now that she flies the sexy skies, she can’t wait to explore her spicy new world!

**This fun encounter is 6000 words (approximately 27 print pages) in length and features adult M/F & F/F themes, language and situations.**

The Cockpit (Book one of the Flight Crew series.)

Junior Flight Attendant, Bonnie Oliver, shares a wild passenger encounter with a stranger, flirts with her favorite lesbian Senior Flight Attendant, and finally loses her virginity to her sexy captain.


Bonnie made 6D’s scotch on the rocks, set it on a linen-covered tray, then delivered it with a slight bob. She’d hoped rubbing her legs together would ease the growing pressure, but if anything, it’d heightened her urgency.

“Thank you.” He appraised her with the kind of hunger Rachel had taught her to recognize in passengers. Rachel stayed away from horny customers, but she obviously didn’t have the same needs as Bonnie.

“While you’re hereâ?¦” 6D smiled. His sandy-colored hair and chiseled good looks only worsened her situation. “Would you mind giving me a hand with the window shade. I can’t get it up.”

“I’m sorry.” She wished his words hadn’t taken her mind straight to the bedroom. “Not being able to get it up can be a bother. Maybe I can help?”

The row sat three, but only the center seat he occupied was taken. He was a tall, well-built man, and held his long legs parted.

To reach the window, she’d have to straddle him. “Pardon me, sir. To get it up may take some maneuvering.”

“By all meansâ?¦” He gestured for her to try squeezing past, but of course, she couldn’t without her aching pussy brushing atop his right knee. The sudden, delicious pressure caused her to sharply inhale.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, wishing, wishing he’d move his hand the short distance down the length of his thigh to give her a little rub. “This task’s harder than I’d expected.”

“Want me to help?” he asked.

Assuming he was still talking about the window shade, mouth dry, pulse racing, Bonnie checked to make sure Rachel was busy, then sucked her lower lip into her mouth for a breathy nod.

But when the passenger shocked her by sliding his big hand not only up her inner thigh, but well under her skirt, easing his finger beneath her panties, she gasped, bracing her hands against his seat back. “Sirâ?¦”

The Flight Crew series:

Book One–The Cockpit

Book Two–The Landing Strip

Book Three–The Layover

Book Fourâ??Instrument Landing (Coming soon!)

Berlin’s different City and Travel Guide: A healthy and impressive day experience in the German capital (ART WALKS Book 1)

by Ralph van Och

Berlin is different. Unfortunately, most City and Travelling Guides featuring the German Capital are not.

It’s a pity but not a problem. Now you can easily experience Berlin’s most impressive sights and even hidden beauty off the beaten tracks in just one day. Furthermore, “Berlinâ??s different City and Travel Guide” can even do much for your mental health and physical fitness. Possibly, this impressive one day experience will change your life. At least, it can be a first step towards a better understanding of Berlin, art, particularly impressionism and why walking is so important for your body and mind.

Berlin can make you happy. Hardly any other European city is so sexy and full of highlights. Countless historical sites and famous buildings can be found right next to a variety of museums and other highlights.

On well-trodden paths along the sights of Berlin, you can experience many places and situations full of magic and contrasts that make Berlin so unique. However, even beyond the main tourist routes visitors and locals can discover an impressive Berlin. Or re-experience it.

A fascination that more than eleven million overnight guests want to experience annually.

And those who meet Berlin on foot can even do much for their health.

This ART WALK guides you through Berlin-Mitte. In 16,000 steps, it goes from Potsdamer Platz, Gendarmenmarkt and Nikolai district, past the Red City Hall and Berlin Cathedral through the government district to the Brandenburg Gate and the Tiergarten.

This book includes the most beautiful motives as impressionistic artworks, enriched with lots of information. Berlin, walking, culture, art and nature – is there a healthier and more beautiful combination?

RV Lifestyle: The Guide to Frugal Living on Wheels or How to Live Independent, Stress and Debt Free Life While Travelling Wherever You Want

by Lewis Parker

Discover How to Get Fully Prepared for RV Lifestyle!

Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

As wild as wilderness is, choosing a lifestyle that comforts, elates and defines you is highly necessary for all of our happy existence. Being out on the roads, in its wild grasp and dark reality sans any home or house can certainly guarantee different objectives, pleasure and success to different people. If you are an adventurous and wild person who thumbs down backpacking or leaving your home for too long because of a vacation, it is time that you trip on Recreational Vehicle lifestyle, which is travelling on Wheels!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding the Basics of RV Lifestyle
  • Choosing the Right RV
  • Tactics of Frugal, Independent and Stress-free Living with RV Travelling
  • Tips, Etiquettes and Issues for Successful RV Travelling
  • A Glossary to RV Lifestyle

Download your copy today!

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The Expat – Mission Iraq

by marcel al- madanat

In the period between June 2012 and April 2013 I had the privilege to work as an expat – IT & telecommunications major incident manager in Baghdad, for a company looking after a mobile operators network.

The experience was an such an eye opener , to the extent that I think I am now obliged to share it with the world.My hope is only that you enjoy reading this humble contribution, walk in my shoes and learn what I had learned.

I hope the book will bring you realization, joy and help you in your own journey.

This book has multiple aspects that are definitely worth , there is a strong motivational message the reader concludes to by the end of the book, it aims to help people change their perspective on life to the better, allowing them to attract all what is good in life and deal with any set backs along the way.

The author has a sense of detail that makes the reader sort of walk in his shoes, allowing the grasp of the full experience and an element of thrill. The book as well reflects on the local Iraqi people mentality, traditions, human nature and the power of adaption. It sheds light on the role of Iraqi women in the society and as part of the working force.

The book – as it could not have been ignored- also sheds light on the current daily life of the local Iraqi people and their struggle against the raging ongoing sectarian gang war that already harvested the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

There is also an emphasis on the bright side of the culture and the writer has a particularly smart sense of humor that is guaranteed to make you smile.

The book includes a history section for all to trace the political problem back to its roots and understand from where did the current miserable situation in Iraq raised from and how the normal people view it.

The book as a true story includes many useful tips for the Expats out there, or those who are thinking to embark on their first expat journey.

All in all definitely a book worth reading.

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