Free war Kindle books for 09 May 15

The Bloodline Curse: Book I. The Fall of the Wolf.

by Masamune Sed

Imagine that your entire existence was pre-calculated. Your destiny set from the moment you were born. Imagine that you are nothing short of royalty. That was the existence meant for Michael Wolf. Trained and groomed by his father Michael was living up to the expectations placed upon him, until one day everything went up in flames. Suspecting conspiracy against his family and having lost his father, Michael abandons his name and seals the powers given to him by the bloodline curse and embarks on a difficult journey of climbing the ranks as an ordinary orphan. Will he find the culprit behind the tragic event that ripped his life apart? Will he succeed in the way he was meant to while having his powers sealed? And then there is a matter of a contract…

This first installment sets the stage for Michael’s quest for justice and salvation.

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