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Surrender (Surrender Trilogy Book 1)

by Jennifer Burrows

This is the first book in the Surrender Trilogy. It has been recently re-edited. Katherine Anderson was living a dream life. She came from an influential family, had a successful career as a food critic, and was about to marry the man of her dreams. Her life suddenly takes a change for the worse when she finds her fiancé in the arms of another woman. Her dream wedding now cancelled, she tries to find herself in Italy, on a trip she was supposed to be taking with her new husband.

Massimo “Tony” Bertalucci has had his life destroyed by a cartel known to be trafficking black market olive oil out of Italy and around the world. While the cartel thought the entire Bertalucci family was dead and buried, Tony remains very much alive and determined to find a way to get his life back.

When Tony and Katherine’s worlds collide, she becomes Tony’s only hope of escaping Italy alive. What Katherine doesn’t realize is that this charming, unassuming Italian man is using her to save his own life. Will she be able to get back to the states safely, or will she be subjected to the same fate as Tony’s family? Will Tony find a way to stop running? Or will he have to surrender his life to the cartel?

From Courtrooms to Cupcakes

by Niki Malherbe

Dominique is a self-righteous, headstrong lawyer, driven by the unconscious yearning for the approval of her successful mother, a judge, and an intellectually- demanding husband who, while raising four children, comes to the realization that she is, primarily, a mother. Her turmoil is evident from the time her first child is three months old when, thwarted by the demands of an uncooperative baby, she slumps down in the baby-rocker and begins to write. After all, she wasn’t really interested in children before she had one of her own. “I’m not even sure they interested me after I’d had my own,” she confesses.

From Courtroom to Cupcakes is the lighthearted story of her personal crisis: the story of an ordinary mother who finds sanity in writing and recording the endearing conversations of her children as she fetches and carries them to and from school- often while waiting at red robots.

Her conflicts follow her while she and her husband temporarily escape the corporate world, seeking a life of undiscovered adventure by travelling overseas with their two young children. But her attempts at finding a â??balanced life’ are complicated with the advent of baby number three and two years later, baby number four. Mindful of her own mother’s strength and success and the expectations of a patient husband who feels as though he has been misrepresented – believing her to be uncompromisingly career-orientated – it is through her obsessive documentation of it all that she finally comes to terms with the fact that she is, simply, a mother.

Her journey is related in a part-diary, part-narrative style, during which she meticulously scribbles down her reflections and thoughts of events that unfold. The culmination of these observations – honest and mostly humorous though often poignant and challenging of modern-day notions – is ultimately in completing her story which is what she finds most rewarding in her quest for inner peace.

King Kamehameha The Great: King of the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii History, A Biography

by Kale Makana

Discover King Kamehameha The Great…

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They say that one cannot truly understand a man unless one has walked a mile in their shoes. How would that ideology apply to a nation? What if it were one man that seemingly built a nation? What if this one man did not exist? Many would say to shoulder one person with such responsibility is cruel. Others say this is the way of honor. Yet, for one man, this was the truth of his life. That man is King Kamehameha.

Born a child like every other human being on the face of the planet, just like you and me, this man was born under a prophecy that would control the course of his life and set forth into motion the future of a kingdom that would affect the entire world. Hidden away from the age of four until the age of majority, he was taught the warrior ways of his people, unaware that every event in his life was to lay groundwork for him to rule one day. He was born destined to be the king that would trample all other kings.

Upon assuming control of the lands inherited by him, Kamehameha used his unparalleled intelligence and skills of the time to begin immediately fulfilling the prophecy that surrounded his birth, but his goal was not always greatness. His goal was that of many kingsâ??peace and prosperity for his subjects. Many of the battles he was involved in began over revenge for injustices done to him or his extended family. All he wanted was peace. Yet, had he not sought his honorable ways, Hawaii would have never been the state it was.

Many people know of Hawaii for its beauty and as a tropical destination hotspot, but very few know that Hawaii is single-handedly responsible for cornering the market on the sandalwood trade, which funded his quest for peace. Without him, Hawaii never would have been unified under one rule. This would have left it open to be conquered by the visiting Europeans who began arriving in the late 1700’s. Could you imagine a British Hawaii or a Chinese Hawaii? Imagine what might have happened had Kamehameha been eliminated as a child, as many tried to do. Find out why he was called â??The Lonely One’.

Kamehameha was also a stout traditionalist. His â??Law of the Splintered Paddle’ has transcended time and was later incorporated into the Constitution of Hawaii. As you peruse the pages of this book, you will see how King Kamehameha rose from birth to death and became one of the greatest monarchs of time. Discover how in one generation, all a man’s achievements can be overturned, but his legacy will continue. Take an informational trip that describes the origins of the Hawaiian Islands, the similarities between the first settlers of the islands and the Vikings, and the birth of Hawaii’s â??Great King’. Follow his battles and see how those battles impacted Hawaii’s history and created the wonderful destination spot you know today. Discover King Kamehameha the Great.

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It’s egg and cress, do you want it?: A warning to the cheerful from a failed, rudderless adult

by Fweng Ebola

Fweng Ebola, 28, is a thin, self-made millionaire who sells whatever. He lives in a vast house in London with his really hot wife and their seven adorable children. His life is brilliant, he goes to bed whenever he wants, and he never has to do any more homework.

At least that’s how he thought his future would pan out when he was a kid. Instead he’s a useless fatarse who’s hit forty, with a miserable job and no-one to cuddle during those cold, lonely nights.

This is the autowhyography of a complete nobody that looks back at an existence spent bouncing around a series of dead-end jobs and having as many holidays as possible whilst eating beige comfort food and consuming the odd drug so that he might bring some shallow, endorphin-based respite from the crushing realisation that he’s accomplished absolutely bugger-all with his miserable f*!king life.

It’s Egg and Cressâ?¦ is a cautionary tale to anyone who thinks that leaving things to chance and waiting for something to happen is a good idea.

Hoping For Rain

by Catherine Kerr-Phillips

Catherine is a fifteen year old schoolgirl who wishes she could just be that little bit more popular, and is sure that once she improves herself, everything will be brilliant, the taunts will stop, and everyone will accept her for who she is. Her new year’s resolution is to lose weight, just like many of her friends. But whereas her friends tire quickly of their diets, Catherine is fuelled by self loathing and gets the results she wants-fast. But she can’t stop, and her diet rapidly becomes a nightmarish cycle of starving and tortuous exercise routines. As her body shuts down and begins to break, Catherine can feel her grip on life slipping away, and realises she doesn’t want to die. But anorexia is an illness that doesn’t like being cured, and how do you get better when you’re the germ for your own disease?

Trailer Life: True Tales of a 7 Year RV Adventure

by Karrie Bunting

Selling your home and moving somewhere new is always an adventure. Selling your home in the suburbs and moving to the country to live in an RV while you build your dream house is an epic journey that only the tenacious can survive. Join Karrie Bunting as she becomes that tenacious survivor and recounts her hilarious and sometimes epic tale of living the TRAILER LIFE. For seven years she battled wildlife, waged war against the laundromat (it won), and raised kids in the untamed California mountains while trying to help her husband build their dream home. At a point when she nearly lost all hope that they would ever finish the house, the unthinkable occurred that forced her to remember what matters most.

Discoveries in the Closet: A Young Man’s Struggle with Faith and Sexuality

by LA Jamison

What if someone who had no political or religious motivations could tell their experiences with faith and sexuality in a very raw, real way? I am that person. The options were before me: homosexuality was a choice and I could change to a straight man or I was born gay.

Hear What Others are Saying About This Book

Joe Kort, Ph.D, MSW, MA, Director of The Center of Relationship and Sexual Health, Royal Oak, MI states: “LA bravely shares his story that is both insightful and suprisingly humorous given the traumas he experienced in the Ex-Gay world. His bravery will no doubt inspire others to overcome their own obstacles. I was deeply moved by this book.”

Rachel Crandall-Crocker, MSW, LMSW, ACSW proclaims , “LA gives great insight into the coming out process. I highly recommend this book!”

Discoveries In the Closet is a great read for anyone interested in men’s sexuality and especially if you are:

*someone interested in the gay cure industry and/or hasn’t experienced the

change they were led to believe they would experience

*someone dealing with the effects of being bullied.

*Someone who still has questions about their faith integrating with their sexuality.

You still have questions and you are afraid to ask them. Coming out is a beautiful love story. This book is most importantly a story about seeking the love of the divine, self and others.

Who are You?

by Rose Roberts

Who are You?

by Rose Roberts

You have heard it was said, â??an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ but I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also . . .

In relating my story, it is not my intention to harm or judge anyone. It is not a story about revenge or even retribution, but simply the story of my life. We all walk down different paths in this life, some turnings are of our choosing and others are simply steps along the voyage. It is my hope that as you share my journey through life, you might learn something that may help you or a loved one.

The news story of Allen Turncliffe abandoning his children in the bush in 1949 is true. What follows on these pages is what happened to me. I have changed the names of the characters, except for Allen and Laura Turncliffe, Billy and Edith Landry, and me – Rose. The actions of my siblings and all others in the book are a creation of how things may have been. The truth – if we are ever to know it – lies somewhere in between.

I love my children and my one fear in life is that I did not or could not show that love in a way I should have. For me, the greatest sin in life is for any parent to fail their children, either by not providing the necessities of life or by abusing them physically or mentally.

The other constant in my life has been my love of God. At times, I may have neglected God, but God never abandoned me. I believe we are all important to God, for God created each of us.

God loves us, each and every one.

Peace be with you.



Rose Roberts is retired and lives with her husband Barry in a beautiful country place in the  Belleville area.

Rose’s favorite  past times are  Fishing  Reading and Traveling.

She is blessed with 5 children, 11 Grand children and 8 Great-Grand children.

(co-author W.W. Walton)

Who are you? 1st ed.

Print: ISBN 13: 978-1-926614-28-1

Beauty in the Breaking: Reflections on Stillbirth (a short memoir)

by Amanda Mageras

“A story that needs to be told!”

“Brave, uplifting and beautifully communicated. A real work of art!”

In a uniquely poignant memoir about stillbirth, author Amanda Mageras relates the beautiful and positive experiences that can manifest out of loss.

“Beauty in the Breaking” sheds a light of optimism for grieving parents, a perspective that illustrates how honoring one’s own heart while working towards acceptance can uncover beauty and value that may otherwise get lost in the shadows of despair.

Raw and refreshing, it peels back the emotional layers of the author’s experience, and reveals a journey towards self-love and healing … a journey that is at times uplifting and at others heartbreakingly vivid, but always relates to the core of what it is to grieve and heal.

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