Free historical fiction Kindle books for 10 May 15

Western: Boot Hill: Reckoning

by Luis Antwoord

When Issac is confronted with enemies coming for his hide, he must once again stand tall and hold his ground. When he finds out that these are fierce fighting men from his past seeking revenge for the death of a family member, he calls for help. He takes the men for a horrific ride through the desert in the hopes of making them lose their spirits for revenge, but will it be enough? And when the chips are down can he count on help to come?

Aaron’s Story (War Leader Book 2)

by Mikelle Fraizer

England in 1066 had a new king, William the Conqueror, a man beset with rebellions. His War Leader discovers his captain has an illegitimate son, a boy who has run away from his step-father and possibly killed him to get away. The boy joins the War Leader as a page at the age of thirteen, and grows up in Lord Voth’s household as a servant, returning to court at age sixteen as Voth’s squire. Aaron at this young age has already seduced a village maiden, rebutted the advances of a young man at court, and found a way of protecting himself from unwanted male advances – fist-fighting. He grows to be a fearless champion of the weak, taking tremendous risks, and finding the unobtainable woman – the Viking princess from the previous volume in this trilogy, War Leader. The romance/action-adventure story can be read as a stand-alone story or as the sequel to War Leader. Footnotes in the story are provided for the novice medieval reader.

A Western Romance: Paul Yancey: Taking the High Road (Book 8) (Western Mystery Romance Series Book 8)

by Morris Fenris


Paul Yancey is not what you’d call a professional anything. After leaving Belle Clare Plantation, he’d drifted from city to city, from job to job, without ever really finding himself or his niche in life.

Until the fateful hunting trip on which he’d accompanied his brother Matthew, a former Texas Ranger. Their time together out in the Texas hill country was supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Instead, they’d happened across Arliss Helms, cattle thief and stagecoach robber. Later, Paul writes the story of their meeting and apprehension and sells it to a newspaper chain. From there, he’s off and running in his new career. A respectable one, no less.

Other outlaws and gunslingers cross his path; other stories follow.

Now comes one that will be the biggest to hit print. If he can secure it.

Catamount Clemens is holed up in some hideaway near Mount Whitney. Not only must Paul track him down, but he must do it before other forces interfere.

With speed and proficiency in mind, Paul hires the Fergusons, a guide duo from Carson City. Father and son, Ezra and Teddy. Or is it? Too late, Paul discovers that Teddy is actually Theodosia, a girl with a mystery of her own.

How quickly they can reach Paul’s quarry depends on too many unpredictable factors.

Not the least of which is his growing attraction to the capable and efficient Miss Ferguson.


Taking the High Road is a series of 10 western romance and western mystery books detailing the adventures and exploits of the Yancey Brothers.


Undefeated: Book 1

by Jonathan Brigden

Undefeated is a short story of revenge, set in a fantasy world full of monsters and mystical beings

Myers is The Beast of Dansir, a voluntary gladiator that has never lost a battle in the arena. He has no true purpose in life, until one fateful day when he discovers the existence of terrifying creatures. Along the way he discovers the origins of such creatures, and is forced into a race against time to stop one that has been terrorizing the people for hundreds of years. He makes an unlikely alliance along the way with one man, and together they form a formidable team against the evil darkness.

  • Estimated Read Time: 20 minutes, 4200 words.
  • Fantasy, Horror and Mystery all in one short tale.
  • Book 1 in a series of 5 books.

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