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ROME : Ancient Rome: Roman History and The Roman Empire (Rise and Fall, Roman Military, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece)

by Roy Jackson

Learn the History and Legends of Ancient Rome!

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Do you want to know more about this fascinating and influential civilization? Have you always wondered about the rise and fall of the Roman Republic and Empire? Would you like to know how the Romans made their mark on Western culture?

When you download Ancient Rome, you’re well on your way to becoming a history buff! This fascinating book could be the beginning of an engrossing history hobby. You’ll be proud to show off your knowledge of Ancient Roman history to your friends and family!

Ancient Rome starts at the very beginning, with Rome’s Founding by the mythical Romulus and Remus. It continues past the era of kings into the founding of the Roman Republic. You’ll learn about how the Romans put in place a law code and began to expand their Republic throughout Italy and beyond.

You’ll find out about all three Punic Wars, and how Rome’s expansion as a Mediterranean power led to the dissolution of the Republic. Ancient Rome describes the life of the iconic Julius Caesar – the man who was the catalyst for the transition from Republic to Empire. His rise and fall, and the ascendance of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, is a tale told for over 2000 years.

Finally, you’ll learn about the Roman Emperors that followed Augustus. Ancient Rome introduces you to famous names such as Titus, Nero, and Constantine. The story continues into the 5th Century AD – when the Western Roman Empire finally fell.

Download Ancient Rome now, and start gaining knowledge about this amazing and iconic culture!

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GREEK MYTHOLOGY: Greek Gods Of Ancient Greece And Other Greek Myths – Discovering Greek Mythology (Greece, Hellenistic, Titans, Norse Mythology, Egyptian … Ancient Greece, Titans, Greek Myths Book 1)

by Nicos Walsh

Discover the Amazing World and Compelling Mythology of the Ancient Greeks!

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No matter how much time has passed, the stories told by the Ancient Greek people still have relevance today!

Have you ever wished you were more educated on the myths of Ancient and Classical Greece?

Greek Mythology takes you on an amazing journey of discovery, as you learn about the Titans, Olympians, and Heroes of old. You’ll learn how the primordial forces came together to shape the world. You’ll also learn the fascinating tales of how the Titans clashed with each other and the Olympians that came after them. Also, you’ll learn about the heroic adventures of the mighty Heracles!

This interesting book includes information on over 25 different characters of Ancient Greek mythology. You can search for your favorite names, and learn all about their legendary lives and accomplishments. You’ll also find out what concepts and lifestyles each deity is related to!

Enjoy the ancient legends of Zeus, Athena, Heracles, and many others!

Download GREEK MYTHOLOGY – Discovering Greek Mythology (Ancient Greece, Titans, Gods, Zeus, Hercules) NOW to find out about this fascinating culture and its enrapturing mythology!

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EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY : Discovering Egyptian Mythology, Ancient Egypt, The Myths, The Gods, Monsters And Other Beings !

by Thomas J Morgan

Discover Egyptian Mythology

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You’ll most likely find what you’re looking for in this book, then! There’s a plethora of information about the different Gods and Goddesses that inhabited the religious era of the Egyptians, all the way from Re, the Sun God, to Khonsu, the Moon God.

Read further to find out more information about:

    â?? A history of Egyptian mythology
    â?? The Gods and Goddesses of the Ogdoad of Hermopholis
    â?? The prominent gods and goddesses of Egypt
    â?? The creation myth
    â?? The sun god myth
    â?? The myth of Osiris
    â?? The Royal Child myth
    â?? The journey of the sun myth
    â?? The end of the universe myth
    â?? And the minor gods and goddesses of Egypt!

I guaranteed you’ll find one piece of information in this book that you did not know before about Egyptian history and mythology. There are many different Gods and Goddesses that were scattered throughout Egypt and worshipped greatly.

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Discovered: A New Shakespeare Sonnet (or three, actually) (Shakespeare Authorship Without Ciphers or Conspiracies)

by Gilbert Wesley Purdy

Late in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I an anthology of pirated poems was published in London. It was almost immediately called in by the authorities. Only a tiny number of copies still exist.

Among the pirated poems were anonymous songs and sonnets, one of which fits the profile, established and fine-tuned by centuries of scholars, for Shakespeare attribution like no other candidate for the past 300 years. *Discovered: A New Shakespeare Sonnet* follows the trail of people and events that resulted in the publication of the anthology and documents the perfunctory treatment of the text by 19th century and early 20th century scholars who saw no reason to investigate it at length. Next it closely inspects the 16th century texts once again to uncover the existence of a poem that bears a stunning relationship to the works of Shakespeare.

Statistical tables, close textual comparisons and related commentaries are provided in this book. All make clear the unmistakable authorial hand of William Shakespeare.

At least two other poems also bear strong resemblance to the works of the Bard but neither is so pure and perfect a match as this poem. They are noted here, with brief analytical comments, in preparation for further monographs.

Holy Land Collection: Israel vs. The World: The Apple of God’s Eye in the End of Time; and Jesus, Jews & Jerusalem: Past, Present and Future of the City … Bible, God’s Land, God’s People, Prophecy)

by Ricky King

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Check out what others are sayingâ?¦

In telling this story I am not interested in taking any side. I just want to tell the story of how one small nation and a small group of people have had the tenacity and courage to defy the odds and preserve an ancient culture that has become the epicenter of not just conflict but religion, philosophy and human society as a whole.

The history of Israel is not infinite, and Jews and Judaism did not begin as the nation of Israel. Many forget the fact that Judaism predates any known reference of a Jewish nation state. After 3000 odd years, Israel is now such an integral part of the Jewish identity, it is understandably hard to imagine a time before its founding.

As we look to the very foundation of the first state of Israel we can look no further than the first King of Israel. Yes, what is it a nation wants after they have become a homogenized group? They want a King to lead them off course! And as is mentioned in Samuel, the people of Israel cried out to God to give them a King. And what they received was Saul the first King of Israel.

This book provides credible information about Jerusalem and its future prophecy.

This line of thought would persist through the years in many different forms, eventually leading to a replacement ideology that left Jerusalem out of future prophecy altogether.

“The World is God’s Footstool”. And even as millions pray for peace from among Judaism, Christianity and Islam, no matter what happens in the future, Jerusalem has been, and will remain, the center of the world and the center of God’s plan for humanity.

WHO is this Book for?

  • Foreign students who wish to understand Israel, then and now.
  • Biblical scholars who want to study the history of Israel.

  • Historians and students who wish to understand biblically the history of Israel and the impact of its prophecies to the world.
  • Bible scholars who are interested to study Jerusalem and Words of God.
  • Historians who are studying Rome and Jerusalem and are looking for an answer to the City of God.
  • REASONS to Buy this Book:

    1. It defines Israel in a manner we hadn’t understand before.
    2. This book will help us understand Israel as a nation of God and as a nation of the world.

    3. We will understand why this nation had been the Apple of God’s Eye.
    4. This book will help us understand the conflicts Israel had as a nation, then and now.

    5. And at the end of time, the prophecy of God in relation to the faith of Israel, we will understand.
    6. This book will open our eyes to the prophesied City of God.
    7. This book provides information about Jerusalem: The Praise of the Earth!

    8. History of Jerusalem from the Old Testament to the New Testament as declared in the Bible.
    9. Jerusalem, city of God. Is this the true city of God that He will save? Find out here as we study.
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    Girl Raises Sunrise: A Pride and Prejudice Origin Story (Girl Rocks Universe Book 9)

    by C M Mitchell

    Now published the revised Second Edition!

    There have been many ‘what if’ variation stories of the timeless love between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, but as often, every story has a story before that, as every time in history had a moment that proceeded it. What if the love between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth was not the beginning of things, but there was a love story that proceeded it? What if years before there was another Bennet girl who fell in love with a Darcy man, and would be the beginning of what would lead to the greatest romantic tale in the world: pride and prejudice. Here is the story of that woman and man, who would be the beginnings of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

    It’s a philosophy, widely believed, with every beginning of a story, even that story’s beginning has a beginning before it.

    Jacqueline Bennet was a young girl born into the English nobility, when tragedy struck her and her life was turned upside down. Losing all her family, wealth and land, a servant of her family takes her and they flee to France, where Jacqueline soon finds that she will have to live out the rest of her life as a servant. Once she overcomes her despair, Jacqueline adapts to her new life, and grows up to serve a family of Baronesses in Paris

    during the time of the Renaissance. Under a family of horrendous manners and principles, she does her best to survive. However one day she comes upon a group of criminals chasing along her lands, she decides to help the person who is pursuing them, only to find out that the man she helps is Henry D’Arcy, one of the Princes of France. Due to pride, they clash but soon they undergo a fun journey together that leads to adventure, intrigue, an adoration, and the beginnings of a love story that will begin the chain reaction to what would turn out to lead to one of the greatest love stories of all time: the tale of Pride and Prejudice.

    Here comes a story that is not about the ending of the great love story that is between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, but rather it is the tale that inspired it!

    The American Book of Daze: A Holiday Marketing Manual for Small Business

    by By Michael scott

    A comprehensive survey of American Holidays by law and secular events celebrated in the United States of America from 2015 to 2020. Includes Sales statistics for major marketing holidays and brief histories for each event. If you are in business you need this book!

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