Free poetry Kindle books for 10 May 15

Wings of Emotions Volume II

by Euphonos

Splendid poems in this volume take you to a new level of voice that deserves to be heard from the depth of consciousness.

A profound testament to unconditional love, loss and hope, this free flowing verse paints a picture of the first breathless moments of new love to the heartache of letting go. Each word is a swath of elegance and grace that will linger in the halls of your memory for years to come.

Pages of Pain: Presented by Silently Heard

by Kimberly Floria

A book of poetry that speaks to today’s challenges that humanity is facing. Kimberly’s words are fierce and unapologetic. Her words and emotions are raw and to the point. Words she hopes will inspire world peace or at the least change.



This is S. E. McKenzie’s fourteenth epic poem which explores what may have been.

Strike me loving you: Poems to dedicate


Compilation of unpublished poems in which the author uses simple language, free of elaborate phrases to show her own style without miserliness to communicate emotions and feelings. Ideal to give a present to the couple, friend, or an unrequited love; because many people will identify with the content, interpreting each of the compositions in their own way and adjusting them to their own experiences to give them a personal direction unique and unrepeatable.

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