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Detox: 5 Day Cleanse To Detox, Burn Fat, Slim Down and Stay Healthy (Detox,burn fat,slim down,stay healthy,cleanse,smoothie recipes,weight loss,)

by Nancy Oneil

Do You Want To Lose Weight And Live Healthier?

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Do you want to detox your body? Are you always tired throughout the day? Are you tired of what you are seeing in the mirror and want to improve your body?

This ultimate cleanse will transform you into a healthier person. You’ll see a dramatic change in yourself and more energy throughout your day.

Within this book’s pages you’ll find the answers to these questions and more. Just some of the questions and topics covered.

  • What are toxins and how do they get into our bodies?
  • The most common toxins
  • The five day detox solution diet
  • Life after detox
  • Recipes to stay healthy after detox

This book breaks detoxing down into easy-to-understand modules. It starts from the very beginning of preparing to detox, so you can get great results – even as a beginner!

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Be Human

by Vangari Vishwa Mohan

The human society is becoming inhuman society day-by-day. Inhuman elements are on the rise. Violence has become a universal challenge. Human misery caused by the inhuman acts is indescribable. Human values and value system are eroded by the evil forces to such an extent where there is no value for life itself. There prevails, the ideology of hate, violence, crime, unrest, disorder and unruliness. The book endeavors to mirror the beautiful and also the ugly face of the society. It calls for the humanity to develop a humane society that is free from crime and criminality; violence and hatred; evils and ill-feelings, a society where peace and harmony prevail; a loving and caring society.

Prepping and Self Sufficiency With A Minimalism Life Guide: Prepping for Beginners and Survival Guides

by Publishing Speedy

Many people believe in prepping. This helps to ensure that enough supplies such as food and water are readily available in a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency. This is crucial in today’s day and age because weather events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, floods and tornadoes can impact a community’s methods of getting food, water, medical care and electricity. Prepping can help ensure that families can survive for days, weeks, or event months which is essential to the survival of mankind.

The Passion of Primal Force: The Doorway to the Immortal Soul

by Donna Marie Cusano

Two thousand years ago the earth witnessed the miracle of Christ in human form. The descent of Christ energy into physical man created a doorway for Primal Force to enter. Journey into the mind of Christ through the eyes of Primal Force!

The Assertive Woman: A Kenyan’s Perspective on Modern Working Women

by Mary Nihli

A Kenyan English teacher is hired to write a book following only this instruction: “Write a book about women struggling to find their voices in a male dominated work environment.” This is that book. The result is at times reminiscent of mid-century American women, and other times displays a deep distrust of men. This unique view of feminism sparks an appreciation for how far American women have come, and how similar challenges still present today are experienced in other parts of the world.

“Informative, yet almost artistic–in that, you find yourself wondering what life must be like for the author as she researches and writes this book. It’s an experience in sheep’s wool. A really interesting view on gender inequality.”

“In and of itself, the contents of this book are somewhat offensive–to both women and men. Frequent generalizations and an old-fashioned view of women. However, given the background of why and how this was written, it provides a fascinating perspective on the state of female inequality.”

Build a Survival Safe Home: Setting Up a Home Security Safe Place to Be During a Tornado or Severe Storm (Build a Survival Safe Home, Build a Survival Safe House, Survi)

by Paulina Cross

Build a Survival Safe Home (FREE Bonus Included)

Setting Up a Home Security Safe Place to Be During a Tornado or Severe Storm

I repute nature to be awe-inspiring since it has made us what we are today but looking a little further, you may figure out that nature acts terrifyingly to hurt us. Do you know how risky a tornado or a severe storm can be? Alright, close your eyes and remember the Berryville tornado of 1942. Whether it’s a tornado or an earthquake, it’s terrible to think about the penalties.

Can you stand before the Nature and override the consequences of the natural disasters? The answer must be â??Not at all’. You have any idea that a number of people die in America every single year due to tornadoes? Alright, I know that you don’t want to be one of the preys of tornado. I have come here to help you upsurge security at your home and gain power to stand against the tide.

These are the packages rampant in this eBook:

  • Tornado safety check
  • Footsteps to survive tornadoes
  • Construction of tornado resistant homes
  • Tornado survival kit
  • Tornado survival drill

Tornado isn’t as dangerous as it jingles if you consider installing simple security systems at your home. No worries, it’s not a tough task. With about $1000 and all that jazz, you would be ready to charge ahead. However, it can be quite hard to choose among security schemes and know a thing or two about the whole lot available. Just install a security system and stay safe.

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The New Declaration of Independence

In a time of epic government corruption and out of control politicians leading the American people further down the road of tyranny, it is time that we remind the politicians on capital hill who the masters are and who the servants are. This is our country fought and died for by our ancestors and if they think that we will just stand back and watch them tear it to pieces then they can read this to.

Dying to Live: Suffering in the First-World

by Eric Carlson

A societal critique of suffering in the first-world.

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