Free religious fiction Kindle books for 10 May 15


by Brian Weimer

Following recent sightings of mysterious lights in the night sky, the account of a traumatized woman, and a local suicide, supernatural investigator Josh Blair and University student Daniel Summers are drawn into the heart of the battle between good and evil, uncovering the connection to seemingly unrelated events as powerful dark forces threaten to destroy them and their entire city.

The Professor’s Conundrum (The Cloud Brothers Short Stories Book 4)

by James Field

During a lecture, Professor Maurice Masterson, resolute advocate of physics and logic, presents a mystery that drives him crazy. Only one student has conviction enough to offer a solution – God alone knows if he’s right.

Alf, Bert, and Professor Maurice Masterson are minor characters from the ‘Cloud Brothers’ series. Nonetheless, their lives are so interesting that I feel compelled to recount their exploits.

Every so often, between the Cloud Brother’s major adventures, I plan to release a free short story. Here’s the fourth, ‘The Professor’s Conundrum’, in which the professor of physics confesses his shortcomings.

Milennial Rain: Chronicle IV of the A.B.I.S. (Chronicles of the A.B.I.S. Book 4)

by Britiany A. Christian

Rose looked up at the giant statue overshadowing the square. It was huge and grotesque. There were people all around and some were exclaiming over the uniqueness of the creature. It was half man and half beast. It had the head of a beast and the body of a man except for his feet which were cloven.

A chill went through Rose’s body. All of Babylon was inundated with statues of many demonic gods that were worshiped by the Babylonians of old. Rose couldn’t help but feel that this city was dedicated to very evil beings, ancient beings, which were once again being worshiped.

And so begins the journey of Rose and Abigail, the two widowed sisters whose curiosity was about to be satisfied. They were starting their final destination to see the ABIS, the machine that scientists had created and the reason the sisters had made this exotic pilgrimage to find out about. Will it be a benign experiment as the world touted, or some ghastly horrible mistake that could spell doom for the world as they knew it?

Join the sisters as they take this path through this most dangerous avenue. The IV Chronicle of the ABIS, “Millennial Reign”

Angels without Wings

by Chris Smith

Book 1

For God, we fight; all angels have heard the command. Troy Decker has heard it from his parents countless times. All he wants in life is a chance to prove himself and be granted his scepter – the first gift angels receive in their war against Lucifer. Standing in his way is fallen angel Kyle Downey, who used to be best friends with Troy’s parents but is now on a quest to destroy all that is good in the world.

Will Troy ever earn the scepter that God has prepared for him? And what happened between Kyle and Troys parents? As the War for Sins rises to heights not seen in generations, Troy must find the strength to hold his faith when demons target his friends and family. In this war there is only one winner. Will the world fall to demons or be saved by angels?

The Aether: A journey to the other side

by Lani Moku

After years of research, Bruce Rollin is ready to celebrate the success of his latest project. His revolutionary design of the new deep space sensors is destined for the next generation of space telescopes. His hopes are dashed after being in an automobile accident. Medics are fighting to save his life, as Bruce’s heart stops several times.

While recovering in the hospital, Bruce discovers the strange dreams he’s been having were not dreams at all, but glimpses to the other side. His near-death experiences changes his life. The quest for more knowledge of his near-death experiences, leads to even more extraordinary discoveries. The afterlife, reincarnation, the well of souls, heaven, and the creation of the human race.

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