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GMO 24- The Coalition- A Tale Of Prepper Survival (GMO 24- A Tale Of Prepper Survival Book 1)

by James Hunt

James Hunt, author of the “Broken Lines” and “Exiled” series, which have accumulated over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon, takes you into a world where that hunger is never fulfilled and always leaves you wanting more.
GMO 24 changed our world- Just not the way we intended
GMO-24 was regarded as the solution to world hunger. The human race has finally succeeded in perfecting the art of food production at the molecular level. GMO-24 was a strand of altered proteins that could be inserted into the genetic layout of any crop, allowing it to maximize the natural nutrients of the soil around it. Imagine crops that yield double to triple the level of vitamins and minerals without the need for harmful pesticides. 
Can you imagine the harshest environments where thousands of square miles of soil lay untouched and unused because of low nutrient content now able to support crops to help feed the starving masses of the world? 
Imagine… Everything that could go wrong. Alex Grives is living in that realm, the world where GMO-24 triggered the very famine it was designed to prevent.

Do Not Resuscitate

by Nicholas Ponticello

On May 7, 2015, Do Not Resuscitate was ranked:

#2 Free in Dystopian Science Fiction eBooks

#2 Free in Genetic Engineering Science Fiction eBooks

#5 Free in Science Fiction eBooks

#176 Free in Kindle Store

“I haven’t had so much fun with a book since Kurt Vonnegut died.”

– Roselee Packham

Jim Frost thinks that when you’re dead, you’re dead. Gone. Finished. Kaput. But on the eve of his seventy-third birthday, his daughter suggests he have his brain downloaded to a microchip for safekeeping, and Jim is forced to consider what it really means to dieâ??and what it might mean to live forever.

Do Not Resuscitate is the firsthand account of Jim Frost, an aging misanthropist who witnessed the rise and fall of the United States as a world power, the digitalization of the planet, the advent of the water wars, and the near collapse of the global economy. Yet he remains impervious to it all. Concerned more with his plasma TV, high-speed Internet, and continual supply of hash, twentysomething Jim takes an under-the-table job off Craigslist delivering mysterious red coolers to strangers in cafés in an effort to pay the bills. But when Jim’s enigmatic employer asks him to fly to North Korea for a delivery, Jim starts to wonder what he’s gotten himself into.

The Last Captain: A Short Story

by Jon Auerbach

Max Warwick endeavors to finish the sci-fi novel he’s been waiting his whole life to write, but finds discouragement around every turn. Amelia Royce, a young starship officer on a deep-space assignment, finds herself in the middle of a crisis, with the fate of her world hanging in the balance. Linked by tragedy, separated by time, their triumphs will not come without sacrifice…

Reclamation: Book One of the Art of War Trilogy

by Richard Swan

Centuries in the future, mankind, under the umbrella of the UN, exists alongside five advanced alien races. Together they form “Tier Three”, bound by a diplomatic and trade accord by which little is certain except distrust and conflict.

When the kaygryn launch a suicidal assault against an Ascendancy crusade fleet, the fragile imperial compact is thrown into disarray. The Ascendancy is quick to indulge the estimation of its aghast Tier Three partners by massacring the kaygryn, and with a human colony in the midst of the crisis, the UN launches a series of heavy-handed military interventions which only succeed in enmeshing it into a deadly alien war.

A petulant strike commander, an un-appraised mech pilot, the head of a decapitated intelligence agent, a narcissistic elite diplomat – all unwittingly share reservations about the provenance of the conflict. And when the Ascendancy’s crusade fleets – vast naval convoys which have been mysteriously pouring into the next galaxy for centuries – begin to slow down, it soon becomes clear that the very survival of the human race is at stake…

Book 1 of a planned series.

Masters of Illusion: The Game

by Jeff Ferraro

What do you do after discovering that your life is no longer your own? Do you strike back against those who are mocking your very existence, or is it best to simply play along with whatever sinister plans your captors have set before you?

Max Alwell has found himself in exactly that type of situation and is finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate between nightmare and reality. Truth and lies are constantly being fed to him in a vile mixture, which only adds to the deception.

Is he a guinea pig being tested for some purpose beyond his comprehension? Is he a victim who has been inserted into some nefarious game of which he has no knowledge? Or, has he reached the afterlife, where it merely slipped someone’s mind to tell him that he was dead? Read more to discover the truth…

Black Hull: The First Season

by Joseph Turkot

***This book contains episodes 1-6. For the complete book, with season 1 and 2, search “Black Hull Complete Novel.”***

Black Hull is a lost-in-space thriller, with strong elements of suspense and mystery. There are also tones of subtle eroticism, minus graphic imagery. It is intended for adult audiences.

This thriller’s edge of your seat narrative keeps the reader questioning: What’s going to happen to Mick next? It’s given up front that Mick Compton is a man with a past: he’s facing thirty years in prison for violenceâ??and he’s lost his once highly coveted position with NASA’s FRINGE outfit. Now, facing a long stretch in prison, with two sons and an ex-wife he wants back, he’s faced with a horrible dilemmaâ??do the time and miss out on his children’s youth, or run one black hull smuggling operation in a distant system, get a meaty reward, and pay off a connection with a standing offer to wipe his crime history from the UCA database.

All is going well until the ride home: Mick finds himself waking up prematurely, long before arriving in Earth orbit. He’s floating in dead space. Not only has he woken from cryo early, but he’s not aboard his black hull vessel any longer: he’s in an escape pod with only enough power for several more hours of life-support. It is Mick waking up that begins the first episode in the Black Hull serial novel. The fast-paced writing, the mystery of what happened to his crew, and Mick’s panic-stricken quest to stay alive in a strange future and get back home to his family creates an incessant need for readers to devour each new episode in this serialization. The action of the plot is interwoven with riveting flashbacks that depict Mick’s mistakes leading up to the loss of his marriage and the murder of his wife’s lover. Mick’s is a story of a man grappling with regret, clinging to a far-fetched hope that somehow, things can be made right again, despite man’s known laws of physics.


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