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Tiny House Living: 30 Insanely Easy DIY Hacks to Maximize Your Small Space Decorate and Organize Your Tiny Home: Organizing small spaces, how to decorate … Small House, Small Space Decorating Book 2)

by Cherita Crouch

Tiny House Living

30 Insanely Easy DIY Hacks to Maximize Your Small Space, Decorate and Organize Your Tiny Home.

“Tiny House Living: 30 Insanely Easy DIY Hacks to Maximize Your Small Space, Decorate and Organize Your Tiny Home” is your go-to guide for making the most of what you have. We all know what it is like to have to make a lot of things fit into a small area, and look nice in the process. This book will show you exactly how you can accomplish this without breaking the bankâ?¦ or your back.

For the ambitious do-it-yourself renovators to the laid back and thrifty, this book has everything.

Giving you tips on how to:

  • Organize
  • Store
  • Clean
  • Cut down on clutter
  • And more!

Whether you are a seasoned pro at decorating or trying out your hand in your first apartment, this book will show 30 fun and simple tips of decorating and organizing to revolutionize and maximize your storage space!

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Shipping Container Home. A True Beginners Guide To Get You Started Building & Living In!: Tiny House Living, Shipping Container, Shipping Container Designs, … shipping container designs Book 1)

by Pamela White

Shipping Container Home.

A True Beginners Guide To Get You Started Building & Living In!

“Shipping Container Home: A True Beginner’s Guide to Get You Started Building and Living In” is the ideal first book for anyone brave enough to think outside the wooden box and inside the shipping container when it comes to home building. With step-by-step instructions on how to envision, plan, build and finish the home, this book is a must-read for new shipping container enthusiasts.

Inside the book, you’ll find a list of reasons why shipping containers make such great homes. You’ll learn the basic dimensions and building potential of shipping containers so you can set your imagination to work envisioning your new home. You’ll get a basic idea of how to plan your home project and the types of materials you’ll need to complete it. You’ll learn what professionals can do for you if you need help with the project.

Within these pages, you’ll find out information about how to:

  • Have your shipping container modified
  • Prepare the site for building your container home
  • Transport your shipping container to your site.
  • Install doors and windows to let in people and light.
  • Harness the sun and rain with solar panels and rainwater collection tanks
  • Set up housekeeping in your new container home
  • And much, much more!

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Apple Watch: Apple Watch Guide, Manual (technology, samsung, iphone, galaxy, steve jobs, smartphone, mobile)

by Robert Scott

Are you an user of Apple Watch but do not know how to use it?

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This book guides you through the steps to become familiar with the new Apple Watch and its working methodology.

Among smartwatches, the Apple Watch stands out both in its functionality and its aesthetic appeal. In this book, you read about how and why Apple created this attractive interactive digital device. Find out more about the various models and options in watchstraps and watch dials available to you. Also read why people love the Apple Watch so much. Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

Download This Book and Learn Things Like…

  • What is so special about Apple Watch?
  • Different models associated with Apple Watch and pros and cons of each
  • How you can maximize your use of your Apple Watch
  • How Apple Pay has improved with the release of Apple Watch
  • Is Apple Watch for you?

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Tiny House Living: Tips & Ideas To Stay Organized, De-clutter, Live Well & Make The Most Out Of Your Small House Or Apartment (Tiny House Plans, Tiny House … Book, Downsizing, Apartment Investing)

by Charlotte Pearce

Are You Ready To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Space?

Welcome To The Ultimate Guide To Tiny House Living!

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A few decades ago, everyone wanted a big house with three bedrooms and a yard to go along with it. Fast forward to today and we have a huge problem with over population and zoning issues, not to mention a crippled economy. It’s getting harder and harder for younger people to find a place to live in which is affordable enough.

The tiny house movement espouses critical thinking and minimalistic living. With a limited amount of space to live in and put your belongings in, it would be in your best interest to have a paradigm shift and rethink the way you live.

Living in a restrictive amount of space will enable you to adjust and make decisions based on practicality rather than just buying stuff on a whim. In the end, you make more intelligent decisions and have a happier life.

Enter the tiny house movement.

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • An Overview Of Tiny House Ling Including Construction & Layouts
  • Surprising Benefits Of Tiny House Living!
  • Keeping Organized – The Tiny House Method That Ensures Success
  • Tiny House Living Mentality – Taking Advantage Of Your Small Space
  • Furniture For Your Tiny House! The Multipurpose Method
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  • And Much, Much, More!
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Copywriting: For Beginners! How To Write, Persuade & Sell Anything To Anyone Like A pro With Copy (Copywriting, Sales, Selling, Communication Skills, Sales Books, Emotional Intelligence, Marketing)

by Richard Halbread

Copywriting For Beginners (No Experience Required!)

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Are You Ready To Master The Art Of Copywriting? If So You’ve Come To The Right Place!

Copywriting in my eyes is literally an art, and the â??Picassos’ of the copywriting world are making a pretty penny doing it too! The purpose of this book is to explain the styles and basics of copywriting for you, the beginner. When I started out copywriting I was extremely overwhelmed as I read about many, many complicated techniques and tricks that were definitely not beginner friendly!

In this easy to read, straightforward book my mission is to explain to you exactly what copywriting is, along with the style of copywriting you’re best suited in along with the key principles, creativity techniques & more that I have personally utilized to become a successful copywriter, working from wherever I please, whenever.

Here’s A Preview Of What Copywriting For Beginners Containsâ?¦

  • What It Takes To Become A Copywriter
  • Determining Which Style Of Copywriting You Are Best Suited To (Work From A Position Of Strength!
  • Getting Creative As A Copywriter – The Power Of Persuasion!
  • The Key Elements Of Copywriting That YOU Need To Know
  • Common Copywriting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
  • The Elements Of Successful Copy
  • And Much, Much More!
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    It’s time to get started on your lucrative copywriting venture.

The Rhythms Of Stone

by DJ Garrity

The Rhythms Of Stone is the essential guide to the basic tools and techniques for carving the human face in stone. The book is derived from a work-in-progress within the Nobel Laureate Series of portraits in stone by Sculptor, DJ Garrity. The award-winning artist introduces the ‘process aesthetic’ mode of direct stone sculpture, a subtle and intuitive approach that utilizes simple hand tools to finesse the human visage from within the ancient patina and natural contours of stone.

Color Babylonian Art (World Culture Coloring Series)

by Mrinal Mitra

This ‘Color Babylonian Art’ book in the ‘World Culture Coloring Series’, extends far beyond a regular coloring book. There are thirty-two pages filled with images that are both culturally rich and stunning, and complete with a brief historical footnote. These images are multifunctional and can be used to create cutouts, masks, and various other crafts. Overall the images are carefully chosen to inspire creativity in the minds of all the participants.

Beyond the Ivy: 100 Years of Wrigley Field

by Chicago Tribune Staff

The first major league baseball game to take place at what is now called Wrigley Field occurred on April 23, 1914, on 4,000 yards of soil and four acres of bluegrass. Though the area may have shrunk, Chicago’s love for the iconic Wrigley Field has only grown in the past century. In honor of the legendary ballpark’s 100th birthday, the Chicago Tribune staff has compiled a breathtaking tribute to Wrigley Field, including historical photos, archival articles, and new content from the newspaper’s award-winning journalists.

Beyond the Ivy: 100 Years of Wrigley Field is a beautifully illustrated collection that captures the timeless charm of the “Friendly Confines.” With contributions from beloved Chicago Tribune writers like Mike Royko, Christopher Borrelli, Paul Sullivan, Phil Vettel, and more, this book is a dazzling celebration of a national landmark and the gem of Chicago’s north side. Stories of homers and blunders, heroes and villains, and triumph and tragedy are spread throughout this book, allowing readers to relive all their favorite memories right in the palm of their hands.

From the time the plot of land bound by the streets Clark, Addison, Sheffield, and Waveland was the Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, to the construction of Weeghman Park and its renaming as Wrigley Field, this stadium has not only hosted baseball, football, and hockey, but also a century’s worth of ever-changing trends in music, food, and fashion. Readers can finally join in on Wrigley’s centennial celebration with this entertaining and fascinating book detailing what may very well be Chicago’s greatest contribution to baseball. Beyond the Ivy, in tracing the roots of Major League Baseball’s second oldest ballpark, has created a testament thatÂ?much like the cherished construction it profilesÂ?will surely stand the test of time.

Learning to Draw on a Tablet Book One and Two Combined

by Darren Cannell

This combination book is book one and two of Learning to Draw on a Tablet.

Award winning artist Darren Cannell shares some of his art secrets

If you are interested in learning to draw on a tablet, iPad or android then this is the e-book for you. A step by step instructional guide on how to produce art in a digital format. Try it you will be shocked at how much the digital medium can be used to express yourself. This interactive book is supported with videos. The beginning artist to the advanced artist will benefit from the techniques shown in this descriptive book.

This will be the best money you ever spend.

The cost of this book was priced low, in order to allow the most interested people to access the secrets contained within. A clear process will be explained in a step by step set of images. The clarity will make all level of artists, tablet artists in no time at all.

A new interactive e-book approach.

This e-book embraces the power of interactivity, Each lesson is enhanced with video support and tips. This further adds to the value of the book. This book is the future of what all e-books should and will be in the future.

Some of Darren’s Award winning images are included.

Include in the book is a section which shows what is possible with a little practice and effort. Images of his works are include to inspire are you willing to accept the challenge.

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Belle Tout: The Little Lighthouse That Moved

by Elizabeth Wright

In 1903, Trinity House sold off Belle Tout Lighthouse for £200. In 2008 the building changed hands for £500,000. David Shaw, the current owner, when he bought this piece of living history, said, ‘This was a purchase I made with my heart not with my head.’ It is a miracle Belle Tout is still standing, as this distinctive landmark on Beachy Head cliffs, in East Sussex, England, has survived de-commissioning, abandonment, being shot and shattered, reduced to a ruinous condition deemed only fit for demolition, and then, as the surrounding cliffs fell away, threatened with a watery grave 334 feet below. Over a period of 20 years, author Elizabeth Wright has gathered together every scrap of available information on Belle Tout. The end result is an informative and fascinating book. This little lighthouse was actually the ‘Third Beachy Head Light,’ following on from Parson Darby’ lanterns, and ‘Mad’ Jack Fuller’s temporary wooden hut, each set up to warn passing sailing ships of the dangers of hidden reefs in an area known locally as the ‘Mariner’s Graveyard.’ Trinity house was eventually persuaded that a ‘proper’ lighthouse was urgently needed. Built of Aberdeen granite blocks bought by barge and ox cart from Scotland to Sussex, Belle Tout’s warning light was first lit on 11th October 1834. But being wrongly sited, it never came up to expectations. De-commissioned, in 1903 it was sold off as a ‘private dwelling house,’ for £200, to local landowner, Carew Davis Gilbert. There are in-depth chapters on each of Belle Tout’s owners, including the BBC, who used the building as a backdrop to film the four – part, award-winning series, ‘The Life and Loves of the She-Devil,’ starring Dennis Waterman and Patricia Hodge. Both the lighthouse and the grounds were given total makeovers, with occasional hold-ups from the erroneous ripping up of carefully planted flowers, falling trees, a cliff-hanging Rolls-Royce, exploding shells and naked women. There was a King who came to visit, a duke who dug a piece of turf, and a makeover courtesy of BBC’s Changing Rooms. Included are the suicide and the ‘buy a brick’ financial scandal. The odd ghost has flitted through, and, during WW2, Belle Tout became a pop-shot target for bored Canadian troops sited on a nearby gunnery range. But it was the incredible move that bought world wide fame to this lighthouse. Tottering on the edge of the crumbling cliffs, the only way to save Belle Tout was to pull all 850 tonnes of her back from this dangerous location. In a precise feat of engineering, and with media from all around the globe watching, the building was slowly slid 17 metres onto safer ground, and the owner, Louise Roberts said, ‘Not a single piece of glassware was broken.’ At the time of writing, Belle Tout is a top quality B&B. Owners David Shaw and wife Barbara spared no expense in the renovation, alterations and interior decoration. They had to cope with lengthy legalities and red tape when a new access road needed to be laid across council owned land, replacing the old track that was dangerously close to the crumbling cliff edge. A nightmare situation which, unresolved, could have destroyed their dreams. With a foreword by Dec Cluskey, of The Bachelors fame, and supportive comments by local MP Stephen Lloyd and ex-mayor of Eastbourne, Catherine Heaps, ‘Belle Tout -The Little Lighthouse that Moved,’ is, to date, the most comprehensive, and well illustrated, publication about this historic landmark. Researchers will find it packed full of useful, accurate, detailed information, including extracts from legal documents held in private collections. Other readers will enjoy the stories, anecdotes, events and tales from the many people associated with this world famous lighthouse.


by Anita S

This is the only self trining course that after each detailed step is represented by the image. The hands are your business card and it is very important to have healthy nails, clean and well defined. The value of such a course is over $ 300, and if you dont begin to study and apply the steps right now from this guide, even you know that in a short time and you’ll get money out of pocket to pay manicure. Why pay for a manicure instead of being paid? YES! with this guide you can even open your own business. Anita S, the author of this comprehensive guide has an experience of five years and after first year she opened her own salon.

A Young Admirer: A short story

Every writer dreams of meeting a fan that can change his entire life course. A Young Admirer is a short story of a successful author and his meeting with an ordinary fan who will change his perspective towards life.

The Essence of Fantasy Art: Find your creative power and reach the top in your favorite art field

by Stefan Loå

Discover the Essence of fantasy art, your creative power, and worlds that can be witnessed through lucid dreams, induced out-of-body experiences and shamanic journeys.

Fun exercises and magic stories help you reach the top in your favorite fantasy art field.

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