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Missing Persons: The Stunning Cases Of Unsolved Missing People And Mysterious Missing Persons Cases: The True Stories (Missing People, Missing Persons, … Conspiracy Theories, Missing People Cases,)

by Victor Ellanos

The Stunning Cases Of Unsolved Missing People And Mysterious Missing Persons Cases: The True Stories

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Every missing persons case is an agonizing experience. The anguish the family has to go through is unimaginable, at least. The life as they know it stops, and stays paused. The only time these people feel alive is when they hear news about their missing loved ones.

Everyday, a lot of missing person reports are filed at police stations. Some of them include lost children– some of them are missing adults. Some are purely by accident, while some have a touch of “malicious” intent as to why the disappearance happened.

In this book, we will have a detailed look at people who have been living a normal life, until they were plucked out from it for unknown reasons. What their families have, up to now, are mere theories. Some of them can already be considered dead, what with the amount years that passed without solid leads. For the cases that have happened recently, their families are still hoping– living by the belief that one day, they will be united.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Missing Persons – The Disappearance of the MV Joyita Crew and Passengers
  • Missing Persons – The Case of Ray Gricar
  • Missing Persons – What Happened to Madeleine McCann?
  • Missing Persons – The Unusual Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam
  • Missing Persons – Lieutenant Felix Moncla – Kinross Incident
  • Missing Persons – What Mysterious things Happened to Leah Roberts
  • Much, much more!

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INVESTING IN OUR SUCCESS: A glimpse into our world


Investing in our success: A glimpse into our world is biographical in nature, but it encapsulates multiple biographies – the biographies of a number of people who are in a particular setting, the Caribbean, and who are on their journeys to their versions of success.

This book tells the stories of these people who, for the most part, hail from circumstances rife with deprivations, but who through their grit and determination as well as an action plan that they have crafted for their lives have been rising above the circumstances of their birth.

The stories of these people tug at the emotions in unexpected ways. They are stories about struggles and sacrifice, but they are also stories about winning against the odds.

I Should Have Gone to Community College: Semester 1

by Tyson Marie

When Tyson Marie moves into his college’s dorm, he encounters a life driven by excess and rarely interrupted by class or schoolwork. The eighteen-year-old boy maneuvers through the drug scene collecting stories of hilarious characters, sexy parties and public intoxication. And those are just weekdays.

But as missed classes, failing grades and broken relationships pile up in the rear-view mirror, Tyson begins to question the value of it all.

Amusing, unpretentious, and enthusiastically true to life, Tyson Marie’s inaugural book showcases the casual sex, unmitigated drug use and sobering confusion that accompanies your average college student’s experience. Written with a creative flair, it will leave you feeling like a fly on the wall of a room you would never want to take your shoes off in.

Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter

by Sarahbeth Caplin

In a bittersweet twist of fate, I started out “too Jewish” for my Catholic friends in elementary school, but not Jewish enough for the kids I met at summer camp, with their youth group logos and wristbands. In Israel, I didn’t feel I had the right to call myself Jewish at all. Now I was too Christian for Jews everywhere, but still too Jewish to completely fit in with my new bible study friends.

In my most pessimistic moments, I wonder if I’ll never fit in anywhere, with anyone. It’s interesting because Christians are called to be pariahs, to go against the ways of this world. But I am a special kind of pariah.

Odyssey to Myself: World Travel Guide and Memoir

by P.C. Zick

Travel to Morocco, Italy, Panama, and Chile

Take a trip to Casablanca and Marrakech, Tuscany and Venice, Bocas del Toro and Panama City, and Santiago, Chile

Odyssey to Myself is a world travel guide for trips to Morocco, Italy, Panama, Chile, and down Route 66 in the United States. The compilation of essays show Muslim women dressed in hijabs and working in Casablanca. Moroccan history and food provide a colorful backdrop as the author explores her place in the world.

Take a trip to Casablanca, Marrakech, Tuscany, Bocas del Toro, and Santiago as P.C. Zick writes about her experiences traveling outside the confines of her small world. Observations about life and culture bring to life the sights, sounds, and smells of the ancient alleyways of Fes, the masters of Italy, and the strategic location of Panama. The people of Morocco, Italy, Panama, and Chile come to life through the experiences of the author as she absorbs the cultures so different from her own.

From Odyssey to Myself:

“Traveling removes us from our small safe environment and thrusts out into the world. When I travel, I realize what a tiny ripple my life is in the ocean’s constant waves. A few months ago, I had to endure a full body MRI that lasted more than two hours. I almost swooned when the nurse told me how long I’d be in that long encompassing tunnel. She recommended I remain awake because if I moved after falling asleep, they’d have to pull me out and begin again. I did not want that to happen. My brain fought against any touch of claustrophobia as they closed me in the tube and sent me inside the machine. I frantically searched through the files in my brain. With a little prayer for help, I went into the tube and decided to travel in my memories back to the most important trips of my life.

The first trip I remembered was my visit to Morocco in 2004. I knew it was a watershed year as many things had been happening in my life, and I went on the trip to heal and find direction. I began with my arrival in Casablanca in the early morning hours after flying all night from New York City. It came back so vividly I could even smell and feel the air of my travels during a magical two weeks. Then I started on Italy from 2005, where my daughter and I went for a month to celebrate her graduation from college. I’d only gotten through the first two days when I heard a voice say they were pulling me out of the tunnel. I cursed silently, thinking I must have moved as I remembered walking the streets of Milan and marveling at all the beautiful shoes.

“You were a great patient,” the nurse said. “It didn’t take quite two hours, but almost. You’re done.”

That’s the beauty of travel. It removes us from our world into a kaleidoscope of colors, smells, noises, and textures. This book explores some of those experiences as I embarked on an odyssey to find myself during one of the darkest decades of my life.”

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Finding Home: An Imperfect Path to Faith and Family

by Jim Daly

Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, managed to rise above his harrowing childhood, which included living in Compton, a suburb of Los Angeles. In this deeply personal memoir, he relives horrors no child should endure. A bloodcurdling neighborhood murder merely serves as the backdrop to the abuse and alcoholism within the four walls of his own home, a cycle broken only by the cancer that left him motherless. Orphaned at an early age, Jim saw firsthand the worst this world had to offer. He somehow managed to catch enough glimpses of grace that he knew he wanted more, both from himself and from a God he had to believe existed. And from that small spark of grace, a great man emerged.

Throw Me An Apple

by Christine Wright

“The problem is, you see, if you don’t write things down, you forget them.” And so the tale begins. From pram parachuting to badgers in the boot. From hairy caterpillars peeping out of lips to picnics in the fields. From gasping, breathless bulldogs to grass snakes in the bathtub. Christine Wright is the staunch housewife and mother of one husband and eight children. With a dash of sunny friendships, a sprinkle of shocked visitors, a splodge of culinary creations and a healthy dose of laughter, “Throw Me An Apple!” is her heart-warming and honest tale of the often hilarious and occasionally perilous upbringing of her eight children.

Footsteps My Journey: The true story about the beloved poem Footprints In The Sand.

by Kathy Hampton

When Kathy Bee left her small town, Bloomingburg, Ohio, (a town of 500 people), she never realized that she would become a part of the legacy of one of her favorite poems, Footprints In The Sand.

In 1979, after a performance at the country music nightclub the Palomino in North Hollywood, CA, Bee met Mary Stevenson Zangare. An invitation to a home cooked meal was offered by Mary…and eagerly accepted by Bee. During this dinner party, after Bee complimented Mary on her poems (which were hanging in frames and on plaques on her living room walls), Mary rewarded Bee with a large box full of Mary’s hand-written and typed poems.

One old poem stood out amongst the rest. It was a 1939 copy of Footprints In The Sand. On the back side of the poem was another poem that was signed Stevey. When Bee inquired about the Footprints poem, Mary stated that she was the author. Bee proceeded to find a credit card size copy of her own Footprints poem (which was signed Author Unknown) and began to question Mary…Sadly Marry shared the circumstances surrounding the poem and how it became anonymous. Believing Mary’s story, Bee promised that she would help Mary to become “Author Known”.

35 years later, Bee’s story Footsteps Her Journey, will be shared in a new documentary, Footprints Miracles Secrets & Lies. With a little help from her friends, Bee hopes that her Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign will draw financial backers and more stories about Footprints and the impact the poem has left on other’s lives. See more at

Come Sundown: The Life and Letters of a Frontier Woman

by Olyve Hallmark Abbott

From an award-winning author, Come Sundown conveys the story of Permelia Nickell Hawkins and her family, as they strive to make a better life in Texas. Leaving Eastern Kentucky’s bad times in 1880 didn’t mean they would find Texas problem-free. With Permelia’s strength and faith, she didn’t have a crisis she couldn’t solve, or at least cope with. Through the letters in this book, questions asked in one are often answered in another. Following the storyline in the letters, along with the continuity, leaves the readers to believe they have just read a novel.

Missing People: The Chilling True Stories Of Strange And Unusual Disappearances, Unexplained Missing People And Missing Persons Cases (Missing People Series) … True Crime Stories, Conspiracy Theories,)

by Seth Balfour

The Chilling True Stories Of Strange And Unusual Disappearances, Unexplained Missing People And Missing Persons Cases!

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Most of us just skip over the info about missing person cases on the news because our reality doesn’t involve losing anyone we like or love. But for those people whose day starts and ends with a prayer of safe homecoming, the reality is cruel, sad and dark.

Not that your reality will be affected if you listen to the missing persons updates, but in an era when no child is left behind, it’s shameful to leave behind someone who somebody cares about.

Most missing people cases usually end up as murders. A large number of them are just people who are trying to escape their life and forge a new identity. But the most interesting cases are those with few clues and evidence to never be completely solved– the cases remain as mysteries forever.

One thing’s for sure: even though they say that the truth always wins, missing persons cases can prove that with enough planning, money and power you can make anybody disappear and get away with it.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Missing People – The Case of the Missing Indiana Dunes Women
  • Missing People – Where did Louis Le Prince go?
  • Missing People – The Case of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
  • Missing People – What Happened to the Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers?
  • Missing People – The Mystery of the Lindbergh Baby’s Disappearance
  • Missing People – Jimmy Hoffa – Who or What did Something to Him?
  • Missing People – The Unusual Case of the Missing Zebb Quin
  • Much, much more!

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REPATRIATION: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF KING HADI: His Revelations of the Time, His Revelations of the Mind, His Revelations of the Divine

by King Hadi M. SOUMARE

Repatriation is the autobiography of an international artist/musician, who repatriated to Africa ,travelling, performing music for 28 years. His revelations of the mind, revelations of the time, and revelations of the divine.

America’s Missing Nukes

There are six missing nuclear warheads from the united states arsenal. where have they gone? Lets take a look at the facts, I think it will surprise you when you learn what the American Government is doing behind our backs.

A Prostitute in Europe

by Eva Corona

Prostitution is known as the oldest profession. The lives of prostitutes have ranged from the glamorous and luxurious to the terrifying and fearful. This book looks at the lives of different prostitutes from throughout Europe. There is Aspasia, who won over the great philosopher Plato with her intelligence. Veronica Franco won over the King of France, and her mother to had been a courtesan. In the 18th century Madame Pompadour officially became the King of France’s mistress. Mary Boleyn, was mistress to King Henry VIII. Mata Hari, living in France, was killed for being a spy, and was reknown worldwide for her intelligence and beauty.

Before the Journey Became Home


A detailed account of childhood experience ever written by an immigrant, this writer left nothing on the table on pain of childhood life from Africa to America.

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