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The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Mastering and Developing Your Emotions and Improving Your Social Skills (Communication & Leadership)

by Renee Perkins

We can see in almost every aspect of life how much emphasis is being put on intellectual capacities of the mind and the general tendency that is to forget about or to ignore our emotions, the way in which we think and feel about a precise event. It happens too often to be judged and to be associated with a certain tag that only reflects our palpable, evident results and achievements.

However, recent history and psycho-social studies have proven the importance that our emotions have in our everyday existence as human beings. As a way to show that this aspect is not less significant that any other defining characteristics, this concept was given to general usage as Emotional Intelligence.

Similar to “general” intelligence that can be improved during the course of life, EI can be learned and/or developed once we grow older and gain more wisdom. But there are also different ways that can help us control our emotions in the present time. The book The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Mastering and Developing Your Emotions and Improving Your Social Skills was written as a short guide to initiating you in the path towards the formation of a high, well-established EQ.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– The term “Emotional Intelligence” and what this concept refers to

– What does an EI person have and we don’t

– Why it is important to have a good control of our emotions and interpersonal relations

– How to improve our introspection, self-management, control, assertiveness and reflectivity

– How to improve our empathy skills, social awareness, honesty and understanding when it comes to the persons around us.

It is not necessary to build a wall around you that won’t let emotions flow in and out. Live with what you feel by learning how to control them better.

Download this book and start your own emotion control program.

How To Get Out Of Debt Bundle (4): Get Out Of Debt & Improve Your Personal Finance

by Ria C. Newbold


(Book 1)

How to Get Out of Debt: A Journey to Prosperous Living

Are you struggling every day in order to make ends meet financially? Are you dealing with a staggering amount of debt?

Despite the beliefs that are present in society, you do not have to be in debt.

Debt is something that you can live without and it is not necessary in order to make things work out or even to get the things that you want from life. Of course, by the time you are reading this book you probably already have some form of debt and you are looking for a way to get rid of it once and for all.

Congratulations on taking the first step to making your life so much better without that burden!

This guidebook is meant to provide you with the information that you need in order to get rid of debt. Everyone knows how it feels. There is food to buy and bills to pay. Debts can come in many different shapes such as student loans, mortgages, car payments, and credit card payments.

But what would it be like to get out from under this burden? What would it be like to be free from you debt and get to spend your money on the things that you want?

This book discusses all of the benefits that you are going to be able to get just by understanding how to become debt free and how to pay off debts. Take the right steps in your life in order to be successful, stop paying someone else, and use your money in the way that you want. Now is the time for you to know how to get rid of debt.

The steps to financial freedom are simple and some of the steps that you should follow are in this book.

All of the work is up to you.

Simply knowing how to get started with a budget and learning how to manage your money better is going to be just the step that you need in order to get started on the right path today!

(Book 2)

How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days

The Amazing Secret To Understanding How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days Is That It Brings You To A Place Of Being Debt-Free, Stress-Free And Worry Free!

Many persons at some point of their lives have experienced financial strain as a result of debt, which resulted in possibly a whole lot of stress and worry. If this is you, do you want to turn things around with a simple step by step process to take you through the next 31 days? Do you want to transform the way you look at money management going forward so that you can now be in a position to watch it work for you? Improve your finances today. The opportunity for you to get your finances back on track is with this short e-book: “How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days.”

There is no doubt that you have heard of many how to get rich quick nuggets which did not work for you and you are still in a whole lot of debt. If you are frustrated with how things may be going now for you – then this book is in its’ simplest form daily nuggets that will help you to put steps in place to create a healthy financial habit.

With “How To Improve Your Personal Finance: Simple Tips In 31 Days”, you’ll be able to:

– Properly assess your income and expenses

– Put in place the necessary plans to get out of debt

– Properly manage your expenses

– Put in place a savings plan for emergencies, vacation, college education etc.

This book has been set up with short, yet practical simple personal finance tips for each day to ensure that you are actually doing the things required to get you to the place of being debt-free, stress-free and worry-free. Also, in this book there is a bonus with quick tips that can be implemented where you are now. Make this a part of your journey over the next 31 days!

Scroll up and ge

A Guide to Critical Thinking: Learn to Induce, Deduce, and Make Better Decisions (Problem Solving & Decision Making)

by Lucille Boyd

Critical thinking is the process of making clear and reasonable judgments during which every step of the process is thoroughly reasoned and well thought out. A Guide to “Critical Thinking: Learn to Induce, Deduce, and Make Better Decisions” is a book designed to help you to improve your decision making by teaching you how to take advantage of critical thinking.

” A Guide to Critical Thinking: Learn to Induce, Deduce, and Make Better Decisions” begins by looking at the just what critical thinking is and why it matters anyway and from there the book goes on to explain the various important components that make up the critical thinking process. Have you ever wondered what deductive reasoning was? How about inductive reasoning? Have you ever wondered why they sound the same and yet they are so different? Well, you’re in luck because this book tackles all of this and more.

As you journey through “A Guide to Critical Thinking: Learn to Induce, Deduce, and Make Better Decisions” you will not only learn the basics, the definitions of terms, but you will also get examples of all of the key concepts to help you to remember what each of them really mean and to help you to visualize them for better comprehension.

Forget the books that teach you about critical thinking with pictures of the brain and long words and concepts that get you tied up in knots, “A Guide to Critical Thinking: Learn to Induce, Deduce, and Make Better Decisions” takes an easier to understand approach with plenty of examples to ensure that you are making better decisions in no time!

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– The meaning of critical thinking and why it matters

– The meaning of inductive reasoning

– The meaning of deductive reasoning

– Decision-making skills

– And Much More

Don’t Delay, Download This Book Today!

Employee Engagement for Everyone: 4 Keys to Happiness and Fulfillment at Work

by Kevin Kruse

Employee Engagement For Everyone is your key to unlocking happiness and engagement at work.

Packed with empowering exercises, surprising research and practical action items, you will discover:

* The 4 drivers of happiness and engagement
* Your own personal engagement style
* 60+ specific actions you can take to drive your own engagement and the engagement of others
* How to deal with “Debbie Downer” at work
* The power of “5 Daily Engagement Questions”

The 21-Day Productivity Challenge: learn how to supercharge your productivity with easy strategies that don’t require superhuman willpower and liters of … productive) (21-Day Challenges Book 3)

by 21 Day Challenges

The 21-Day Productivity Challenge – Learn how to supercharge your productivity with easy strategies that don’t require superhuman willpower and liters of coffee

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

I have a question for you, right now. Today, since you woke up, how much of your time have you devoted towards your goals and values? Think about it.

What percentage of the hours that you have been awake so far have you actually used for activities that make you happy, make you a better person and help you get closer to your goals and dreams?

What about in this last week, then? In the last year? When you really take a close look at how you actually spend your time, you may be shocked to see that so, so much of it goes to things you don’t really care about.

Time is no less than your actually life, and yet it’s so easy to throw it away on junk TV, on mindless Internet surfing or procrastinating with things we want to do and know we should do.

People like to say that they value family, or quality work, or being creative or whatever else, but when you look at what they actually choose to do day in and day out, the picture is a little different.

Don’t be one of those people who wastes hours and hours of their life every week only to lay in bed on the weekend and think “life is so short!” and wonder why he can never find the time to go to that salsa class.

What is productivity, anyway?

A productive person doesn’t have any more time in their day than you do, and they certainly aren’t busier than you are. The main difference is focus. A productive person has a way to cut through life’s clutter and nonsense and make sure that most of their efforts go to the good stuff – fulfilling work, relationships, self improvement …anything they value, really.

Productivity isn’t about becoming a super-efficient superhuman (although, if that’s your goal – great!) but rather making more efficient use of the resources and skills you already have.

In this book, we’re not going to be doing any magic tricks. No quick fixes here. But what we will be doing is becoming more aware of time and how to use it smartly, managing energy and resources, finding out true priorities and killing procrastination and laziness once and for all.

The 21-Day Productivity Challenge will help you to:

  • Recognize and deal with your biggest time wasters
  • Incorporate easy & healthy ways to boost your energy and focus
  • Understand and deal with the enemy: procrastination
  • Manage your time by working smarter, not harder
  • Realize the often overlooked importance of taking breaks and having fun
  • ..more inside!

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Warren Buffett: 22 Amazingly Useful Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett books, warren buffett biography)

by Doug Martin

Warren Buffett (FREE Bonus Included)

22 Amazingly Useful Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett

Have you wanted to master the stock market and accumulate wealth to take care of yourself and your family? If so, you can do no better than to follow the example of Warren Buffett. His investment strategies allowed him to become one of the most wealthy people in the world.

The Oracle of Omaha wasn’t always wealthy. In fact his humble beginnings and hard working ways have made him the model of the American Dream for countless Americans. Now you too can understand the secrets of his success. With this brief and informative guidebook, you can uncover the fundamentals for investment success. And with those fundamentals you too can grow wealthy.

In this guide book we will examine lessons from Buffett’s early life, his college education and his early career working for others before he struck out on his own to amass the fortune he has today. Those lessons will enable anyone to become an expert at finding value in investments and convert their excess cash into real wealth.

When you buy this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Become a disciplined investor and avoid the traps of overvalued stocks,
  • Gain greater insight into market dynamics allowing you to quickly evaluate stocks,
  • Use reason and logic to avoid making hasty decisions based on emotions,
  • Manage a diversified portfolio with long and short term growth strategies, and
  • Evaluate stocks to determine the best options for your investment dollars.

This guidebook is priced for immediate download and will not be this big of a bargain forever. If you have ever wanted to figure out how to beat Wall Street at its own game and make the savvy stock picks that will bring you the biggest return, this is the only book you’ll need. So don’t hesitate.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “22 Amazingly Useful Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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Warning: Don’t even think about trying to repair your credit until you read this book.


Zig Ziglar SUCCESSNotes: Og Mandino, Jeffrey Gitomer, Born to Win, Secrets of Closing the Sale, And Jim Rohn

by Success Notes

NOTE: SuccessNotes are comprised of brief mentions of what made each person successful and also include a few personal facts to help highlight their path to success. SuccessNotes are not full-length books. Instead, we hope you’ll purchase several to learn about many people who interest you as quickly as possible.

“A World War II veteran, Zig Ziglar became the top sales person in several organizations before striking out on his own as a motivational speaker and trainer. With a Southern charm and lessons grounded in Christianity, Ziglar wrote over two dozen books and amassed a following of millions who were encouraged by his lessons for success.” – FORBES

Employment Now!: The cutting edge and insiders track of how to gain employment quickly in today’s job market

by Steve Hall

Employment Now! The cutting edge and insiders track of how to gain employment quickly in today’s job market is a book that is highly “tactical and practical” in setting up a success job search. Written by “an insider”, the author shows readers how to figure their interests, get into a format hiring companies are looking for and get in front of hiring managers to find their dream job. In this book, you will find a very unique resume format in order to help you stand out of the crowd in a job search. It is an amazing read and a program to completely allow the reader to set up a structured job search campaign in less than a day.

Facebook Marketing: A Step By Step Guide On How to Use Facebook For Business in 30 Minutes

by Brent Miles

Create An Online Presence For Your Business And Get Brand New Customers Today. Facebook Marketing Blueprint For Beginners

There are currently over 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users.

Do you wish to tap into this source and give your business the boost it needs?

With this book, you’ll learn marketing strategies that promise to leverage your business in the social and online world. This book acts as a user-friendly blueprint (with screenshots) for all of your Facebook marketing queries.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why it is ESSENTIAL that you advertise on Facebook
  • Why and how to create a Facebook page for your business
  • How to create engaging content and interact with your Facebook fans
  • How to create Facebook ads for your target market
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Customer Experience Is Your Business

by Carine Clark

At the heart of every business is the customer. And the best businesses are launching a customer-first approach that scales across the enterprise and empowers employees and leaders.

Discover how modern customer experience (CX) programs are the key to unifying employees, delivering stronger results, beating competitors and accelerating your career.

A collection of best practices and thought leadership from top CX practitioners, industry analysts and experts at MaritzCX.

Pocket Sales Training Guide: Create a Sales Culture in 5 minutes

by Joshua R. Embry

Explore the sales strategies that will create the sales culture you’re looking for. This book contains pointed and clear exercises that are easy to understand and implement. Learn how to invest 5 minutes and see the growth of your sales team today. No wasted space or extra words here just plain and perfectly executed solutions to your sales problems. This book seeks to boost your sales culture by focusing on sales fundamentals including average ticket, gross margin, one-on-one training, building consumer confidence, asking the right questions, and how to hire the right people for your team.

This is not a novel, it’s a short piece explaining the fundamentals, keep it on hand, read through it, rinse and repeat.

I use my years of experience working and training at OfficeMax Inc., Sprint Nextel, Amerisource Bergen, Hume Lake Christian Camp, and Hartland Christian Camp to teach you the basics of sales and customer service to enhance your sales operation.

The Step-by-Step E-Commerce Guide: Market Your Products, Boost Sales, & Grow Your Passive Income (Retirement & Financial Freedom)

by Lawrence Mack

“Build a Website. Sell some stuff.” Right now, you’ve been thinking about this Internet-age recommendation, and you’re wondering what it would take to do just that. If you know a little bit about how a web page can draw traffic, you are well on your way to success. But the whole E-commerce issue, it is daunting, and most don’t even know the first thing about getting an internet shop set up, let alone how to make it profitable.

If you want a resource to pay for itself, this book will show you the way. Included are the most basic steps, outlined, that will show you how to activate your passive income, provide your customers the way to buy your product on-line, and how to coordinate those sales and increase your profitability.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– How to create a shopping cart

– Learn to set up credit card links to fast financial back-end operations.

– How to build a Terms & Conditions page, and why you need it

– How to build an order output mechanism for expedited shipping

– The difference between Active and Passive Income

– How to use Video to drive sales

– Creating useful FIBs without telling any lies.

– How to make money while you sleep.

– And Much More

Once you learn the initial steps to e-commerce, there will be no stopping you. It will not only make your everyday life better, but it will also make you better.

Don’t wait another minute. Learn how you can earn from your product and create sales results in your sleep.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

Tony Robbins Quotes: 365 Days of The Most Inspirational Life Lessons And Motivational Quotes From Tony Robbins

by Josh Fillmore

Tony Robbins has coached and inspired more than 50 million people from over 100 countries and more than 4 million people have attended his live events. If you are one of those lucky people or have read one of his books, you probably know what is being absolutely motivated and ready to take action.

However, as Tony explains, motivation is worthless without consistency. We must be consistent to achieve success! This book is precisely meant to help you achieve that consistency.

The book has 365 quotes from Tony Robbins or quotes that Tony himself uses. Reading everyday the quote of the day will help you achieve your goals and keep motivated.

Off The Hook: The Definitive Guide To Getting More Phone Calls Then You Ever Thought Possible In 90 Days!

by Shawn Rossbach

The Definitive Guide To Getting More Phone Calls Then You Ever Thought Possible In 90 Days!

We have received overwhelming responses from the business owners we sent it too and we cant keep up with the demand for the book.

This is a game changer. I’m getting emails thanking me for writing it. I’m getting emails with success stories and this just came out.

Some of the major ideas I want you to walk away with are that

1- Your not alone in your struggle to acquire more customers

2- Don’t copy what other people are doing

3-Within 90 days you can make small changes that add up to big results

There is 1 and only one rule that you need to follow. Stop telling everyone all about you and what you do. Talk only about their pain or problem that you solve. You shouldn’t have a list of services but a targeted pain that you can resolve for them.

The book takes you though the story of one of my clients who’s responses I heard so many times like,

-I get all my business from referrals

-I’ve never had to market

-I don think this applies to me

All the way through his phone ringing off the hook and he had to hire more people.

This is what I want for everyone. I love when I can help business owners, who are committed to improving their business, change there lives for the better.

Jerrold Mundis SuccessNotes: How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously, And Earn What You Deserve

by Success Notes

“Jerrold Mundis is the author of 17 novels, 13 books of nonfiction, a number of ghostwritten books, and some 100 short stories, essays and articles. His books have been selected by the Book-of-the-Month Club, the Literary Guild, the One Spirit Book Club and other book clubs, and translated into more than dozen languages. His short work has appeared in publications ranging from the New York Times Magazine to American Heritage and the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. He has written under a number of pseudonyms as well as his own name, most notably Eric Corder and Robert Calder. He is an experienced literary coach and teacher of professional and avocational writing.” –

Lease Option Investment Guide (lease options,real estate investing,no money down real estate investing,howto invest in real estate with no money)

by Ricky Smith

Learn how to profit investing in real estate using state of the art techniques with lease options. We will show you exactly how to build a business using none of your own money. You will learn how to find buyers and sellers and work between them to make money using their money. We will teach you how to streamline your business and build a huge pipeline of profitable deals using simple techniques that you can use in your spare time. In the book we cover all the bases and details that you will need to start making money quickly, this is a fast paced system designed for people who want to build a business quickly and efficiently.

Fake It Make It: How to Make an App Prototype in 3 Hours

by Amir Khella

Is it possible to create an interactive prototype for your app idea without using a design tool, without knowing how to write code, and without hiring designers or programmers to help you with it?

Many people spend a lot time learning new design tools and programming languages, so they can make a demo version of their app to test with users and get feedback about. This book introduces a simple, fast and cheap approach to prototyping web and mobile apps with no design or coding skills required. You will master a proven process used by more than 50,000 designers, entrepreneurs and product managers worldwide.

If you know how to use Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations, you will learn how to use the same tools to prototype and validate your app ideas in 3 hours or less. You will be prototyping and testing dozens of app ideas in a fraction of the time it would normally take to do one of them, and you will be doing it all using tools you already know how to use!

In this book, you will learn the following:

– How to come up with good app ideas

– How to create a user experience blueprint for your app

– How to put together an interactive user interface using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint

– How to get feedback from users and refine your app design

– How to outsource and manage the app development process

– How to test your ideas quickly and cheaply

This book is for you if you are:

– An entrepreneur who wants to test new app ideas before getting them developed

– A designer who wants to quickly create design concepts to show to clients or team members

– A product manager who wants to create product requirements or specifications without writing long documents

– A teacher who wants to teach app design and development

Pick up your copy of “Fake It Make It” today, and turn your app ideas into working prototypes in 3 hours or less!

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