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Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites: The Complete Guide! (Online Business Series)

by Rawee M

Maximize Your Passive Internet Income with an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site!

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Have you ever wondered how to make a passive income online? Would you like to know more about Amazon Affiliate niche sites? Are you an experienced marketer looking for new ideas to take your sales to the next level?

Regardless of your experience level, Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites: The Complete Guide! (Online Business Series) is the book for you! This step-by-step guide provides real pictures and a demonstration of Amazon Affiliate website to help you understand what your niche website should really look like. You’ll also learn the secrets that helped one niche website make over $300 each month!

With over 4 years of experience in internet marketing & online business, the author, Rawee M., knows exactly how to help you create and grow your online empire. Click on her author profile to discover her wide selection of internet marketing books.

This amazing resource teaches you how to:

  • Get to Know
  • Sign Up for an Amazon Affiliate Account
  • Get to Know the Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Create Niche Websites
  • Keyword Research and Market Research
  • Outsource the Contents of Your Site
  • Set up Your Website
  • Understand Link Building and Backlinks Strategies
  • Use Competition Analysis Tools
  • Create a Project Plan for a Niche Website

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites The Complete Guide! (Online Business Series) also provides a special case study: “How to Make $200- $300 per Month from a Niche Website”.

Here’s a preview of what you can learn from this book:

“The best personal trait you can possess for this affiliate business is patience. One of the biggest reasons why so many people fail in Internet marketing and affiliate income generation is because they give up too quickly. If they don’t see themselves making money within the first month, then they assume it is hopeless and then just quit. This is the hardest thing to overcome, but remember that success does not come on a silver platter. You have to really work towards making this successful in order to pull it off. Then, once you make your first dollar from your niche website, making more money will start to get easier. The hardest part is just making that first dollar, but it will be worth it in the end. Just have patience.”

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Linux # How to Setup a MySQL Replication Now?

by Marcin Kosobucki

It provides a step by step instructions on how to configure MySQL replication. It is required if you require high availability or load balancing or both.

Computer Knowledge Practice Tests E-Book For All Competitive Exams: Computer Knowledge Practice Tests



1. Working knowledge about computers has become an important requirement for professionals in any field. In keeping with this trend, several entrance exams also have a special section to test aspirants’ computer awareness. Objective Computer Awareness serves as a handy guide for students preparing for such exams. It is especially useful for recruitment and banking exams.

2. Computer Knowledge is highly scoring section in IBPS POs and RRB (Regional Rural Banks) Examinations. All the questions will be from well known concepts such as Computer Terminology, Basic Computer Architecture, Internet, MS-Office, E-Commerce, Computer Network etc. The questions may be theoretical and also require knowledge of facts and application.

3. This book contains ten chapters with brief explanations of concepts followed by exercises to help students practice what they have learnt. Each topic also has a section highlighting salient points for students to remember, making it easy to revise.

4. This E-Book is useful to who prepare Class-I competitive exams like Civil Services, Staff Selection Commission, LIC AAO, IBPS PO, IBPS CLERKS, SBI PO, SBI CLERKS and Railway Recruitment Exams etc.

5. We hope that this E-Book will grab the hearts of the students.

6. We cordially invite any constructive suggestions in getting this book in a better and improved way. Your suggestions will be incorporated in subsequent editions.


1. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-1 (40 Bits)

2. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-2 (40 Bits)

3. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-3 (40 Bits)

4. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-4 (40 Bits)

5. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-5 (40 Bits)

6. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-6 (40 Bits)

7. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-7 (50 Bits)

8. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-8 (50 Bits)

9. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-9 (50 Bits)

10. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-10 (50 Bits)

11. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-11 (50 Bits)

12. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-12 (37 Bits)

13. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-13 (37 Bits)

14. Computer Knowledge Bits with Answers-14 (38 Bits)


Core Java By Examples: An Introductory Treatment

NB : Optimized for 4 inches or more screen width devices only

About the Author

Rajeev Vashisht was a Platinum Level Blogger at IBIBO

He was a top blogger at

Currently micro blogs actively at twitter with Klout score

topping at 40.27.

He has published 4 more books at Amazon Digital Platform

He is MBA and a successful Author in India for about

10 years now.

He has been a teacher of computer science for about 10


About The Book

Source code of more than 60 fully fledged examples of Core java up to JDBC included.

Very good basic examples including classes, control structures, components.

Two small projects Idea’s which can be extended by database connectivity to quickly create your semester end program from the Template & program work flow in a jiffy.

Interesting programs like Sophie’s Primes.

For all those who want to learn or refresh Java before exam no need to write complete programs,

Just jump start your prep’s with readymade material to tweak & enhance learning & save time simultaneously.

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Create Your Freedom: Become a Local Web Design Guru And Make Money From Home

by Ray DelVecchio

Create Your Freedom will show you exactly how to make your first dollar from home through managing websites and online marketing for local clients.

Small business owners are often helpless when it comes to the digital world, and there is no better way to create a side-income while learning website marketing skills. You can create more freedom in your life by working on things you love and creating your own schedule!

This book covers everything you need to profit from managing small business websites, including:

1) How to Price a Client Project

2) Why You Should Choose WordPress

3) Web Design Process That Doesn’t Waste Time

4) Finding Your First Paid Client

5) Creative Google Search to Find New Clients

6) How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

7) Intro to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

8) Business Fundamentals 101

9) Future Web Trends

10) Epic List of Resources

You will also discover several free bonus downloads along the way to help you hit the ground running with your business.

Download your copy of “Create Your Freedom: Become a Local Web Design Guru And Make Money From Home” by clicking the “Buy now with 1-Click” button.

New For 2015 – 5 FREE Ways To Get 10,000 Visitors/Traffic To Your Blog or Website in 27 Days or Less: plus all the resources you need to make it work

by Red Mikhail

– my top 5 free ways to get FREE traffic

– why this old method is still NOT dead

– fastest way from zero to hero

– my own personal SEO checklist

– the fastest way to 5,000 website visits

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